Sunday, January 31, 2010


Miss Beretta got some luvs from Meg today...
It was time for her second trim. She stood very well again and even let me pull her feet forward to take off a bit of flare here and there and round her toes. Man, is she totally different than Shooter. He was(and is) such a poop-biting, pulling away and just generally being a naughty boy. Beretta just stands up like a little angel. She is so accomadating about things, she is making me a tad nervous.

Meg led her to the round pen with no problem...

And then it was play time...
Meg and I headed out for a little ride ourselves.

Beretta starting to shape up a bit and look like a young lady...

Look how much better she is standing up on those front fetlocks...

There is a marked improvement in her front-end. Her joints are smoothing out and feel pretty normal...
There is a bit of a turn to her right front leg. The knee itself does not face as straight as the left one, but her cannon bone sits squarely under the knee. That's good. With regular and careful trimming, I may be able to bring that entire leg back into line.

Her left hind fetlock looks and feels much smoother as well. The right hind is still thicker and lumpy(Sorry-memory card was full at that point). She is a bit weak in those hind joints., but they don't feel as loose or as weak as they did before. I think there is a lot of improvement yet to be seen. The most important thing will be to keep up with the supplements long after she "looks" normal to make sure those bones end up being as stong and healthy as they can be when she quits growing.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Inside The House

It was Home Inspection time this morning at the new house. Everything was pretty much as I expected it to be, except for one potentially major factor.

The crawl space is covered in mold. According to the home inspector, the bad kind. However, there is really no way to determine that simply by looking at mold, so the mold inspector has been called in.

I believe several factors have led to the mold in the crawl space; the previous owners, most likely in an attempt to weatherize their house, covered the vents with styrofoam insulation. There are no gutters on the house so moisture drips right off the house next to the foundation(This is not a huge factor, but combined with the other factors can contribute). And the biggie...The bank did not go in and weatherize the house prior to the major freeze we had back in the first part of December, resulting in some burst pipes and massive amounts of water being dumped under the house. After that, they did not have someone open the crawl space and install a fan to speed the drying factor.

I'm pretty sure the bank is NOT going to want to remediate this, since there are contributing factors, but if this is the bad mold, it is a health hazard and could cost thousands to get rid of. We are slightly unsure of the proceedings at this point. We do not want to be stuck with the entire bill for cleaning the banks mess up. However...I REALLY do NOT want to lose this property. The realtor is a complete dink, so it may boil down to me contacting the bank myself to see if we can negotiate something.

Anyway, there is the inside. Is this a killer kitchen or what? The center island has a small vegetable sink and the storage underneath is unbelievable. The hardwood floor is in excellent condition except for a small strip in front of the stove over toward that door. Most likely there was a water leak in the dishwasher that caused the warp. But it can be repaired without tearing the whole floor up. Some sanding and refinishing and it will be good as new.

The fireplace is gorgeous... It's double-sided. Sooo cool!!

The "living room" reminds me of our ranch house back in SD, with all of the knotty pine... I'm not sure if the LR and the garage were an addition to this house or what, but I'm guessing this was originally the LR... Looking from the start of the hall going into the bedrooms... I'll spare you of mundane photos of the tiny bedrooms, but if this goes through, I have plans that will turn those small bedrooms into two very nice sized rooms and will turn the two small bathrooms into one nice large one.

The "master bedroom" does have a walk-in closet... The master bath isn't too bad, it just feels a lot smaller than the bathroom we have now. I like the size of the shower... The other bathroom isn't bad once you get into it, but the doorway is so narrow that even I have turn my shoulders to walk through. So weird. So if this goes through, my plan is to turn the existing three bedrooms into two(each with walk-in closets) and one very nice sized bathroom. That would actually be a very simple and relatively inexpensive thing to do...have I ever mentioned I know how to frame, sheetrock and plumb? Yep, other than moving the electric around, I could do this whole project myself.

What I want to do is add a master bedroom and bathroom off of the back of these bathrooms. There is a door in the kitchen that looks really out of place, so it would be perfect to turn it into a door way going into a new master bedroom. The cool thing is that a person could put sliding glass doors facing south on that room and they would open out onto the patio.

I hesitate to even bring such a subject up with MH at the moment. He is willing to empty his coiffers so that I might have a beautiful acreage for my ponies. It might be best if I kept the plans for an addition of that magnitude to myself.

Maybe I aught to just be focusing on getting the deal done at the moment-LOL.

