Monday, January 26, 2015

Driving Me Crazy

The struggle to get the swelling out of Shooter's leg continues. Uugghh!!

I had most of the swelling down, although there was still noticeable thickness all the way around his ankle. I asked the vet if he thought it would be okay to turn Shooter out in the pasture and he said, if he wasn't lame on it, it would probably be alright.

He wasn't lame and there was no change in his leg for several days, but one morning while throwing hay I noticed it was swelling up again, so I pulled him, cold-hosed, put him in the corral again and started using the BOT boot on him at night.

The swelling wasn't budging and even though Shooter is completely sound on the leg, it was hot to the touch....

There is probably always going to be some thickness to the leg, due to the extent of his injuries, but the oddity of the swelling around his ankle just came about in December, when I thought he had injured himself. Even when I had the swelling out of the rest of the leg, the ankle stayed enlarged.

Welll....This cannot be good, so I had to go full-on furacin/dmso sweat wrap...

The full treatment is; cold hose leg and make sure it is clean. Smear furacin on, smear DMSO on (I prefer the gel under wraps because I have noticed the 'heating up' process of the DMSO is not as intense with the gel and that means less chance of blistering), wrap leg with paper towels, wrap with saran wrap, wrap with cotton, polo wrap with pressure. In Shooter's case, the combination of the thickness of his leg and the thickness of the cotton, requires 2 polo wraps.

The sweat wrap stays on for 24 hours. Is pulled and the leg cold-hosed. The wrap stays off for 24 hours and cold-hosing at least once in between. Aannnndddd repeat the whole process the next day.

Sweats #1 and #2 haven't made much difference. A little of the swelling is retreating from the cannon bone, but the ankle remains large and hot. The vet said to give it a week and if there is no marked improvement then it is probably time to put him on some antibiotics.

He said I could give him a couple grams of bute to help with the inflammation, but I have Shooter on 40,000mg's of MSM a day and a natural anti-inflammatory product. If we have to go to antibiotics, we will probably also switch to a chemical anti-flam. Obviously, bute is the most common, but there are others that are less inclined to disturb the hind-gut with prolonged use.

I've heard that cellulitis is frustrating to deal with, but I've never dealt with it before. Now I know the stories are not exaggerated. This crap is a real pain in the butt to get ahead of.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Always An Adventure

It was just supposed to be a quick over-night visit to MH. Me and The GoGo missed him and it will be another 2 weeks before he comes home.

All was going according to plan on my end. I even got left on time...Fairly unheard of for me. It was a little hectic on MH's end. He's working on a new project and with a lot of new crew, so he doesn't really trust that what needs to get done will get done or done properly if he is not right on top of them. He stayed several hours past when he wanted to leave, to make sure that nothing got F*ed up.

The GoGo and I just tootled on down the road...

He's a good traveling cat, this GoGo Kitty. It's about like having a Chihuahua or something.

There was some discussion about whether he still fit on my shoulder or not. I told him, 'No, you have gotten too big to ride on my shoulder'. But he insisted that he still fit...

Cats! You can't tell them nothin!! LOL.

But he finally got squished in where he wanted to be and was happy as a clam...

There is no phone reception between the towns, in the area we was heading to, so I wasn't surprised to have messages pop up on my phone when I went through the little town just before the town I was headed to. Unfortunately, it was a message from MH telling me he was broke down beside the road.

Ironically, just a few days before we had had a conversation about this very topic. We are selling a few extra vehicles we have sitting around here and one of them is a p/u he bought when his current work truck broke. In the end, he fixed The Black Pearl, his current work truck and resumed driving it, so didn't think it was worth it to keep the 2nd pickup.  (sigh)....I guess I forgot to knock on wood afterward. ;-).

So, while I was driving in the dead-zone between towns, MH got on his phone and made arrangements for friends to load his back-up p/u on a flatbed and haul it to where his truck was broke down, drop it off, load up The Black Pearl and haul her back home for repairs. All I had to do was keep driving and go pick him up.

When I got to the next town, the one we were supposed to meet at, directions to his location popped up on my phone, so The GoGo and I set out to rescue 'dad'....

The good thing was, it was not bitter cold out and MH's truck still ran, so he wasn't cold while he waited for us to get there. 

We got MH picked up and headed back to town to stay the night. Really, the only change in our plan was the next morning (at 0-dark-thirty), we had to take MH back to his location and wait until the other guys showed up with his back-up p/u. MH's location is in the middle of B.F.E!! LOL. 

