Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A New Tag

***I did this while I was in Colorado, but didn't get around to posting it then....

Ezra_Pandora over at the Wacky and Wonderous World of Ezra tagged me with this fun and most importantly, new tag...

Now since I am not at home, I had to look around the bedroom to see what Chris had for books laying around. Chris is an avid reader, but no books were handy...very strange for him. Luckily for me, I had just been shopping and I could walk straight to the living room coffee table and pick up one of the new books I had just purchased as Christmas presents for my mom and Megan. Of course, you know I have to make sure they are worthy-LOL...and have been purusing them for the last couple of days. If I was sitting at my own computer, you would have gotten an excerpt from a barrel racing training book, an equine chiropractic manual or a pole bending training book-no big surprise there right?

For Megan, I picked up "Schooling With Ground Poles: Flatwork Schooling for Every Horse, Every Sport" by Claire Lilley. Just from flipping through it, I think I will have to go home and try some of these excerises out.

For mom, I picked up "Legends: Volume 7" produced by Western Horseman. I love these Legends books. They have been Christmas staples for many years. I buy them for my mom and she buys them for me and my brother. I picked up the first Paint Horse Volume, when it came out and now I see they have another. I bought the King-P234 Volume, read it and then gave it to my mom for her birthday. Strangely she wrote in the cover that she received it from my brother for Christmas...???. No wonder she thinks I never do anything nice for her-LOL.

So anyway, the Legends book is the one that was on the top, so according to the rules of the tag...

The rules of the Book Tag are as follows:

1)Grab the nearest book

2)Open the book to page 56

3)Find the fifth sentence

4)Post the text of the next two to five sentences

5)Don't dig for your favorite book, the cool book or the intellectual one,Pick the Closest

6)Tag five people to do the same.

From page 56, the fifth sentence-Parker's Trouble, the Lewis-owned sire of Big Step, ws a 1949 chestnut stallion, by Ed Echols(see Legends 4) and out of Little Nellie Bars.

The next 2-5 sentences-Ed Echols was, in turn, the legendary son of Zantanon(see Legends 4) owned first by W.D. "Dink" Parker of Fort Huachucha, Arizona, and then by B.F. Phillips of Frisco, Texas. Little Nellie Bars was a daughter of Three Bars(TB)(see Legends 1) and bears the singular honor of being the first Quarter Horse to be sired by this most influential of all stallions. Parker's Trouble was himself a AAA-rated racehorse and the sire of 36 Register of Merit racehorses and 9 AQHA Champions. Also known as a top broodmare sire, he was the maternal grandsire of 190 ROM racehorses and 17 AQHA Champions. Included among his top second-generation descendants is Boston Mac(see Boston Mac chapter).

Of course, I was particularly interested in this book because among those showcased were two of my favorites. The blue hen mare, Teresa Tivio-an unfriendly, tightly wound little mare, whose cutting career ended at her first show(chronic emphysema) but her get helped to change the entire cutting industry. No one who has anything to do with QH's can fail to recognize names like Fizzabar, Boon Bar, Doc's Haida, Cal Bar, Nu Bar or Doc's Remedy. Teresa Tivio and the Doc Bar cross was pure breeding magic. That magic is still predominant when you stop to realize that her grand-get and great-grandget are cutting and reining household names-Reminic, Royal Blue Boon, Peptoboonsmal, Boomernic and Dual Pep.

And then there is the beyond gorgeous, I drool over his pictures...Otoe...
Pretty and fast, Otoe's legacy isn't as prominant or as well-known as a lot of other Legends. He produced multiple AAA-sprinters, a couple of AAA-AQHA Champions and his get were winning in the show world too. He produced AQHA Champions in very diverse fields-Halter to Barrel Racing and Calf Roping and even an AQHA high point Jumping Champion. Interestingly enough, a halter champion by Otoe, named Hard To Beat is the one that piqued my interest as several of his get had made their way to South Dakota and were predominant in not just the show horse world, but were really making their mark in the arena. Several ranches that raised horses actively sought the Hard To Beat bloodline for their broodmare band. Of course, all of this was long before I was ever old enough to know about such things, but in the 90's I was still seeing these bloodlines being referenced. Most noteably Hard To Beat, Otoe's Wonder and his full brother, Wonder Otoe and Me Otoe. I think if Otoe was around today-he would be a top barrel horse sire. Many people who specialize in arena and barrel horses still actively seek out mares that carry his bloodlines to cross on their popular barrel horse sires. Isn't that a strange thing to know about a horse who actually contributed dramatically to the modern halter horse?
Since Otoe was promoted and shown exclusively by Jerry Wells, it isn't a big surprise that his daughters and grand-daughters were the cornerstone of Wells breeding program that eventually focused entirely on Halter Horses. How ironic that Wells thought so much of Otoe as a Halter horse sire because he consistently produced a taller, stretchier type of horse. Halter horses that consistently rode...what a novel concept. Of course, it is only novel to us because before the Impressive bloodline took over, everyone rode their halter horses.

Since I procrastinated and didn't get this posted last week-I think everyone has been tagged and already done it.


Mrs Mom said...

OK so I am seriously drooling over Otoe now. Thanks for putting that pic up!!!

Vaquerogirl said...

Did you get the JQurnal yet? There is a big spread on Jerry Wells and all of his famous horses, stallions and mares. Otoe is right there at the top! He's always been one of my fav's too!
Another of my favorites was Beaver Burnett- can't even find a picture of him now, but I saw him and Cal Bar in person at the Grand Nationals and I've never forgotten either of them.

Train Wreck said...

Gorgeous! I knew it, no romance novel fou you! Yoiu should write your own book o infrormation! ...I know I have mentioned that before, he he!

cdncowgirl said...

Well now that I've wiped the drool off my keyboard...
I noticed you mentioned pole bending training books. Could you recommend some? I've been looking and haven't really found any that looked like they were worth purchasing.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

TW-I spout nothing that hasn't been written before me-LOL. But I do love reading the stories about these great horses and the great people who loved them.

VQ-I don't get QHJ-got tired of looking at Halter Stallions on every page.:( Has it changed for the better?

Cdn-I'll just keep throwing those BR bloodlines out there for ya as you search for your next winner.;)
The only pole bending book that I have found that I really like is one called "Nineteen Second Pole Bending" by Wayne Sandberg. You can type the name of the book into google and it should come up. Their web page has some of the exercises on it so you can get a feel for it. I got the DVD with it too, but only watched it once. I like it because he breaks things down very mechanically-like how he describes each stride going around the end poles and weaving. Very Informational!!

Melanie said...

I love, love, love, your QH bloodline posts!!!!

He was a handsome old boy, wasn't he??

You help me stay in touch with my Western side...lol!!!

Anonymous said...

I think that you have what it takes to be a Pony Cousin!

Join the fun and find out if you would "fit in" by checking out this page: Highlight the address; copy it; paste onto your browser.


Andrea said...

What a concept, to ride a halter horse? I know Ted Tuner breaks out a lot of their halter horses. I love a horse that can be multi purpose. There are more people who do all around then just stick to one class.

Carroll Farm said...

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