Can't Be Sad About It

I got a call from the owner of Pistol last night and it seems that her 7y/o was upset because she wanted to sell him.

The other girl that looked at him liked him very much, but she was also looking at another horse and the owner sort of guided her more in that direction.

Back to the kiddo, apparently she wants to try him herself. So that is the direction the owner is going to go at the moment.

I can't say that I am really saddened by that decision. It's really nice to know that these people really like and appreciate Pistol and hate to get rid of him. The owner told me that if she ever had to try to replace the big horse, it would cost a fortune.

That pretty much seems to be the consensus of those of us that own the foals out of my dearly beloved old mare. She really was a one in a million horse. She not only did, she reproduced the best of herself.

I did tell the owner that if Pistol ended up being a bit much for her kiddo at the moment, that I would be happy to lease him for a couple of years. She knows he would receive good care and be used appropriately, so she said if that was the case, she would certainly be happy to work something out.

I'd say that is still a pretty happy ending.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pics Of The New "Ranch"

Here's a of the new place. It snowed all day on Wednesday and all of last night. But the temps are nice, so it's not incredibly miserable. After I got done putting Miss Beretta back in the barn yesterday, I figured I might as well see if I could get some pics of the new place.

This is coming up the drive...

The first thing on the right there is that funky little two stall barn. The stalls are cement block. I'll be putting rubber lining on those puppies to keep horses from banging themselves up. There is water and electricity in it though and sliding doors coming out of the stalls. I think it is worth keeping, because if nothing else, it will make a nice place to keep horses seperate from everything else. Add panels and you have a nice turnout for them too.

This is the south side of the drive...

I thought those corrals were just weird out there all by themselves, but come to find out there used to be another barn there. The footer and a cement slab are still there. I will probably keep the cement slab because there is a water hydrant right there...Washrack-Yayyyy!

The shop behind those corrals is completely finished inside. Cement floor, insulated and sheetrocked walls, an office and plumbing for a bathroom and washer/dryer hook-up. Because of the way they finished it out, it's not big enough to store all of MH's "toys". That is kind of a problem. He just built his "dream" shop on the property he already owns. But this shop is definitely going to be a nice place for him for his bike building and car re-building projects.

The corrals and the rest of the junk around there is coming out. This is where the roping arena is going.;-) We'll probably save the pipe the corrals are built out of to build another corral for the roping stock.

This is the only junk we told the bank, absolutely has to go before we will close on the place... Supposebly the previous owner was making "bio-diesel"...Personally, I think he was working his way up to "cooking" other stuff. We sure have found a lot of strange stuff around. Lord knows what we will find after all the snow melts. :-O

The house is okay...

Like everything else, needs a severe cleaning, carpets shampooed, walls painted, etc., etc. But the shingles and the windows are in good shape. I'll get indoor pics for you guys when I go over for the home inspection on Friday. The kitchen is a.w.e.s.o.m.e! So is the living room. The bedrooms and bathrooms leave a lot to be desired. They are very small. But ya know, I'm not much of a "house" person, so it's no biggie. At first we really weren't contemplating moving into this house. But now it's open-ended. It's going to be a beautiful property once we get it all cleaned up.

That is the raised garden in the back there...

And the round-a-bout is raised as well(that's to the right). Lots and lots of $$ invested in those blocks. Yeesh! The garden has a watering system next to it that is hooked to the irrigation water, so yayyyyy! All of the irrigation water shares come with the purchase.

Here's the "alley" of the barn...
Both stalls are heaped with stuff and you can see all of the junk left lying around inside and outside. We told the bank to leave all of this stuff and we will clean it up. Interestingly enough it is all brand new electrical and plumbing supplies. Thousands of $$ worth. My Honey figured he could talk one of his electrician friends into straightening out all of the wiring in shop in trade for all of this stuff. Definitely too good to just throw away.

All in all it's a pretty interesting place. Some of the things that were done were absolutely top of the line. Some completely cobbled together. Very strange.

The perimeter fence is all in very good shape. The corners are made from pipe not posts, so they will last forever. There is a gate in the back leading to the Public Lands that border the property. Not endless riding, but a fair amount. Enough that we will not be stuck in the arena everyday. If looks like the ground was hayed last year, so that means at least they kept up with the watering and all of the grass did not die out. Learning how to irrigate properly will be a #1 priority this spring. MH has done some irrigating on this property, but nothing like what it takes to properly grow grass.

The properties surrounding are all of equal size and most everyone has a few horses and/or some cows. Shouldn't be any worries about the neighbors trying to infringe on us doing the same.

