Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's A Theme

I found this in the dog dish this morning...

Isn't he cute?
Meg played with him for a while...made sure he got to "moisturize" in a bowl of water and then took him across the road for release. It is getting real dry around here. We could use a shot of rain for sure.

This showed up this weekend...
It's the Boon Bar filly. Hard to tell from this picture, but she looks pretty tough...and was not too sure what traumas were about to be forced on her. A few days with plenty of feed and nothing but a few pats at feeding time and she has calmed down. Now, the poor dear needs a bath and a trim. When asked how she rode, this was the reply "Well, she needs another 60 days to finish her, but don't give her, her head for the first couple of miles." In translation...she is green as grass and probably dumped the dumbass on his head. Which probably accounts for her lack of condition. Oh golly gee...I just love cowboys. Okay, so this guy isn't really a "cowboy", he just plays at being one-LOL.

I'm on the hunt for a good chiropractor...
Now that I have worked through some of Turk's "issues", it has become abundantly clear that he is out in his hips. He is still kicking out when asked to lope. Especially in his left lead and he cannot maintain a hind lead going either direction for more than a few strides. Other than that, he has really come around and is a joy to ride. The jog he has coming along...ummm, ummm good.

And what is this I see?
That would be my mommy dearest!! Yessiree, not only is momma back on a horse, she even came to town to ride with Megan and I last night. I couldn't help but giggle a bit though...she thought I was exaggerating about how rough Leo's lope was...She loped a big circle and then busted out laughing about the "freight-train" lope he has. Now wouldn't it be cool if I could get her to start running barrels again?


kdwhorses said...

What a great thing to find in the dog bowl! LOL!

We have been getting rain here, so it is not as dry or hot!

The filly is not bad looking! I love it the guy was playing cowboy! ROTFL!! We see alot of those! She probably lawn darted him a few times! Maybe she just dosent' like men~my mare doesn't! She tolerates hubby riding her! Good luck with her!

We have a chircopractor here that I love! He travels alot, not sure if he comes to your area or not.

Yeah momma! How great she rides with ya'll!

Andrea said...

Oh, snakes! Yikes, you ladies are so brave. Your new filly is cute. Some groceries and some love and she will be great!

I love the "cowboy". I call those K-Mart Cowboys. The wanta bees. LOL!

It's so good that your mom is riding! It's so hard to get back on after you have not ridden in forever! I wish I lived closer and you could give me some barrel lessons. I would love to get the guts up to go faster!

The Knutson's said...

Looks like you girls have been busy! Your family's ranch (?) is beautiful...lots of work, as you have said, but beautiful!

How cool that your mom is riding again. Now you have three generations of "brown-eyed" cowgirls up and riding. Unless of course your mom has blue eyes!!!!

I like the snake pics...so do my kidlets. Snakes aren't half as bad as a lot of people think! Now spiders are a different story...lol!!

Pony Girl said...

Gosh, lots to catch up on! Can't believe all of the old equipment on your ranch, what neat history.

Those pictures of Megan with the snakes made me quiver! I guess I'm just a snake sissy! ;)

That would be fun if your mom ran the barrels again. You never know! I ran barrels (kind of, if you can call loping and trotting "running! ;) this past weekend and it was a blast!

Jamie said...

Snake in the water bowl?!?!?!?! I'm a snake weiney so I'd have been going as fast as I can in the opposite direction.

Wanna be cowboys should stick to the pony's you stick quarters into!

Callie said...

Ick! Even the smallest of snakes creep me out! Cool that your Mom was out there riding, even it was a freight train, LOL.