There was a cool, old, abandoned ranch on the way to his location...

They must still use the corrals on occasion because they are in good condition. MH is going to see if they will allow me to come 'camp' with my horses/LQ here for a few days here and there over the summer. It's just a few miles from MH's location, so we can spend time together, but while he is working during the day, I can ride endless miles on the open range. That would be totally awesome!!

The guys with the flatbed were on the ball because MH no sooner got his crew lined out that morning and they called to say they were in town and headed toward the broke down p/u. We all loaded back up in my p/u and headed out again. The GoGo was getting in as much 'daddy' time as he could...

It didn't take long for them to get everything switched around and when MH was ready to blast back to his location, The GoGo and I headed for home. We didn't make it very far down the road before we ran into a western-style traffic jam...

This ranch was moving cows and I kind of had to laugh. The whole country is Open Range. They could have moved the herd down the side of the road with no problem, but, No...They had them right in the middle of the road and I had to creep my way through for almost a mile before one of the riders actually bothered to ride up and push them off of the road for me. LOL. Wow!! Kinda rude, I thought. I've moved my fair share of cows down the road and it's just common courtesy to split the herd for vehicle traffic. In this case, I didn't see any reason for them to have the cows on the road in the first place, but I guess it is so desolate out here that maybe vehicle traffic is a non-issue. We was up and down that road 4 times in 24 hours and I only saw ONE other car. Oh well, I was in no hurry, so I just putted along until it was all clear and then The GoGo and I blasted for home.

I guess if MH's p/u was going to break down, the day I was already on my way was as good as any. We still got to see each other and because of the breakdown I actually got to see exactly where his location is. I am really hoping that they will give me permission to park at that abandoned ranch, so I can spend a little time up there this summer. If nothing else, there is a couple of barrel races up that way every summer, that I haven't bothered to go to before, but if MH is on location during those times, I'll go to them.

Friday, January 16, 2015

One Track Mind

After my snow day, I got a rain day....And then m.u.d.! It feels positively spring-like around here.

Even though I have access to an indoor and don't have to struggle with muddy ground, the parking area at this arena is a bit of a nightmare when it is muddy out. Like 4-wheel drive needed to get into and out of. So, I postponed riding for a few days and just continued on with my indoor projects.

You know how those '5-minute' project lists accumulate. Well, I had a very lengthy one. Just stupid stuff....Like scraping old caulk seams and re-caulking, taking down a light fixture that wasn't hanging straight and adjusting the fixture. Those kinds of things.

And the list just went on...and on...and on.

Of course, it's never really the project itself that is time consuming. It's the making sure you have what you need to fix the problem that is time consuming and often frustrating. I went to 4 different stores and spent hours looking for a broken cabinet hinge...and no luck. I couldn't even find anything close that would have worked in it's place. Finally, the lady that was helping me at the last store told me to look up the manufacturer online and see if I could order through them. Ding, ding, ding!! A new set of hinges are on their way. Ugghhh....All that wasted time. It never even occurred to me to look them up online. LOL.

I just kept going until I had crossed every one of those little, irritating projects off of my existing list.

Of course, I have an entirely new list of things I noticed needed to be done and I did get a couple of those whipped out at the same time I was working on my existing list....but needless to say, I now have a new list...Albet, a much shorter one than I had before. But I'm burned out on working on the house.

When the very last project was completed...I treated myself to going out for Thai food. I deserved it! ;-). I'm off to see MH for a night and when I get home, it will be time to get back to the ponies...and tackle the 'man-cave' completion project. If the weather stays this reasonable, it won't be long and I'll be able to start on some BIG outdoor projects. I am seeing pipe fencing and a new arena in my near future. :-D. Another benefit to the shutting in of the local oilfield...The price of pipe dropped and MH has a connection that can get us what we want for a reasonable price. Getting an individual to put it up won't be such a headache either. The people who used to be slammed with oilfield work are not so busy these days. Bad for them...Good for me!! Sorry, I'm a little selfish that way. I've been wanting this for awhile now and I have been patient because of the expense. But now that the prices are coming down....I want to jump on the opportunity.

PS...I have been over to see my 'not-so-little' Flashy a few times. He's hairy as a yak and about a foot higher a the butt than his wither. LOL. I can't bear to post pictures of him looking so ungodly ugly. I find it to be perfectly normal, as this particular maternal line is not known for prettiness that weanling winter, but the general public might not be so forgiving. At the moment he could pass for the poster child for 'why backyard breeders shouldn't breed'. LOL