So that is a bit of what things look like. I know how I want some things, but haven't quite figured out how I want to set up the pens and shelters for the horses or small grazing pastures. I guess we'll just get everything cleaned up first and go from there.

One other interesting and funny little fact we found out...All around the yard, on the north side of the property are these huge posts with a blue canvas stretched between them. The canvas can be slide up or down those posts(I'll get pictures). I looked at that for the longest time, trying to figure out what the previous owner was trying to accomplish. Finally, I asked the realtor what that fence was for. He hemmed and hawed around, but finally told me the previous owner was a "nudist" and that his neighbors had insisted he put up a privacy fence.

OMG!! Is that too funny or what?

Of course, since I have concocted a theory that he was working his way up to cooking Meth and/or growing pot in his shop(considering all of the strange stuff we found)...what better cover than to be a nudist and have your neighbors insist that they don't want to see what's going on in your yard? ROFLMAO!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'

The bank signed the contract on the new place-Whew! Now it's time to move on to the home inspection and appraisal. Financing is being worked on. Not overly worried about that, but it will be considered a 2nd Home, so hopefully the broker will find a decent loan for it. The market is not good enough to place our current home for sale, so we will have to hold onto it until things improve. If MH decides he wants to sell at all. He is very fond of this place and he just had his dream shop built on it...isn't that just the way it goes?

It's not like the new place is ready to move into anyway. I didn't really think MH wanted to, but after we have been over there a couple of times, I think the thought of moving is growing on him. It's going to take LOTS and LOTS of cleaning though!!!!

I am trying not to get ahead of myself, but I couldn't resist making up lists...

Of horses.:-)

Of course, we will move the 5 head I have here over there as soon as we close on the property.

This summer, Shooter and maybe Beretta will go back to the ranch in SD.

Moon and Frosty will stay with me.

Strawberry will stay with Megan.

These two will come out as soon as I can get it arranged...
VooDoo above ^^^.

Smoke below...

Megan will be bringing Spooks...

And I made a phone call the other day! I have been wondering what is up with another gelding we raised. He is Moon's 1/2 brother(same dam). I know that his owner has been wanting to sell him for the last year. If I could have arranged it, I would have bought him last year. I guess I should have figured how to get that done, cause he is going to cost me twice as much to bring home this year...If I get too!

Oh well, he is sooo worth it...

Pistol will be for Megan...and maybe as a back-up horse for me.;-)

There is another gal currently looking at Pistol. It just so happened that I called the day before she was scheduled to show up to try him out. Pistol's owner said if I had not called she probably would have sold Pistol to that girl without reservations. But since I called, she said she would only sell him to her if it seemed like a perfect match.

It's gonna be tough, with everything else going on, to come up with the $$ to get him bought. Sheez! But Meg needs a nice solid horse to run barrels on this year. She just doesn't know what it feels like to ride a free running horse and unfortunately for her...I'm not about to share mine-LOL. Not that I think Meg would mess Moon up, but darn it! He's mine!!!

If we don't get Pistol back, Meg will have to settle for big Leo...
A nice enough horse to run barrels on...and's just that we all hate riding this rough sucker on a daily basis.

Well, that's the First String...stay tuned...I've got them ALL sorted out into bunches-heeheehee

Sunday, January 24, 2010

I Got My Face Back

For the last couple of months I have been wearing my glasses, letting my eyes do whatever they needed to do in preparation for Lasik corrective surgery.

Let me tell you, I have absolutely hated wearing my glasses that much.

Last week, I went in for the initial testing and came away NOT feeling so great about it.

I am not a candidate for "regular" Lasik-where they cut your cornea off, fix things and stick it back on. Everyone I know who has had the surgery have had pretty good success with it, with minimal discomfort.

In my case, I would have to have an alternate surgery called PRK. In this case, my cornea has to be "polished" before laser correction is employed. Polished as in...abraded. Although the doctor assured me that it is actually a better procedure in the long run(not as much chance for cornea detachment), it causes great discomfort and has a lengthy healing period, real pain for at least a week and up to a month for full recovery.

Ummmm...No Thanks!

I have never had problems wearing my contacts. My eyes are very healthy and my cornea's still nice and thick. I should be able to wear my contacts indefinitely. If something changes down the road, I may have to revisit the surgery option. But at this time, I'm sticking with what I know.

It felt so good putting my contacts in this morning. It has been so strange looking at myself with glasses on for the last couple of months. Man, I'm glad to have my face back.

