Thursday, January 21, 2016

Well, THAT Was Fun...

What a week...

Wished I could say that it was all fun in the sun down in Arizona, but, truth is...I never even made it.

As if getting on the road wasn't difficult enough (dead batteries on the trailer and then a flat on the dually), I made it 200 miles and Big Bertha (my LQ horse trailer) broke down...again. That's the third time the old girl has broke down on me. Luckily the other 2 times I was close to home and getting rescued was no big deal. This time...I was in the middle of nowhere. It was a damn miracle I even had enough phone signal to make calls, cause the cell service through that area is barely existent.

The part that makes it so frustrating is that last Fall I spent a shit-ton of my hubby's money getting whole new axles/hubs/brakes under the old girl. Now, my hubby says he doesn't care what the problem is when they repair it this time...Big Bertha is getting traded in. I'm of the same opinion. In all of my years of beating horse trailers up and down the road, I've never had hub problems like I have started having with this trailer, so she has to go. It's just too big of a risk.

Luckily, I have a great network of friends and a friend of a friend brought their 4-horse trailer down to me and then hauled my horses back to the Moab arena for the night. I got them settled in and taken care of and then I limped the LQ back home. Not only did I have 4 horses with me, I also had Red Dog and my 2 traveling cats, Deuce and GoGo.

The next morning I made a couple calls and borrowed another 4 horse from a local friend and went to bring the horses on home. It's getting harder and harder to find people with 4-horse trailers. Even my little gray trailer only hauls 3, so it was either borrow a bigger trailer or make 2 trips to Moab to get my horses.

After finally getting everyone home, the plan was to get new tires on my gray trailer, load my stuff up in it, load a couple of horses and try the trip again. Unfortunately, our local service station closes at noon on Saturdays and I didn't get back in time to get new tires on. So that would have to wait until Monday.

Sunday I just vegged. I just couldn't believe that after spending all of that money on the LQ that I only made it 200 miles before blowing bearing on a brand new hub. Talk about depressing.

Monday turned out to be a holiday and that is when I hit the wall. I just totally and completely shut down. There comes a time when you realize that you are in an uphill battle and you are not winning. Even so, I figured I would just spend the day feeling sorry for myself and then regroup and get on the road on Tuesday.

By the time Tuesday morning rolled around, I realized I had lost all enthusiasm for making the Arizona trip. I called my poor hubby, who was already in Arizona and told him I wasn't coming. Of course, he was disappointed, but he understood.

If nothing else, the weather here has gotten significantly warmer. We are actually hitting those 40* temps they predicted. Odd thing is, there is water running from the melting snow, but the snow really isn't going away. Looks like I am finally going to have to knuckle down and start hauling horses to the indoor to get them worked. Thank goodness for my little gray trailer, or I'd be dead in the water around here.


Shirley said...

Guess it just wasn't meant to happen. Now you get the fun of shopping for a new trailer though!

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Yes, there is that. ;-). Although it's going to take me a little bit to gain enthusiasm for that. Big Bertha really was my ideal and so perfect for me. It's going to take some looking to find a replacement with the exact options I want. I'm flexible on some options. Not flexible on others. Luckily I don't have to rush into it. The gray trailer will suffice for now. :-)

Cut-N-Jump said...

Bertha is a Logan isn't she? The ex had a 3 horse Logan. It was always, ALWAYS blowing tires. Between the tires and the lights, it was a rolling myriad of issues. Part of which was him, I'm sure. Boy didn't take care of shit.... but I digress.

I have a Circle J and I bought to have it as a back up. I LOVE everything about my trailer. It's older (20 some years) but it's been awesome as long as I've had it. Fits everything up to the ginormous moose mare at 16.2h. Sure it could be replaced at some point, but for now it's reliable.

On the part about trailer shopping, I will live vicariously thru you. I will need a new truck before the trailer gets replaced. You will keep us posted, right? Lol

Crystal said...

Well that sucks! Boo but at least you got a trailer to get you through till you get another big one. And warming up, how nice :)

kestrel said...

Man, what a trial! A new trailer is a must.