Thursday, July 2, 2015

Running Wild

Well, I was on a nice, normal schedule!!

Then I took off to California for a few days.

It was for a birthday party and I basically drove out, hung out for a day and drove home the next day. No fun, touristy photos. MH didn't get to go because of work, which was disappointing, but I thoroughly enjoyed getting to visit with our friends. And it was good to get out of the heat for a few days. Hey, even if I spent 24 hours of my 36 hour 'vacation' in a vehicle...It was an air conditioned vehicle and it sure beat sweating my butt off at home. :-D.

Things did not go smoothly for my poor pet-sitter though.

I had latched one of the upper barn doors open to let a little air flow through the barn and Beretta must have gotten to pushing on the bottom half of the door and broke the latch. When the pet-sitter got her on Saturday morning, Beretta and Ruger were just hanging out by the hay stack. As soon as the pet-sitter grabbed a halter, Beretta marched right back into her pen, with Ruger following like a good, little (not-so-little) boy and the pet-sitter thought, 'Whew...That was easy'.

Oh no. Of course not. Apparently the dynamic duo had been out most of the night. :-/.

They ate a bunch of my decorative grasses, left lovely poop piles all over and one of them managed to break my irrigation water shut-off valve. :-(.

I had to shut my entire irrigation system down and drain the lines, so I could dig out that line...By shovel...and repair the broken pipe. I'm trying to look at the bright side of the situation...In that, by being forced to dig out that section of line for repair, I did manage to find and repair another broken line. Now that it's all fixed and the water is on again, I now have a 2nd functioning water line.

Okay, so being forced to repair a broken valve had a beneficial outcome...I just wished that line hadn't gotten broken. I wasn't able to get water on my pasture these last few days and I have a couple of sections that need it. I got water on one section after I got the lines repaired and the water back on, I just hope that the other section can hold out for a few more days because...

No rodeoing for me this 4th of July...

MH and I are going to Vegas!!


I DID look at the rodeo schedules because I was hoping to hit at least one rodeo over the 4th of July weekend. Moon's ready to make a run. But nothing was really working. One rodeo is in an arena I am not fond of. The ground is notoriously deep, it usually rains, so then it is a deep, muddy pit and the pattern is set funky. It just isn't some place I particularly desired to go make a run at. The other rodeo that is close by is usually pretty decent, but they decided to hold their slack in the middle of the afternoon. Even if it is up in the mountains, where it's a little cooler, I just don't run Moon in the middle of the day this time of year. Early spring or late fall...Yea, I can run him in the afternoon. Middle of summer? No bueno!!

The only thing left was a little jackpot on Friday night and I have already missed so many of those...I didn't think missing another one is going to matter. So Vegas it is!!

Happy 4th Of July America!!!


Shirley said...

Bad Baretta! Hey- we need foal pics. Pretty please?

Crystal said...

Well Id say its a perfect year for going to Vegas then! Bad Beretta not good getting out and wrecking stuff.