Friday, January 22, 2010

I'd Take Him...

And I'd leave him a stallion!!!!

Fugly's post today about, yet another!!, bunch of horses seized from, yet another!! over zealous/overwhelmed horse person.

As always, it's disturbing that people let things get this bad and won't do anything about it. Even fugly admits that the slaughter option is still available.

No kidding! She really said it!

"Actually, you can send them to slaughter all day – doesn’t make it right, but you can."

Immediately they all go to dissing on this lady's stallions. Who knows what the horses look like now? One is reportedly dead. But there were two in the bunch I would take...and keep as stallions.

This guy would be my top pick of the two...and I'm not even a "paint" horse person per say....

Fugly's quote on what she thinks of him...
"#5, I just want to say he looks like a gelding. He’s spectacularly unspecial. The neck is short and the head/neck are coarse, and we have post legs again behind mixed with being a little bit sickle hocked for good measure."

Well, as they say...opinions are like (you know what). I happen to really, really like this horse.

It's so sad that fugly has such a narrow vision of what is acceptable in terms of conformation. Yea, if you compare this horse's neck to that of the horse's fugly has experience with...I'm sure it looks short.

Now if you look for horses like I do, I don't have a problem with his neck. Sorry fugly, but calf roping horses just aren't going to be sporting swan necks anytime soon. Neither are the vast majority of heel horses. There's a butt-load of Triple A race horses that have short necks too. Go figure!

He's a tad straight behind. Waaayyyyy better than the vast majority of Homozygous Paint horses. That little bit of sickle hock wouldn't deter me a bit either. I wonder if fugly has ever looked at a lot of the high dollar reining stallions across the country?

Then I looked up this guys bloodlines and I nearly drooled on the keyboard...

Boomerang Bang (He even has a cool name-LOL)

Holy Crap!!!

Anyone looking for a guaranteed color producing stallion for barrel horse prospects? This guy should produce some runners and users.

I bet he can run himself.

If anyone knows anything about this horse or the yellow stallion...let me know.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Too Lazy Too Blog

It hasn't been completely dead around here. I've just been too lazy to blog...and I blame Megan for taking my memory stick so I can't take pictures.

I'll get it back from her and get all caught up in the next day or so.

I finally finished painting and organizing the living room and kitchen.

The office is pretty much done too. Just have to finish that pesky filing. The hard part is done...all that sorting! Gahhh!!!

And Megan's bathroom is done.

Just her bedroom left to repaint and get organized. Yea! It's really feeling like "our" home around here now.

My Honey was gone for a week, allowing me the freedom to completely trash the house. That's how I roll. It drives MH crazy, but it's the only way I know how to thoroughly clean. He always likes the results when he gets home, so I guess we have figured out how to deal with each other.;-)

He went to Texas and Louisana for business. And then over to Scottsdale for a little R&R.

While he was gone. I bought a house and some land!!


Actually, I'm not kidding.

I was looking for some comps for my neighbor. Bless her heart. We need a place to keep the horses. She has been wanting to sell her place and downsize. We had a difference in opinion on what her place was worth. So I was doing a little research.

I ran across a listing for a property the next street over from us. It is a forclosure property. It has a house, a 2 stall barn, some dinky corrals, a huge shop and TWENTY ACRES. For the same price my neighbor wanted for her 5 acres and doublewide. Not that I'm dissing the doublewide, but who wouldn't go for the better deal?

I have been dealing with the realtor for the last few days. The bank accepted our offer and the contract. Financing shouldn't be an issue. Hopefully the Home Inspection doesn't come back a nightmare. Foreclosures aren't known for people really giving a crap about what they leave behind(And honestly who can blame them?)I'm not overly concerned though. All I really care about is the land. Repos can be a PITA though. I won't relax until we get to the closing table.

So I've been all excited the last few days waiting for MH to come home to get this rolling.

Come to find out he had a surprise of his own to share...

He didn't escape the Barrett-Jackson Car Sale unscathed....
In a few weeks, this beauty will be delivered! It's the 2010 Dodge Challenger in none other than the uber, cool, retro Plum Crazy Purple.

I wonder if I'll ever get to drive it?

No matter. I think it's a fair deal. He gets a new car. I get a new horse property.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Getting Out

It's warmed up enough that this little girl got to go outside and play in snow for the first time in her life...
Megan came and helped so that just in case she decided to get overly excited, we could keep her between us to prevent a slip and fall. It's rather slick outside the barn door from foot traffic.
She did really, really well though. Beretta is so incredibly light in the face that the slightest pressure and she comes right around. When she gets uncomfortable, rather than try to pull away, she would rather stick her nose in your armpit. She just has the sweetest personality and way about her.

