Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Daily Journal 2

Shooter graduated to drive lines. That helped him tremendously traveling to the right. He was landing much squarer at the trot and picked up his right hind lead without humping and hopping into it. I guess he was tipping that hip out more than it looked like on the lunge line. He is showing some crabbiness when being saddled, so I know that he is sore. I am keeping his work time to 15-20 minutes or so. Just enough that he has to work all three gaits in both directions. Now that he is back in drive lines, I can really get to work getting him squared up under himself again and begin reconditioning his muscles. All I can do is keep working with him and hopefully as he gets squared up and stronger over his topline, his leg won't continue to be so sore. I definitely need to look into some laser or P3 treatments for him though, as those will help the circulation and relieve inflammation.

The Big Bay got saddled and lunged. He was traveling in a more controlled manner. Right stifle is definitely bothering him. Will schedule him for right side stifle and hock injections.

Saddled Twister and lunged him. No ride.

My body is screaming. Three days of bareback riding and I cannot hardly move today. My legs are like jello. A hot bath with epsom salts is in order!!


Shirley said...

You might be hurtin' but it's the good kind of hurt!

Cut-N-Jump said...

Vetrolin works in the jetted bathtub too!

Yeah, I've done that.

Sherry Sikstrom said...

wow! I might be dead after 3 days of bareback!