Thursday, August 21, 2014


I know I have been terribly quiet on the blog this summer, but this has not been much of a 'horse' summer. I mentioned earlier that after retiring Moon, MH and I discussed the need to take the time to get caught up around the place. We also took the time to do some things t.o.g.e.t.h.e.r! A rare and wonderful opportunity for us.

We got quite some major projects done around the place, still have a few more to go, but the sense of feeling like we are playing catch-up is gone. A few other things are in the middle of being resolved, but all in all, everything is coming together and when it's all said and done, our lives will be a lot less spread-out.

So, for the vast majority of the summer, the horses have just been on vacation. It hasn't hurt a single one of them. LOL.

Even though Frosty has lost his condition, he has not gotten ridiculously fat again.

Shooter's injured leg is completely healed, no more flare-ups/soreness and the hitch he had in his hip from carrying that leg for so long is gone.

It took Little John awhile to adjust to living in a large area and a herd environment, but he did adjust and has matured mentally and physically this summer.

Jet has also calmed down mentally this summer and his legs have straightened back out. He did blow a large splint on the front leg that was twisted and it has not gone down much, but from what I understand about splints, it's not entirely a bad thing. They happen in spots where the bone is weak and as they calcify and remodel, it strengthens the bone.

Moon is bored out of his ever-loving mind. Retirement is not suiting him and I have not had the time to go practice roping like I thought I would, so I made other arrangements for Moon. He is going home to the ranch in SD and my brother is going to use him. It's actually the perfect situation for both of them. Moon is a fantastic ranch horse and my brother needs something 100% reliable. It was a tough decision for me, not because I am particularly worried about how it will work out, but because Moon has been my main man for over a decade, I will miss having Mr. Dependable as my go-to guy.

The two girls, Beretta and Belle are just hanging out in their own little pasture. Beretta is intent on 'baking' her baby and Belle is just growing up.

Frenchie and Flash are doing well. Frenchie has gotten over the majority of her crappy attitude and Flash is growing like a weed and is a total love-bug now. Boy, if I thought Shooter had the 'I'm-the-king-of-everything' attitude...I think Flash has him beat.

Probably the best news of all is that Miss is coming around. She finally got over her aversion to grass hay and is filling up again. The overhaul in her diet has improved her founder as well. She is no longer lame!! I haven't even changed her shoeing job yet. The next few months are still going to be important. It depends on how much improvement I can get on her before I will know if she will be able to winter in the pasture here with the rest of the mares, or if I will have to take her to Arizona with me and continue to babysit her through the winter.

I have not been good about taking pictures of the horses this summer. I had to remind myself to take some new ones of Flash, so this is about all I have right now...

But, the non-horse influences are winding down, the fall weather is setting in...beautiful, cool mornings and not-so-hot afternoons...It's time to get serious about getting horses back on track and ready for the winter season in AZ, so I'll have blog fodder in no time. :-)


C-ingspots said...

Your baby is looking fantastic!! Hubba hubba!!

Cut-N-Jump said...

Glad to hear that Miss is coming around for the better. I bet she is relieved her feet don't hurt anymore. Dang that baby is growing up nice. He's a looker.

Shirley said...

That's a pretty good report! Love it when things are going right.
I do hope Miss comes along good, She deserves to be pain free after all that neglect from her former owners.
Flash is gorgeous!

Madeline C. said...

BAABBIIEESS! I want one...

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Yeaaa...I'm pretty happy with baby Flash (grins like an idiot). I think he is everything Brian Fulton envisioned that cross would be, but it's extra special when one had as rough a start as he did and then comes out of it so well. :-)

fernvalley01 said...

Flash is gorgeous! I hear ya on the other projects! I am feeling pretty glum about not riding this year, but my projects have been positive and resting my bad arm has had to be a priority too

Cindy D. said...

Somehow I missed this blog post...oh wait, I know how, because I haven't even had time to sit and read any blogs lately.

I'm glad you are having fun and all, but seriously, you need to get your butt back down here! LOL! Just kidding. It is still to hot, but I will be glad when you are back.

Cindy D. said...

Oh and I agree with the rest, Flash looks fabulous!