Monday, November 3, 2008

Home Again

Back in South gets harder and harder to leave My Honey, every time.

I finally got a couple of those fall pictures I promised last week...

Courtesy of my birthday present from Chris! Finally, a new camera. I am just so bad about actually picking electronic stuff out. I never really know just exactly what to get. Chris is much better at it...must be that "guy" thing. Bless his heart, he bestowed on me a Canon PowerShot SX110 IS with 9megapixels and 10X Optical zoom.
Thanks to a rather severe little thunderstorm that rolled over us, I didn't get down to the river to get the really awesome shots I had been planning on all week.

Sadly, I came home to a total darling, teenage daughter thought she could get away with having a "little" party at the house on Halloween night. The entire story is still not clear, as to whether she and her friends planned this or if word got out that I was out of town and a herd of kids converged on the house. Either way, Megan did not handle it in a responsible manner and has to go back to about the same rules that applied from when she was five. Of course, you know that once the word gets out about a party, the cops aren't far behind and they all got busted.
My mom feels responsible, although we all discussed the "okayness" of Megan staying at the house with one friend on Halloween night and we have never had any problems with Megan following the rules before. The rules of conduct were clearly stated before I left for Colorado;
1)Do not tell people that I was out of town...especially the kids at school.
2)It was okay for ONE friend to spend the night on Halloween.
3)There were to be no boys at the house...I made a special point of the fact that the visiting friend's boyfriend(who is usually welcome at my house) was NOT to be there, since I was sure that her dad would not like him there with no adult supervision.
and in a hardy-har-har...I specifically told her no parties or alcohol.

The brats broke every single rule in one fell swoop. I am particularly disgusted because the group that all got busted by the cops is a certain bunch that I do not welcome in my home anyway. For the most part, I have always welcomed Megan's friends and am okay with them coming over. I have been getting a bit more strict with it because some have started coming across as it's okay to just come over, hang out, eat everything in the house and spend the night whenever their parents need someplace for them to go. That I am not okay with. There is a particular bunch of boys that I certainly would not want at my house. I believe that kids will be kids-but I draw the line as smart-mouth punks, who think they can act anyway they want. They their own house, NOT mine!!

The one funny as hell spot out of the whole mess(now that it is over and everyone and the horses were not harmed) was when several of the boys made a dash for it when the cops showed up. They ran around the back of the house. One ran into a hay bale, two more ran into the rather dinky barbed wire fence(that I have yet to replace) and flipped over. One made it over that fence and thought he could run around behind the barn to hide and ran smack dab into the hot fence that separates my pastures. I bet that punk got a hellava zap-LMAO. The next day my mom found a cap by the hay bale, a chunk of denim in the barbed wire and a coat hanging off the far fence(one must have made good his escape).

Obviously, our trust in Megan is shot. Whether she intended for as many kids to show up as did or whether they were supposed to bring alcohol in is now a moot point. Eight kids, several of them athletes, now have to appear before the judge on minor under the influence charges. One bright spot is that the cops, somehow had been tipped off that certain kids had the booze with them and they cannot come after me for having the liquor in my house. Sheez, the fun just never ends does it?

I guess I should probably add-that Megan had spent the rest of the week at my mom's house-like she usually does when I go to Colorado.


cdncowgirl said...

Teenagers... well if that's the worst that happpened its not all bad. Maybe Megan learned a lesson?

As for how the kids found out that you were out of town, is it possible that they found out through your blog?

ps - congrats on the new camera :)

Anonymous said...

Cant you just picture the mad scramble? How hilarious it would be to have it on tape!
The legal concerns of what could have happened should be a sobering thought for your Megan.

Paige said...

I wish I had seen the exodus out of there--then again, if I think back hard enough I can probably draw from the memory of it!

Glad all is well that ends well--hope she got a good scare and that will be the end of it

kdwhorses said...

Holy cow! HOpefully she learned a valuable lesson from all this. Glad no one was harmed or hurt! Love it they ran in to the hay, barbed wire fence and electric fence. serves the little bastards right if you ask me!

Ya on the new camera! Love the pics, just beautiful in SD!

ezra_pandora said...

wow you got lucky for the cops kind of knowing who it was that had the booze. I hate how kids can be so sneaky and have a lapse in judgment and the parents always get blamed. Don't get me wrong, a lot of times the parents should be in trouble, but when you have a teenager old enough to know and dumb enough to break the rules, the kids should be the ones in trouble. Almost the same exact thing happened to my sister and her 17 year old. Thankfully they didn't get caught by the cops though. My sis's husband's daughter from another marriage was visiting while my sis and the husband were a couple states away at my house and they went home to find garbage bags filled with a bunch of munchie bags and over 4 cases of beer!! My sister was like uh girl, you are grounded for LIFE. My sister is lenient with her as it is so she doesn't need to break many rules, but man, when she does, she does. The step daughter of course didn't get in trouble because daddy said she was responsible and learned. HA! Yeah, problems in that relationship.

Anyhow, hopefully she did learn and thankfully wasn't in too much trouble with the law :)

Andrea said...

Oh dear! that brinds back some memories!! My parents left once. I had a small party at my house. Luckly it was just a few friends and to this day I was never discovered!! LOL!! Poor Megan. I do hope she learned her lesson. And it must have stunk coming home to that mess! Sigh.

Those pictures are beautiful. Great camera too!!

SunnySD said...

Teenagers... gotta love'em, cause ya gotta live with'em - lol. Glad it worked out as well as it did. What a way to top off a homecoming, though!

Mrs Mom said...

Oh. My. Lord.

Megan, girl, child, honey, consider yourself that you are blessed. And you are lucky you are not MY child. Seriously, young lady, you are WAY lucky you are not my child. I know your Mom will do what is right- she is one strong woman that you really, really need to pay attention to and respect from here on out. And I know she loves you more than life itself. Be smart Megan-- please, be smart from here on out.

BECG- sorry.. did not mean to go into Momma Bear mode and lecture your baby... but that kind of stuff... wow.... Bless you lady for dealing with her. And please remember me in the coming years, when I'll have not one, but TWO teenage boys to handle. I may need to make arrangements with you to ship them out for "Boot Camp"! ;)

LOVE the color shots. ^5 Chris for getting the new camera!!! And welcome home again woman!!!

Flying Lily said...

Ay yi yi! these kids - they put grey hair on our heads one way or another. I'm so glad nobody got hurt and no property damage.

When the current DH and I came home from our one-night honeymoon 6 years ago, there were 4 (count them) drunk teenagers sleeping IN my bed!!! Fortunately they all had their clothes on. 6 more in the basement, 4 more in the living room. And mess everywhere. It was a heck of a way to start married life with my two teenage sons.

Love your new camera!!

Strawberry Lane said...

Oh, yahhhh! I had one of those. I guess they have to try at least once to challenge the rules. I'm sure she learned a memorable lesson.

The photos are gorgeous! What colors!

Thanks much for your advice about Shadow. It is great to have support in dealing with his challenges. Six months gives me a time frame to register his progress.

Melanie said...

OMG...I am so sorry!!!
I worry about what my kidlets are going to put me through, because I was kind of a monster myself...I just never got caught!!!!

BTW...gorgeous pics!

Jocelyn said...

well well well.. I am so glad to hear that my child isnt the only one who did hte same exact thing. We left him for the first time @ 16 for an overnight wedding, and came home to a complete fiasco. Same deal, booze, wrecked my house etc.. HE got caught by putting all the "evidence" in the recycle bin!
HE also dumped a mixed drink on hubby's very expensive laptop and left it a sticky mess.
I hear ya on that one....
Teenagers gotta love them cuz you can't kill them!