Saturday, July 11, 2015

It's Been A Long Time

Wellll...I finally got to go to a barrel race!! First left-handed competition run on Moon is out of the way.

Moon did awesome!!

*I*, on the other hand...Rode like a sissy 'lala' girl. LOL!!

I hadn't really considered the length of time it's been since I have made a competitive run, but it's been eight months...and I felt very awkward and unsure about what I was supposed to do. (shakes head and laughs).

I know part of it was because I wasn't totally sure what Moon was going to do. He was definitely wanting to go to the right barrel first. That I expected him to want to do. I kept him pretty choked up until I felt him lock onto the left barrel and then I let him go. He gassed it and for an instant I thought he was going to run right past the barrel. But Moon is still his super freaky self and right about the time I thought I was going to have to do something, he set into his turn and it must have been pretty because I heard everyone along the fence go 'Whoooo'.

Unfortunately, my brain shut off right about then and I stopped riding. Moon blasted off for the 2nd barrel and I didn't r.i.d.e. him. I just sat there. LOL. Moon is not a horse that can be rode with even an ounce of timidity. HE rolled into the 2nd turn perfectly, but I was just sitting there...Not urging him on in any way...So he just shut down and being a total dork...I looked down at the barrel. And I rubbed it down with my knee. Didn't 'hit' it. Just rubbed it down from lack of momentum...and ME looking at the barrel.

I woke up right about then and remembered to ride him into the 3rd turn, so that one was pretty too.

I was giggling as we loped out of the arena. Here I was wondering and worrying about Moon getting lost on the pattern and I'm the one who felt a little lost.

I do believe that Moon has missed competing because he was wanting to do it all over again. Normally after a run he immediately settles right down, but he had been abnormally wound up from the time I unloaded him. He was prancing and dancing pretty much the whole time and while I was warming him up he kept trying to charge TOWARD the arena gate.

Obviously, I am the one who is going to have to get their game together because Moon...he's ready. Next time I won't be wondering what he is going to do. He's got the left-hand pattern down. I just need to get up there and ride him like he needs me too. :-)

Edited...Ooohhh...Now I see why people when 'Whoooo' at the first barrel. I didn't even realize I rocked it. Well, at least I was still r.i.d.i.n.g. at this point. LOL.

(giggles)...Moon looks very pudgy in this picture. Yikes!!