Friday, January 29, 2010

Can't Be Sad About It

I got a call from the owner of Pistol last night and it seems that her 7y/o was upset because she wanted to sell him.

The other girl that looked at him liked him very much, but she was also looking at another horse and the owner sort of guided her more in that direction.

Back to the kiddo, apparently she wants to try him herself. So that is the direction the owner is going to go at the moment.

I can't say that I am really saddened by that decision. It's really nice to know that these people really like and appreciate Pistol and hate to get rid of him. The owner told me that if she ever had to try to replace the big horse, it would cost a fortune.

That pretty much seems to be the consensus of those of us that own the foals out of my dearly beloved old mare. She really was a one in a million horse. She not only did, she reproduced the best of herself.

I did tell the owner that if Pistol ended up being a bit much for her kiddo at the moment, that I would be happy to lease him for a couple of years. She knows he would receive good care and be used appropriately, so she said if that was the case, she would certainly be happy to work something out.

I'd say that is still a pretty happy ending.


fernvalley01 said...

Sounds like a winning situation.You still have a conection to him,and maybe this young girl will do well

Stephanie said...

That's sounds like it would be perfect. I am pulling for the lease option!

But if not, I know you will work something out.

Mikey said...

I think it's great that they love him so much and don't really want to get rid of him. At least you know he's in a good place and loved!!

Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind said...

Sounds like a win-win... but I have to say, what seven y/o isnt going to be upset at the idea of a horse being sold? Isnt that just one of those "life lessons"? But each to their own:) It might work out well for you if you get the lease!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

HC-They raise horses. Little girl has lots to pick from(prettier horses than Pistol;)

I told the momma to go with her gut because Megan never said boo about the horses that came and went around our place until Strawberry. Although I lost out on a wad of cash, I have never regretted keeping the one horse Meg said she wanted.

GoLightly said...

Lucky, your horses are, BEC. Always knowing they'll be well taken care of.
TOO funny, about the blue fence, I thought at first maybe a snow fence. Sheeesh.

Your new place looks great! Bit cold;)

Fantastyk Voyager said...

Sounds like a great home for Pistol. Be happy for them.

Carroll Farm said...

Sounds like it will all work out for the best. Either way, the horse is in a better place.

Rising Rainbow said...

Definitely sounds like a win/win. Hope it works out that way.

Michelle said...

That's awesome! Great news, hope it all works out. At least he's got a great home with people that love and appreciate him.