Monday, June 15, 2015

Summer Showed Up

Yep...We went from high 60's, low 70's, cool and moist to....

In a single day!! The forecast all this week is high 90's. :-/.

I was going to take the horses to a jackpot barrel race on Friday evening and ran into some issues, so I missed that one. Figured I'd just hit the one on Sunday...

Yea....Not so much!

It was an afternoon race and the sudden change in temps gave me pause. #1-Moon's lungs may be 'healthy' again, but they won't stay that way under heat stress. #2-A 20 degree jump in temps from Friday to Sunday...The horse's just aren't used to those temps and I was worried about them overheating.

Overheating/Heat Stress has been a problem this year, for several people I know and so I have been paying attention to the temperature swings and adjusting my riding time accordingly.

I almost felt like I was over-reacting a little bit, but when a fb friend posted that her horse had passed out after the barrel race that day...I KNEW I wasn't just being wimpy.

Moon's lungs weren't up to that and Frosty is far to fat to making a 'run' in hot weather.

Sooo....Now, I am just settling in on working horses and waiting for my next opportunity to get some runs under the boy's belt.

Oddly enough, there are is nothing going on this coming weekend and the following weekend I will be out of town and missing several events. :-(. I sort of feel like I can't win for losing...But...

At least I am back to riding. Hopefully, by the time this month is over, LJ will be ready to do some exhibitioning. :-)


Crystal said...

Its been so up and down here I don't know what to expect when I get up every morning. Last Monday was 36*C (98), then Tuesday and Wednesday were 16*C (60) and then back to 30 (85) on Thursday and then cold again till today its so hard to know what to wear even.

Shirley said...

Good for you for looking after the best interests of your horses, hope it all works out and really looking forward to LJ's upcoming career!

Cut-N-Jump said...

The heat here has been much the same. Cooler temps in the 90's, then BAM! Here's summer and a sucker punch in the gut with temps of 109, 110... No going back now