Saturday, June 5, 2010


Well, Moon and I put together a better run today and finally drew a check.Second in the 4D. Not exactly a smoking run. But soooo much better than we have had the last coouple of trips out.


Sorry, no video...I dunno what the heck Meg was doing....Off in lala land...She is blonde ya know...LOL.

My memory of the run stride by stride is failing me. I was so focused on keeping my eyes where they needed to be and making Moon honor his pockets, that about all I remember is seeing the ground around the barrels and looking up to the next one.

We had some tack changes and I actually think they worked out pretty well.

The last time I ran Moon, he popped the breast collar D-ring lumb off of the saddle I have been using on him. I couldn't get it fixed before this weekend, so I decided to use that little Blue Ribbon saddle I got off of Ebay.

Heck, I thought I loved running in that Hereford I picked up, but I think I like the Blue Ribbon better. I sat nice and tight. I had just a hair of slipping room in the Hereford. Nothing that was going to sling me around, but still.

I also switched from running Moon in a full gag to a twisted wire snaffle. It's a big twist. One I have used for years and years. The mouth piece on the gag was a smooth copper and Moon was laying on that pretty hard. So much for the idiot theory that a full gag is brutal. LOL

I didn't use a tiedown on my run today, but I will be adding that back in tomorrow. I could just feel Moon reaching forward on his front-end, looking for the tiedown to balance on. Without the tiedown he has nothing to balance on but the bit and he gets too far forward on his front-end. Can't lift a shoulder then.

Well, tomorrow is another day and another run. Hopefully when that time rolls around, I will feel like I can let Moon out another notch and he will still hold his position. He really hates only going half speed.

Myself, I didn't mind too much. Geez-it gave me time to actually think.


Breathe said...

Great new! Sound like you're finding your groove.

Chelsi said...

Sweet! Wish we had video:)

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Hey now that's awesome!! I'm so proud for you guys!! Hopefully there will be a video with the next run?!

DD had her first "official" rodeo Friday night, I'll be posting soon. WHEW can you say hot mess!! Yeah it was bad! All DD not the horse! And she even said so after the runs LOL!! Poor girl says she can't get it into her mind that she's not on Pete anymore...OH wait till you see LOL!

Laura said...

Cool! We need videos/photos though sometime! :-)

fernvalley01 said...

Whoo Hoo! a couple more tweaks and you two will be unbeatable!

Danielle Michelle said...

You're so modest - you are having a kick-ass season thus far! Keep it up girl!

Wanna send that little helper you had help clean up your place this way? I need posts pounded in...