Monday, January 25, 2016

Gotta Start Somewhere

Seems like every since I got everybody home from the failed trip, I have been putting out little 'fires' on a daily basis. I'm actually glad I'm home to deal with them. It's just been stupid little stuff, but still stuff that I would have felt bad if the pet sitter had to deal with them. I always say, things happen for a reason.

I didn't make it to the indoor arena with even one load of horses last week. I kind of decided that I should probably invest a little bit of time doing some saddling and lunging at home.

Funny thing is, for some odd reason I find myself working horses in a different order than I planned. LJ is getting worked. But instead of working Moon and Frosty, I'm working Shooter and Belle. Somehow the 2 horses that were the farthest down on my list made their way to the top. LOL. I'm just doing lunging and ground work at home though, so it doesn't really matter who I start with...I just had to get. started.!!!

I also got sidetracked by another project that was left to sit for far too long and got completely out of hand...Cleaning my hubby's shop. Every since he fired that worthless mechanic that was working out of his big car shop at the other house, MH has simply been going over there to work on his stuff and the shop at the house where we live magically turned into a huge climate controlled catch-all space. You couldn't even get around in there anymore. I kept nagging MH to do something about it, but like most men, he would walk in, look at the mess and turn around and walk out. It was just too overwhelming for him. I think women are 'usually' a bit more equipped to handle dealing with disaster areas. Usually I don't like messing with MH's stuff, but in this case, I had to do something. MH will have quite a stack of boxes and contains to go through when he gets home from AZ, but all of the junk is gone, the floor has been swept and there is room to do something in there now.

This week I will start hauling some horses to the indoor arena...Frosty and LJ for sure. I'd rather take Moon out on trails and I can alternate ponying Shooter or Jet with him. Belle is a ways off from hauling anywhere. She didn't remember ANY of the previous groundwork I had done with her, but it has been almost a year, so I forgive her. ;-). I'll just continue to work with her at home until she is farther along. I'm so anxious to get going on this filly, but she isn't going to be a cream puff. She has an I'm-the-boss kind of attitude and she is a bit on the stubborn side. That will be GREAT on down the road...but right now...Well, let's just say that we are in discussions about who is running the show. LOL.


cdncowgirl said...

omg ANY time I clean up any clutter the Hubster starts asking "what did you throw out?!" Usually I just laugh and say garbage ;) But then I tell him his stuff is in a box/bag for him to go through.

I have not gotten anywhere near the amount of riding done lately that I was hoping too. I really need to start making that a priority (tough when its cold) However little miss Sarita is being worked with almost daily, she can be quite the obstinate little bugger. Hoping that translates to having lots of heart and try when she's all grown up and broke.

Shirley said...

My husband is always after me to throw things out and he usually throws stuff out without asking! Usually paperwork though, nothing major.
I am really excited to follow your posts on LJ once you start running him.

Cut-N-Jump said...

I had to go thru everything when the girls and I moved out.

In a way I threw out the biggest maker of the messes- HIM! ROFLMAO!

I don't miss it in any way. Life is so much easier when things are organized....

Crystal said...

Haha Cut N Jump you make me laugh!
I try to stay away from Neil's stuff, he doesn't know what he wants and he just moves stuff so its in a different pile. Kinda drives me crazy but he knows where everything is so I guess it works for him.