Thursday, June 3, 2010

Making A Dent

This week has been about nothing but getting the rest of the junk cleaned up around the new place.

Thanks to a very hard-working young man who was in need of some extra $$...

We have made a HUGE dent in that.

The junk is out of the shop.

The junk is out of the little barn.

Most of the mowing is done.

In the last 2 days we have completely stuffed this industrial sized cage dumpster...
(Blogger is being a pain in the butt about loading pics tonight. I can only load one at a time and I am to tired to bother to load more...but I'm sure you all get the idea.;)

Half of my big storage shed is painted.

And I even managed to fit in getting some of the hoof trimming done on those horses that I brought back with me.

There hasn't been much time to ride.

But, sometimes that is okay. I think taking the time to slow down and look some things over has helped me to figure out some issues we have been having with a couple of the horses.

I'll expound on those in further detail soon...

Hope everyone is well out there in blogger-land. I just haven't had the time to get around and visit everyone much...and I'm too exausted to think of anything intelligent as far as comments when I have actually stopped by.

Hopefully now that we have the majority of the grunt work done, Meg and I can get back into our riding routine...and I'll have time to catch up on what ya'll have been doing so far this summer.


Paint Girl said...

Wow, that is a lot of junk!
Believe me, I know how it is, being totally exhausted and not being able to visit blogs!! There is so much to do and so little time to get it all done!!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

OH MY that's a ton of junk!! SO glad you found a young man in need of work! Can't wait to *see* the place all cleared up!! I hope you get rested up soon!!

Leah Fry said...

That IS a lot of junk! It always amazes me that people can not only live like that, but completely ignore it.

And ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Sometimes life gets in the way of us doing what we really want to do.

Breathe said...

It's in the air. I just cleaned out our hall closet. Would have done more, but I would have needed a dumpster too!

Hope ride time presents itself soon.

Sydney_bitless said...

That is a lot of junk!

Laura said...

That is one huge pile of junk - nice to send it off to a dump somewhere, instead of your property!

Cleaning up stuff like that is so satisfying... Glad you made some good progress!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

LOL-That was just out of the last two buildings. I guess I forgot to mention that that is the second time that dumpster has been full.

It's kind of weird in a way. Since this place was a bank repo, we are actually lucky that the previous owners didn't do any malicious damage. But there sure was a lot of personal things left and it was obvious these people were in financial trouble for quite some time before they lost the place.

I have actually met the previous owner and he is nice, definitely a procrastinator and definitely NOT a farmer/rancher type...that is why the field is in such terrible shape-LOL.

He keeps promising to come get all of the bio-diesel stuff, but has not done that so far. I'm actually trying to figure out a way to spray my riding area with the vegetable oil that was left to cut the dust. That will get rid of a lot of that old oil. Won't be hard on the horse's feet nor hazardous to the environment. I have to do something, cause our riding area is like powder and I just can't justify hauling in a bunch of footing dirt until we get more important stuff taken care of. That list is long, long, long.

Anonymous said...

when will you move into the new house?

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Anon-After the plumber has finished and the electrician...and the kitchen floor has been sanded and refinished...and the carpets shampooed...the tile replaced by the front door...

After everything has been completely fixed, cleaned and re-painted...LOL.

The grunt work was actually the easy part. Now comes the spending of the $$$. Ugghhh!

I can tell you this though...when we do get moved in...there is going to be one heck of a house warming party. I already have that all planned.;)

Vaquerogirl said...

Just seeing all that you have accomplished, hearing about the land and the house is heartwarming- to me. I love it when people (aka-you-)
do things the right way! Clean it up, move it out, revamp, restart and revitalize! I say you guys just ROCK!
At your Housewarming party I want you to lift a glass and give yourselves a hearty HI Ho Silver! From ME- Vaquerogirl!

fernvalley01 said...

Yup! a lot of junk! And as to the busy part , it is that time of year! I am feeling a bit overwhelmed myself these days .Hope you get saome down time too