Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Can't Stand It Any More

Thats it!! I'm OVER the cold, the snow, the ice...I'm OVER winter!!

I'm loading up and heading to Arizona for a week!! Funny thing is, the temps here in CO are supposed to be in the low 40's for at least the next week...but they have been saying that for a week now and the best we have managed is 36*. All the mediocre temps have done is melt the wet snow we got last week into an icy mess under a crusty top. Hopefully, it does get as nice as it is supposed to around here while I am gone. Then the snow/ice will be gone by the time I get back.

The lucky 4 are; Moon, Frosty, Little John and....Shooter. I was going to take Jet, but the more I thought about it...Shooter is the one who is bored out of his gourd and dying for some attention. Jet can stay and keep the babies company this week.

Also going with is; Red Dog and my two cats, Deuce and GoGo. It just doesn't feel right in Arizona unless I have my entourage with me. :-D.

Oh yea...And my hubby is going too. LOL.

I wished I could stay longer and really get a good start on the boys's conditioning, but I'll take what I can get!! Hopefully, it will get me back into the riding groove because I have really been struggling with that. One of my fb memories popped up from 3 years ago and apparently back then, I was riding in 14* weather. Christ....I don't even want to ride in 30* weather these days. LOL.

I seriously doubt that I will have enough riding time on horses to hit the first couple barrel races in Feburary, but you never know. Surprisingly, none of the geldings are overly fat. Not even Frosty. He's got a bit of saggy belly going on, but that's normal for him when he hasn't been ridden for awhile. It should pull up nicely with some conditioning. I've been a little stingier with feed this winter. The mares are on full feed of course and the babies get all the hay they will clean up, but instead of plunking bales out for the geldings to gorge on, I've hand-fed them all winter. It has made a big difference.

Deciding to head out was a bit of a spur of the moment decision. Up to this point, I've actually been kinda busy helping plan the upcoming season for one of the local barrel racing associations, but I just did not get along with the other directors, so I resigned. I have worked with different directors in years past and never had a problem with any of them. This bunch...was just driving me nuts. Actually, just one in particular. The other two are doormats and pretty much just go along with whatever anyone else tells them to do, but when the one individual thought she was going to start bullying me and then resorted to belittling me...I was done. In a non-professional situation, I would have just knocked her on her ass and thoroughly enjoyed doing so...but I'm not going to waste a whole season arguing with one person who thinks they can dictate everyone else's job to them...or blatantly ignore the association bylaws to get her way. I'll just step out of the ring and watch the wreck from the sidelines.

Now that I have thought about it, I'm looking forward to just being able to go to the races and not be responsible for ANYTHING. I can take a trailer load of horses and just spend time riding my green horses around and working them. Not to mention there are several races that conflict with other, bigger events I wanted to go to, but wouldn't have been able to due to helping produce those races. Now I can go where I want...when I want. It's going to be an awesome year!!!


Shirley said...

That should be fun! And I hope when you get back it isn't nasty winter weather- there's still a ways to go before spring,

Cut-N-Jump said...

Oh sure, show up for the *nice* weather.... LOL!

It was raining most of last week and there's a lot of muck to deal with where my herd is at. It's been down in the 30's at night and up to the 60's during the day. Next week (Monday/Tuesday) they're calling for 70 & 71. I'll take it!

Crystal said...

Go! Take all the warm weather you can! I would but just not gonna happen. Nice to be able to go and do whatever you want this year will be a lot better than arguing all season.

cdncowgirl said...

The first time I was on our district's barrel racing board I said "Never again!!" when I left. After five years I was fed up and honestly, that last year I was treated pretty shabby.
Yep, first time... I'm on the board again after a few years off. However in a different position and this years board members are much better to work with! Even when we do butt heads ;)

So far the only riding I've managed this winter is a couple lessons and a few nights at penning (another board I'm on, and I'm kinda regretting it) :/

fernvalley01 said...

Sweet! I am jealous!

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

I have been trying to load a new post for a couple of days now and for whatever reason, blogger cannot seem to get past 'loading'. Since everything else on my computer works, I'm presuming it is a blogger issue. Hopefully they resolve it soon. :-/