Friday, July 1, 2016

Forward Ho!

Well, I've done all I can to ensure I get at least one foal next year. Frenchie was rebred and that will be what it will be. I'm hoping she settled...But I'm not going to hold my breath. I don't have any reason to believe she wouldn't settle, but then again, I didn't have any reason to believe she wouldn't last time. Maybe I'll get lucky and she took.

Scamper left for Utah and she won't be coming home until she is confirmed in-foal or they give up for the year...Whatever comes first. (big, heavy sigh)

Half my summer is gone and I feel like I have accomplished absolutely NOTHING!!

Well, except for the fact that my pastures are looking fantabulous!! There is tons of new grass coming up and if it keeps germinating at this rate, I won't have much re-seeding to do this Fall at all.

I kinda needed s.o.m.e.t.h.i.n.g. to go right for me!! I am wondering which one of the gods I have pissed off this time, to have such a rotten run of luck again. LOL

I guess luck is a trade off though, after 2 years of my neighbor saying he wanted to sell his corral panels, but would never give me a price, he finally priced them. $30 a panel.

I was flabbergasted! I flat out told him that I thought he severely underpriced them and that I was willing to pay him $50 a panel, but he said that if I came and tore them down and hauled them away, he only wanted $30/panel, so I didn't argue with him. I now have enough panels to make a big round pen, plus 2 more good sized pens. For a fraction of the retail cost. Yayy!!

Obviously this breeding season got stressful rather abruptly. The hubby has been under a lot of work related stress too and you know that inevitably makes for having a stupid fight over nothing of any we decided the best thing to do was take a couple days and get the hell out of town. Sometimes you just have to get away or you will go crazy. It was just what we needed...a little 'away and alone' time...together.

We came home to much cooler temperatures and some nice rain. Looks like the monsoon season has arrived. At least this year we are getting some of the moisture at our place too rather than watch it rain all around us and never getting a drop.

I do suppose the moisture will bring out the flies and other biting insects though. I have been amazed at how few bugs we've had this year. I have stayed on top of spraying for flies on the ground and using diatomaceous earth around the pens, but still, usually by now it's a full on bug war and I have yet to even pull out a bottle of fly spray for the horses. That's been pretty nice.

I suppose now that I can take my focus off of those stupid mares, it's high time I get around to the riding horses. I'll have a round pen set up here directly and the arena all worked up nice again...and I guess there are no excuses anymore. LOL. There are still plenty of events to go to yet this year: Barrel races, gymkhanas and a few shows are left on the calendar. I have missed all but the last Ranch Horse Versatility show and unless I use Moon (which is a possibility), I won't have anyone ready for that show...but there is always Arizona in the winter. ;-).


Shirley said...

I hear you on mares taking up all your time! Been shuffling 3 mares around for Beamer. I bred Coulee at the end of May, and I thought she was coming back in to heat- but although she is squirting pee and squealing, she wants nothing to do with Beamer. So I am hoping she caught on the first go last month- if not, well there is always next year.
What a deal on the panels!

ellie k said...

Your stories of this breeding season made me remember my dad and his horses. He worked the farm with work horses when I was young and then later enjoyed some horse trading and always having a few ponies in case a little kid came along and always wanted a pony, after clearing it with the parents dad would say "just pick out a pony and I will deliver it to you" We lived in the country and almost everyone had room for a pony. My dad made lots of little kids happy, even if he had to deliver hay from time to time or keep the pony over the winter in Ohio. My son was about three or four when he started watching when people brought mares to be bred with my dads stud horse. After they were finished dad always threw a bucket of cold water on the mare to make her tighten up and take . My son watched this so often he would start telling the people what needed to be done next and always to get the bucket ready when they finished. Long story sorry your posts just made me have some warm memories of my dad.

cdncowgirl said...

Well you sure as heck deserve a turn in luck!

**fingers crossed** that the mares took

And YAY to finally getting around to riding time! :)

Crystal said...

Yay your breeding stories over the last couple years make me worried! But I hope you get a couple foals out of all that hassle. And yay panels and riding time. I was also a little sad when I realized summer is half over already :(