Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Great Day In History...

No you silly geese...this has nothing to do with the election!! Actually I am quite sad and depressed about the outcome of that...but at least it's over!!

No...the historical event today birthday!!

Now, My Honey went above and beyond with the gift of the new camera-Sheez-I had to give it to Megan to play with for a bit, so she could tell me about all of the neat things it does. Kids are good for something.;-)

But for the rest of my friends...I had to do a bit of searching to come up with a gift I would just love. You know it stinks getting gifts you don't know what to do with. Yes, I do realize it is the thought that counts, but still...try to make sure that the gift you spend hard earned money on is something that the giftee will appreciate.

So I picked out a couple of things that would make me very, VERY happy to have as presents. What do you guys think of this one?
She is a 5y/o, started on barrels, grand-daughter of Dash for Cash AND a grand-daughter of Easy Jet Too. Wouldn't she look fine standing in my corral? I'm sure my barrel saddle would fit her without a problem!

She is a bit expensive. They have her priced at $5,500. So I thought maybe I would find something that cost just a bit less.

How about this?
A darling little grand-daughter of Zips Chocolate Chip and a grand-daughter of Scotch Bar Time. Now wouldn't her and Shooter make a good looking couple(not that kind of couple-heehee)? That head and neck are just to die for!! Look she even has a wither already. Mmmm-mmmmm good! This girl is going to grow up to be spectacular...that is if she gets the right feed and training...and I am just the person she is looking for. She is priced at $3,500-so is not exactly the steal of the century either. Something tells me that she could be bought for A LOT less.

So now, everyone...please feel free to chip in, whatever you feel comfortable spending and I can assure you that you will have all helped to provide me with a birthday gift that I will just adore!!

***I'm just kidding about the pitching in guys-My mom would flay me alive if I brought another horse home...although, she might, just might fall for that little buckskin.;-)


SunnySD said...

Darn, you can pick'em! Happy birthday!!!

Wanna help my hubby pick out MY birthday presents for next year? Or Christmas... he has a lot of trouble with Christmas, too.

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

These are locals too Sunny! Both of them are on your side of the river.;)

Mrs. Mom said...

Happy, HAPPY Birthday Dear Wonderful Lady!

And Many MANY MORE!!!!

Love your gift ideas too..hehehehe

Melanie said...

LOL and happy birthday!!!!

Today is also my mom's birthday and mine was on Monday, so if your interested, we could do a swap... I'll buy you a horse if you buy me!!!

Chelsi said...

Hey! I have a little mare in my favorites that would be right up your alley if your talkin' brood mares...

How 'bout an OWN daughter of Zips Chocolate Chip for $2500! I'll just box her up and send her over shall I?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY my friend! Have a great day!!!

Callie said...

Happy Birthday! You don't want much! LOL

Leah Fry said...

Happy birthday, and I hope you get what you want. Sure wish I could handle one more.

Vaquerogirl said...

Bappy Hirthday!( those of you who are literary will know what this is about- if not e-mail me!)
Many happy returns! I looked and looked for the shopping basket on your site, but I couldn't find it... so I didn't fill it. But if I COULD I would stuff that little buckskin right in there for you. You certainy deserve her!(besides I love a gold horse!)
Hope all your birthday wishes came true!

Holly said...

Happy Birthday BEC! My vote is for the bucky filly first. Love both the ZCC and SBT lines. But that paint mare is nothing to sneeze at either.

and here is a justification for you....

you invest in the bloodlines you do for a reason. They are worth it and SO ARE YOU!

Heidiwriter said...

At least you have this to think positively about today--just enjoy!

Heidi Thomas
Cowgirl Dreams, coming soon!

cdncowgirl said...

Happy Birthday!!!! **hugs**

Now tell the truth, you picked that paint mare for me right? ;)

(funny, I'm usually more of an overo gal but that tobiano is mighty fine... what an "engine"!!)

kdwhorses said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Hubby birthday is today!

I would say yes to the buckskin!!

Laura said...

Happy birthday!!!!

Both of those presents look pretty nice! The little buckskin is really nice. Who doesn't love a little colour when it is in a nice package??

ezra_pandora said...

What a cute little bugger!! Happy Birthday!! When I first started reading your post I thought you were leading into your honey buying you a horse too! lol No such luck huh? Hope you had a good birthday and celebrated appropriately ;)

Andrea said...

NIce little pleasure prospect. They'll get 3500 for her. The stud fee for Zip Chocolate Chip is like 4500. She is a cutie too!!

I hope you have a great birthday!! Well, if you don't get a new horse, maybe you could at least get taken out to dinner!!

Paige said...

If you had any idea how many horses lived her based on the bday excuse, you would laugh

hope you had a good day