Unlike this JERK!...
Oi Vey! Shooter is making me crazy, he is so naughty. I keep telling him he isn't all that, but he don't listen.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Little Family Pride

A little while back I got an call from mom, asking me if I remembered watching any of the steer wrestling at the NFR?

Well...Not particularly.

Come to find out, I had a "grand-kid" at the NFR and didn't even know it.

My good old mare(Shooter and Moon's momma) only produced one filly out her 4 get and as luck would have it, that filly was the very first foal she produced. As they say, hind-sight is 20/20 and if I had known that I would never get another filly out of that mare, not love or money could have gotten the one she did produce away from me.

But the filly ended up going to a GREAT owner and he has appreciated her from day one. This is Shesa Dandy Command...Paint her dun and lop a couple of inches off of her ears and she is the spitting image of her momma. Dandy is a throwback to her Halter horse ancestry-LOL. And the little bit of a foal you see sticking out behind her?

Well, she grew up to become this...Shesa Fabulous, Dandy's first foal is Blake Knowles dogging horse and she helped get him too the NFR in 2009. She also carried him at the NFR.

It's like looking at a duplicate of this one...

That picture is a little deceiving. Shesa Fabulous is made a lot like her momma and is actually a very pretty bay. But I thought it was pretty cool to find a picture of her where she looks just like her "Uncle" Moon.

It's made me kinda sad over the years that I have never been able to re-purchase Dandy. She is not for sale. Period! But it has been awfully nice to see her given the opportunity to show the world just what her family line has always been capable of.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Just Not That Much Of Interest

It must be the calm before the storm, because there just hasn't been much of interest going on around this household.

Not that I'm complaining! Really.

It's just that slightly uncomfortable time when you know that you are on the downhill slide to warmer weather...but you know that the remaining winter can drag on forrreeevvveeerrrr!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sometimes This Is How It Is

As some of you may remember, last November when I went to get Miss Beretta, I found that she had developed "lumpy joints"...
Well as soon as I got her here to Colorado, I put her on a grass hay diet and started feeding her supplements to combat those lumpy joints.

Or so I thought...

About a month into her being here, I noticed that her joints looked even larger and she had a front leg starting to bow. I immediately called mom and asked her if I should start feeding her MORE of the supplements. Mom didn't think so and asked me about her hay? There is only two choices for hay in the immediate area here, alfalfa and brome. I supposed that if I needed too, I could drive about 90 miles and find some native mountain meadow hay, but neither of us thought that the brome hay should be causing any problems.

Well, one day, the BO and I happened to be visiting in front of Beretta's stall and he asked me if I liked my filly.


I do like Beretta. I don't have the heart-to-heart connection with her that I do with Shooter. But he's kind of a special boy(..and he KNOWS it), so it's really impossible to compare the two. It's like apples and oranges.

So I simply told the BO what I thought. Yes, I do like her. But there are a few little things I won't really know until she grows up. And I pointed out that I was concerned about her legs. I really thought the grass hay and the supplements would be making a difference in those joints. That's when the BO told me he wasn't feeding her grass hay, he was feeding her alfalfa. Uber-rich alfalfa!


I put a stop to that, that very day.

Now, bless my BO's heart. He had the absolute best intentions. There is not a horse on the place that can cry hunger. And I really think that he thought we fed Shooter some kind of a super, special diet for him to look like he does at his age. I'm sure he didn't want me to feel like my little girl was getting slighted.

So I explained to him that a young horse, particularly one with Beretta's condition does much better on a grass hay diet and also that I was feeding her a supplement specifically designed to be fed with grass hay.

I'm sure that I caught it in time, but a month ago Beretta's front legs weren't looking so hot...
She was very splayed out in front and her right front cannon bone was starting to turn. The splaying was not due to possible foundering, the poor little girl was just getting too heavy. She is not the long and lean model, like Shooter. She is very much her mother's daughter-thick and stocky. Besides the alfalfa giving her too much calcium, which is very bad for unstable joints, it was packing the pounds on the poor kid.

