Thursday, March 20, 2008

Ta Da---I'mmmm BACK!!

Yayyyy - I am finally back online. Holy buckets--I have been really lucky all of these years and never had a bug like this. Nasty little sucker came in on an email. My system did not catch it until I forwarded it on. Too late for me - the damage was done. But, a couple of days into fighting with the little sucker and I had to hand it over to someone with more experience than me.
Thank you JJ Powell!!!
So what has been going on the last couple of weeks? Well, there has been no rest for the wicked(hehehe). I have worked almost every day at the school and started spring cleaning. If images of me cleaning my house is coming to your mind - HAHAHA - LMAO!!
Spring cleaning around here involves barns and pastures. I spent 2 days dragging my pasture and then 2 more walking over it and hand raking all of the piles that didn't break up. After that I started cleaning up weeds along the fence lines and around the corrals. Four pickup loads of junk later-I can really see the difference. I only have 1 or 2 loads left and then I can start on trimming the dead branches off of the trees. The corrals are clean and the barn has fresh shavings. Tree branches are picked up and the garbage has been cleaned out of the road ditch. Whew-my muscles are aching.
On to more exciting news-Megan and I saw the baby move in Woofer. Only 7 more weeks til her due date. I am nervous about it already. The old girl looks great though. Not nearly as heavy as last year but completely filled out through her back and hips.
Even more happy news-A friend of my middle brother's is taking 2 of our geldings to pasture ride for the next 2-3 months. Court Sears is a fantastic cowboy and roper. He old man breakaway's and is known for being the guy to beat at the rodeos. I am hoping that he will also take another gelding, but I have to get his teeth worked on first.
The best news-the White River boys basketball team won the State "B" Title. Go Tigers!!! We haven't won the title since 1955. These boys deserve it. It took this team 3 years to get it together-but they went to win the title this year and they did. A lot of it hinged around one senior, who also happens to be South Dakota's All-Time High Scoring High School player. He is phenomenal(and I am not much of a sports fan) and the really impressive thing is, is that he is such a nice kid.
Megan has started track and really seems to be enjoying it. Today she got 2nd place in a speech contest at school. She gave a memorized speech on the Vietnam War Memorial. She never fails to impress me with her ability to stand up and deliver a speech.
It seems that I am turning into the local beautician as well. A few days before the state tournament-I dyed red(and I mean Fire Engine Red) flames in her hair. Within a couple of days-several girls asked Megan if I could do their hair. I had a couple of people tell me that they couldn't believe that I would let Megan do that-but I was pretty quick to tell them that I had done it for her and that it is only hair. My mom and oldest brother were not amused when I told them that I was just preparing Megan for her "biker trash" lifestyle. LOL-Megan, Chris and I thought it was funny as hell...
And that is pretty much what has been going on around here. It has been a busy and exciting couple of weeks.


Rising Rainbow said...

Well, I'm glad you got the bug worked out. Too bad it took so long. Last time I got attacked I was down about that long as well. I felt like I was in solitary confinement or something, it was awful.

It sounds like you're getting a bunch of stuff done. I have spring cleaning to do as well. For me it included picking rocks out of the fields. I swear they are breeding here just like the horses only much faster.

Carroll Farm said...

We are cleaning too, and adding to our collection of minis. I want to see the fire red hair. It is great that you'll let her do that, it is a once in a lifetime thing for a team to go to state. Glad you are back!

Kris said...

Glad you are back, have been checking in everyday! Thoses bugs are awful, I was down for about a month last year. I was having withdrawls! Sounds busy there, as it is here. I love spring and getting everything ready. But like you I do everything outside! My sister called and they are coming end of next week-guess I need to clean alittle inside! LOL! Glad to have you all back! HAve a great and blessed day!

Mikey said...

Ahhh, spring cleaning :) Gotta love it!
You're always a busy bee. I'm w/Carroll Farm, where's the pics of this hair? I wanna see!!
Glad you're back, we missed you guys!