Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Adding To The Remuda

Yesterday was just one of those "down-time" days. They come a little more often, as I have grown older. The wind is howling today, so there won't be much accomplished until that goes down-damn!! Having a day off from me must have given my mom time to think as well.

This morning she calls and says she has decided to re-situate some horses. O.K.A.Y???

She has decided that she wants to bring to her place, three mares and a red roan gelding that we would like to find new homes for. Uh-huh!! "Well", she says(A little indignant), "You can't expect to get them sold if they are just running in the pasture." No mom, you sure can't!!
This is the red roan on the right and one of the mares is behind him.

I gotta tell you all...this was my idea...about 3 months ago!! However, I have learned how to deal with my mom, at least most of the time. The way to get what you want, is to run an idea by her and then just wait it out. Somewhere along the line, she will decide that she has come up with this great and wonderful plan, all on her own and Voila!!, you get exactly what you wanted, without a big fight. Another secret is to not get too excited when she tells you what her plan is. Because heaven forbid, that she ever suspects that is what you wanted all along!

Now, it is a well-known "secret" that my mother has one perfect child! That child is NOT me. It just so happens that I am the only one she can get to do anything, so she makes do. That is not bitterness you hear, simply the facts, as I have come to accept them. It used to bother me a lot, but seldom gets under my skin now. I do the things I want to do and some things that need to be done. I keep my nose out of the business end.

The way I look at is...the only thing that would change in my day to day, if I decided not to help her with the other horses, would be that my little bay mare would go from last on the list of getting worked with to first on the list...

Since she isn't going anywhere, there really is no hurry, so I might as well help mom to get some of this other stuff "re-homed". I've even thought about adding one of those mares to my personal herd...uh, sorry honey, did I forget to mention that to you?


The Knutson's said...

Ohhhhh...your honesty about your mom and the "favored" sibling cracks me up...!!!

There is one of those in my family too-I left her a birthday message on my blog!-but do you think that she will acknowledge it??? I am betting "no!!"

Aren't family's fun?? With that being said, I am so glad that your mom had such a good idea about moving those horses...heeheehee...hahaha!!!

tiller said...

Hope you made it home OK.....talked to Meg this afternoon, she didn't know where you went.

Mrs Mom said...

Oooo good thing y'all are a ways off from me I LIKEA da roan. Lots!

Funny how families work.... we see a very very similar version of that here.... We are the ones who moved from another state to come and take care of the folks, when two other siblings LIVE in this state... but they dont take care of Mom and Pop..... Long story short, we are the ones they turn to when stuff needs to get done, and we are the ones who will drop everything to take care of things... yet we are the ones who are thought of last. Ah well....least we know that things are being taken care of here. ;)

Rub that roan for me.... *sigh*

OH- side note- KDW got the pistol! I am shipping it to her tomorrow! Wanna bet you can hear her squeal all the way up by you when it arrives? LOL

Jamie said...

I feel your pain! That roan is a pretty fella though!

Callie said...

My Mom is no longer with us, but she was exactly like that as well. You're right, it becomes just the facts, however, Mine suprised me when I found out that I was named the executor of her will. She knows that she can count on you.

Andrea said...

Sounds like you know just how to "work" the system. I tell my sister she needs to learn how to work it!! LOL! We have six kids in our family and you definatley have favorites. And then to all the rest who are not...we work it!! LOL!!

I love your bays. I am a sucker for a blood bay horse!! Love them!! You can send one my way and I will ride it for ya!! OK?

kdwhorses said...

Oh girl I hear ya! Just like everyone else I think we all that in some way or form in our families! :)

Good luck with the horses!

Paige said...

It is a running joke in my family that there is a Golden Child and I aint't her. Even the Golden child knows it--the only one that denies it is mom.

Strange how people can see things so differently, isnt it?

fssunnysd said...

Pretty additions - see, when you make so much progress with all the others, more appear :)

My plans for Wednesday evening and tonight evaporated in the gusts, as well. Tomorrow's forecast is much better, so just going to play on the ground tonight.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Sunny-they seem to multiply just standing in the pasture-LOL.

Thanks for letting me vent guys!! Really my mom is pretty cool, we have always just had a difference of opinion on how to go about things. She's a planner, and a planner and a planner. Me-I'm all about the action.

No post tonight-I'm beat!! Started a re-roofing project with a friend of mine today(forgot camera). Gotta get some stuff cleaned up around here and it is off to bed. Another long day planned tomorrow. Stripping shingling and re-shingling isn't one of my favorite jobs, but he pays good.;)

Mrs Mom said...

Hey Girl- check yer mail. I sent you a picture.... ;) :)

20 meter circle of life said...

does your Mother know my Mother and do they talk??

Pony Girl said...

A little reverse pyschology usually works pretty well! ;)