It's been a month now, of definitely being on a grass hay diet and Beretta has lost a few of those extra pounds, she's not splaying anymore and her right front cannon bone looks pretty normal again. The bow in that leg is gone. We still have lumpy joints, particularly on her right rear. That leg also has a few bumps on the back of the cannon bone. But she is coming around. And I got her feet trimmed. It's going to take a few trims to get them "right", but I got those underslung heels nipped off and leveled her out. Getting her angles right is going to do a lot to relieve the stress on those pastern joints. (Sorry Mrs Mom-I was going to get before and after pics...It all went a little too smoothly and I was done before I knew it.)

I have also ordered some Basic Mineral, another Lampley product that has Diatamatious Earth in it. It is an excellent source of trace minerals, that I have found has really helped the horses we have fed it too.

It's going to still take several months to get Beretta's joints strengthened up and straightened out. Heck, it could take all of her yearling year to get her right, but we will get there.

And that is sometimes how things go when raising horses. Sometimes you are lucky and everything is fine and goes smoothly and sometimes you have to work a little extra hard. But ya know, in the process, I have become quite fond of Miss Beretta. She is a super, sweet little girl. She'll have to grow up before I can decide if I want more like her. But all in all...I'm pretty darn happy with the one I do have.

And my BO? Well, he listened and he watched. Guess what he is feeding his yearling now?

Yep...switched her over to grass hay too! ;-)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Grand Finale

I was really hoping to have pictures back before spilling the beans...

Can you guess what else happened in Vegas?????


Yep...We finally did it. My Honey and I got married!!!!

It was very simple. Just the four of us that went. Oh, and MH's concierge came...he is such a cool guy.

I soon as I get the pics, I'll post them. Megan and I found the most beautiful dresses. It wasn't easy, there was some mad shopping the night before...but we found them.

Friday, January 1, 2010

The Best Part

What is it about a fabulous bathroom that just makes a girl drool?

Some of it has to be about the room. Some is definitely about the amenities.

The guest bath in the penthouse was more than I have ever had the privledge of having in any house I have ever lived in. Megan thought it was pretty darn fabulous as well...

Her shower had all the same features as ours, as you'll read below, it was just not quite as big.
I actually liked her "loo" better than ours. It was a tad more private.

She was pretty much in love with that bed too...
This is the Master bedroom. I was in love with that round couch. It was soooo comfortable....
I'm not much of an "art deco" person, but I really thought those lamps with the glass beads were awesome...
The turn-down service came every evening, turned down the beds, plumped up the pillows, laid out our robes and slippers and left the most fabulous chocolates on the bed. They also straightened up the bathroom and amazingly enough, laid out our toothbrushes, toothpaste and facial cleanser.

I only got to lay on the round couch for a little bit to watch t.v., but it was way cool.

There was a total of 7 flatscreen t.v.s in the penthouse. A bit of overkill if you ask me, but I know people who have t.v.s in every room at home too...
And then there was the grand-daddy of them all bathrooms. Oh, speaking of t.v.s, there were two more in the bathrooms. They were IN the mirrors. I kid you not. I didn't even know such a thing existed. Sick!

Hey VaqueroGirl...see the phone? Yep, phones by every toilet, by the bed, in the office and in the living room.

The whirlpool tub...That we never got to use :(...

I kid you not...this bathroom is bigger than my living room! But the absolute best part was the SHOWER! This thing was just freaking a.w.e.s.o.m.e!!...

The bench was so you could lay in there and enjoy a sauna. They left extra big, thick towels in the room for you to use to lay on. The fixture above was for the "rainshower" feature, as well as for the "mood lighting". The big square around the showerheads could be set to a multitude of light settings. There was mood music settings as well. Besides the overhead shower, there was the usual wall showerhead and a line of jets down the wall. As My Honey found out, you could pretty much get water splashed and jetting into parts of your body that made you go...Whoaaaa! It was absolutely fabulous. I told MH, it ever happens that we have a house built or buy one that has room to remodel...I want a shower like this!!!! It was without a doubt, the feature that we all enjoyed the most in the penthouse.

And that was pretty much it. Everything else was pretty much like every other trip to Vegas, except I didn't spend much time with MH while he was "doing his thing", between spending time with Megan and the "spa" treatments...which were fabulous by the way. ;-)

Megan and I walked part of the strip before our legs gave out. She accumulated an entire list of things that she wants to do the next time she goes. It will be better to go when it's warmer. She can hang out at the pool. Although, I don't think I'll be able to leave her alone very long out there. Holy Crap! The girl was like a "dude magnet".

Well, there was one more thing, but this post got kinda long.;-)...

Happy New Year's Everyone!!!!