Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Bullet Points

Geez...I don't even know where to start and where to stop anymore. A bunch going on...

* The farrier was out to put shoes on Frosty and LJ. He did a decent enough job and both horses are traveling freely again. That means I can finally get a barrel run on ole bucky. Let's hope the 'bucky' part merely refers to his color. ;-)

* The vet came and drew blood on my gray mare. Apparently there is a blood test that verifies pregnancy in mares. It's highly accurate after the 70 day mark in gestation and Miss is over that. Fingers crossed there is a baby 'Tiny' cooking!!

* The farmer came and hayed my pasture. Fifty-six mid-sized square bales (the 750# size). The mares and Ruger are currently happy as clams and mowing through oat hay bales. I put a grass hay bale out too and they have barely touched it.

* Water has been run over my pasture again and the grass is taking off. I'm gonna have some happy, happy ponies in a month or so.

* It's taken most of the summer, but Flashy is finally taking off and starting to look like he should...

Man, I love the hip on this colt!!...

* The last of the fillies that Frenchie produced for the Fulton's sold on their sale last weekend. Another $18,000 2y/o. My mom went down and saw her in person and said she was cute, cute, cute!!...
BF Shesa Streakin

* The Fulton's held back the 2 geldings that Frenchie produced for them and I got to watch the videos of one of them, BF Streakin King making his futurity debut. He placed in the top 25 both days and 17th in the average of the Cornhusker Futurity. The same guy that rode Frenchie's son (Flashy's maternal 1/2 brother), also rode a CS Flashlight filly (Flashy's paternal 1/2 sister) in the futurity and she placed 16th in the average. It tickles me to get a glimpse of what the future holds for my lil' man. :-)

* I was thinking I would wean Ruger at 5 months, but he is doing so good living with the mares and Beretta is not bred back, so I am just going to leave him on for another month.

* I'm ready for 'summer' to be over! I'm tired!! LOL. I'm looking forward to Fall weather, the slowing down of the watering, weeding and mowing and cooler days so I can work horses all day instead of trying to cram whatever I can in before it gets too hot. I can feel the change coming.

* I have been focusing my time on Moon, Frosty and LJ. Those are the three I want to have in shape and ready to haul to some of the big Fall barrel races. LJ won't be ready to make runs unfortunately...but I can haul him with, and start doing some exhibitions. I think once he gets the hang of it, he will come on pretty good. LJ has really matured this year, physically AND mentally. It's time to make something of him!! :-D. You have to realize, this is very exciting to me...I'm like 5 years ahead of what has become 'normal' for me. LOL. A 5y/o that is broke AND loping the pattern? Good lord...I haven't been able to accomplish that for eons. Hahahahaha. I'll pick up Shooter and Jet when the weather cools off and I have more time to spend with them. And then I can work with my 3y/o more consistently as well. Poor little sweetheart. She follows me around like a puppy dog every second I spend with the mares. She desperately wants to be part of the 'in' crowd. :-)


IanH said...

You have been a busy Gal!

Shirley said...

I'm ready for fall too- and I rarely say that but with the heat and the fires, I'm over it.
Flashy looks great, and it will be fun to watch his career.