Monday, April 4, 2011

Well That Was Frustrating

I stood around waiting for the veterinarian to show up for TWO hours this evening...and he never showed up. I hope no one's horse died...but he better have a damn good reason for missing that appointment and not having anyone call me!!


Well, hopefully I will be able to post something about what's going on with Beretta within the next couple of days.

I am pissed off and may have to start using a different veterinarian. I don't tolerate that crap very well at all!!!


SunnySD said...

Hope all is well this morning!

Anonymous said...

Late/no show is understandable in some circumstances, but no call is a very poor indicator of how seriously a vet takes the job. No respect for my time will get someone fired as either a client or a service provider.

Anxious to hear about Beretta!

GunDiva said...

We have a great vet, but it's a bit of a drive for him. Last time he was late for an appointment (which is very rare) he called to let us know he'd be late and when he got to the livery he was all torn up - he'd had to put a horse down because of tetanus. I'm not sure which upset him more - putting the horse down, or doing it for something that could have been vaccinated for.

fernvalley01 said...

My vet is late on and off, but I ALWAYS get a call!!! I woul d be pissed too

Funder said...

Oooooh totally agree! I am infinitely patient, as long as somebody bothers to tell me. If I'm paying you for something, don't you dare stand me up! I bet even a "sorry the vet is running late and we don't know when he'll arrive" would've made it ok with you.

Cut-N-Jump said...

I used to have a farrier like that. We know they are always late or may be late- its a given... but when it started being an hour, two hours or he never showed up- well time to move on.

One word to describe the man- unreliable. Great work when he showed up, but unreliable as to whether he did or not.

Our new farrier is great and we usually end up being his first appointment of the day. Fine by me, I will gladly have coffee waiting.

Mrs Mom said...

Well dangitall... now that our comsystems are back up and running here, I was hoping to get to see some rads today.

Oh well. Rub that rotten filly from me and tell her to be a good girl for when the vet does show up!!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Vet called me personally this morning to apologize and reschedule, when he put me on with his receptionist, she acted like it was MY fault they couldn't find my number yesterday and was snotty. I hung up on her.

Vet called me back, apologized again and told me he would be here at 7:30am tomorrow. Since he lives next door...don't think I won't chase him down if he tries to head the other direction. LOL

The darned thing of it is...he is one of the 3 best equine vets in this area. I have the number to one of the other ones...just in case. But this attitude is VERY unlike this vet. Actually, it wasn't HIS was his office help's...You know...the ones who couldn't find my number? LOL

Good help is hard to find these days...and I swear people's phone etiquette is in the toilet.

Rising Rainbow said...

I guess you can't really blame the vet for his office help screwing up unless they continue and he puts up with it.

I'm a little more forgiving with a good vet or farrier just because sometimes replacement alernatives aren't all that good.

in2paints said...

I understand being late or having to reschedule an appointment, but a phone call is the decent and professional thing to do. I'd be really upset too!

Handy how they found your number the next morning, though!

cdncowgirl said...

Glad to know you heard from the vet, if I were you I wouldn't hesitate to let him know how unprofessional his office person/people are. Sure everyone has a bad day but it sounds like she was having two in a row... which to me means she needs a tune up on how to handle clients.
I "fired" my small animal vet many years ago when his office staff was consistently bitchy. Last straw was a young cat of mine seizuring and she said "well we close in an hour so can't fit you in" I called a vet office that I had never been to and had no references for and explained the situation the same way. They said "we close in 5 minutes, how soon can you be here we'll wait for you"
I switched ALL my small animals to that vet.
(Cat turned out okay but it was close)

Some office staff think that if the vet they work for has a really good rep that they (office staff) can be less than pleasant because we'll suck it up to use The Great Vet.