Saturday, March 22, 2008

In Colorado

Friday, Megan and I headed to Colorado to spend Easter with Chris and his kids. I was going to post some pictures of the trip, but Chris' old laptop is being persnickity and I don't feel like fighting with it to upload more photos. Anyway, today Chris went to Wyoming to pickup his son and daughter to spend Easter with us in Grand Junction. Needless to say as soon as everyone was accounted for the first order of business was to hook up the new "Rock Band". It is pretty fun to listen to the kids rotate through the various instruments and have to sing. Megan's friend, Casey was over as well and she has an incredible voice, so she did most of the singing.
Megan tried her hand at the drums...

The girls settled in to color eggs. They are jamming to music while they do this. I have to admit, it is pretty fun to listen to them singing with the songs. Of course, I have to join in once in awhile(although I sound like I am being killed). That is Megan with the red "do". Chris' daughter, Tia with the stocking cap on and Megan's friend, Casey.

Chris' son, Connor didn't want anything to do with coloring eggs - not when he could get the PS3 all to himself...

Meanwhile, Chris is grabbing a little nap and his guard cat, Ugly Bug is making sure that no one disturbs him. This cat is sooooo in love with Chris. Kinda funny considering he was allergic to cats when I met him all of those years ago. Mind over matter sometimes.


Rising Rainbow said...

I'm allergic to cats too.....and horses! It hasn't stopped me.

Happy Easter!

Kris said...

Hope you all have a great trip! Love the cat! Happy Easter!

Mikey said...

That cat is too funny! Guess Chris got over it :)
Love the hair do too, that's puuurrrtttyyy :)
Sounds like a perfect Easter!