Sunday, September 7, 2014

This Sucks

The cold I came down with in SD kicked my butt for 3 days and although I feel better, I am still hacking up a lung. I feel like The Most Interesting Man In The World...

I never get sick...But when I do...It's a doozy.

That means nothing got done with horses, AGAIN, this last week!!

It's getting kind of frustrating actually.

And as if being sick wasn't irritating enough, we seemed to experience a paranormal Friday The 13th around here. The lawn mower broke...again!...The tractor mower broke...and the skidsteer is broke.

I thought my poor husband was going to have a coronary.

It's a not-particularly funny running joke around here that the riding lawn mower HATES me. I can't take credit for the tractor mower...I haven't touched that!! and we aren't exactly sure what happened to the skidsteer. I lent it to my rancher neighbor to unload a trailer of hay and when he didn't bring it back, I had to go get it to move my own bales that evening. It ran fine for me, but the next morning when MH fired it didn't want to keep running. MH did what he could, but wasn't able to fix it.

I was hoping to be ready to get back to barrel racing this weekend, but again...not really fair to Frosty to go make a run on him when he hasn't been ridden and I also have a baby shower to go to on Sunday, one that I didn't want to miss, so I figured it was better if I just took it easy one more day so I could go and hopefully not cough on the little momma-to-be.

Watching Miss use the full length of her pen got me to I texted my farrier and asked him if he thought it would be okay to ride her. I had pretty much given up any idea of it after the x-rays and the vet saying her riding days were over, but when the farrier watched Miss walking out sound at his place, he asked me if I had been riding her. Of course, I replied, 'No, I didn't think that was a good idea'. We got off on another subject after that, but the more I thought about the remarkable recovery on her feet, I wanted to know my farrier's opinion about actually riding Miss. He replied, he thought it would be just fine if I wanted to give her a whirl under saddle.

I don't know why I feel the need to test her out, it's pretty obvious this is a well-broke mare, but she is just so n.i.c.e.!...and a little exercise wouldn't hurt her. Now that she is not in pain, she isn't a dead-head. She gets up and moves around that pen with some excitement. LOL.

It will actually be a little bit before I can turn her out to pasture. I want to make sure there is no chance of her re-foundering on the green stuff before risking turning her out.

My other quandry is whether I want to invest the time into re-starting Frenchie under saddle. Damn, I want to see what that mare has, but she was so obnoxious when I brought her home last year that I didn't want to risk the baby trying to re-start her. French has changed a bunch over this summer. She actually seems to like attention now, LOVES having her flymask put on, tolerates being fly sprayed and I was finally able to trim her feet without the aid of drugs. If she can learn to deal with all of that...maybe re-starting her won't be so dramatic this time.

Part of me says, 'What the heck are you thinking? You have 4 geldings that you HAVE to get something done with...and here you are mooning over 2 broodmares'. The other half of me says, 'But they are such NICE mares...'. LOL

So who knows what I will end up doing. First things first I guess, I have to get back to riding regularly again. Fingers crossed that all of the sidebars are done and over with.

Lucky for me, I always have a couple of bright spots. If I'm not laughing at LJ's antics, I'm laughing at Flash's. Those two are my 'funny guys'. There isn't a day goes by that one or both of them don't make me laugh out loud.

Flashy is finally big enough to get his little head over the stall door and boy does he think that makes him special...

He is such an adorable little turd. He has learned to recognize the yellow fly spray bottle too. When he sees me coming with that, he comes at a run. His momma may barely tolerate being sprayed, but Flashy treats it like it's a spray tan. He just turns and turns for me, making sure I get a nice even coat on him. Spoiled!! That's what he is!! Plumb spoiled! Hahahahaha


TeresaA said...

Now I know why you shouldn't get sick- it gives you time to make all sorts of plans!

I think you should re-start the mare. It will be good for her and if you ever cannot keep her then she has more uses. And that baby is adorable.

Shirley said...

Oh Flash is going to be a character!
Sorry to hear you were under the weather- hope all is well now.

Cindy D. said...

I'm sorry you aren't feeling well. If I had known I would not have bothered you with all those stupid texts today.

I cannot wait to meet Flash in person, I know he won't be coming down, but maybe I can make it up there.

I can sure relate to not getting any riding done. It seems like every time I make plans too....they get changed for me!

Hope you feel better soon- can't wait to hear about your ride on Miss!

Madeline C. said...

Sucks about the sickness and the tractors. Maybe there were trying to tell you to stay in bed and get better haha! That's crazy about Miss, hope things go well. And there's no harm in hoping for the best since you've already been prepared for the worse! :)

fernvalley01 said...

Yuck! I hope you feel better soon. I think its worth it to take a run at restarting the mare, at the very least gives her some options if she should need to leave your care and move on. Hope Miss handles the work well and you get some video of her going