Friday, July 25, 2014

Vacations Rock!!

I am back from the dead. LOL.

MH and I took our little vacation to Oahu, Hawaii and WOW!!! What an amazing vacation.

I have lots of pictures to share, but have been so busy since we got back that sorting them out and labeling them (so I remember what was taken where) is slow going.

People keep teasing me that I probably need a vacation to recover from vacation, but in truth...MH and I kept it pretty low-key while we were there. It was a true vacation; hanging out on the beach, napping, hanging out on the beach some more, a little sight seeing here and there and then hanging out on the beach some more. Our couple attempts at 'touristing' was sort of disappointing. The Polynesian Cultural Center wasn't what I would call 'cultural'...Just a shallow glimpse into a mixed bag of the various island groups and Sealife was not particularly thrilling either. We didn't even bother to go into the downtown Wakikiki or Honolulu areas (Why, when we had a much more private and relaxing beach right out our back door?).

The first 7 days, I could almost imagine living my whole life like that...But by day 9, I was getting antsy to get home. I was missing my animals and I have a pretty awesome life right where I'm at.

Things had worked out very well for us before we left, I had a pet sitter hired to come feed/water everyday, but a rodeo buddy from AZ came up and stayed at the house while we were gone. That was a lot of reassurance to me that someone would be around the place almost all of the time to keep an eye on everyone.

I did get quite the giggle when she texted me to tell me that she attempted to give Frenchie a bath and that it hadn't gone so well. Poor girl. I thought she understood when I told her that Frenchie was a range mare. Frenchie has added another name to her growing list of NON-fans. LOL.

I knew that baby Flash would change while I was gone, but holy WOW!!! I think he almost doubled in size in the 2 weeks I was gone...

Just for comparison, this was him at one week...

That is a whole lot of growth in just 2 months. Frenchie can act however grumpy she wants, apparently she has magic milk. LOL.

Right before I left, a new horse came to live with us as well. I didn't get pictures of her right when she got here and the change in feed and climate has not been kind to her, so it will be a little bit before you guys get to see her. She was trim when she arrived and I feel really bad that she looks so gaunt now. She is also very lame, which I knew when I bought her, but that will be remedied in a few days and hopefully after that is taken care of, she will start to pack on the weight. I'm so stinking excited about this mare though. I was hoping to get her bred to Firewater Fooler for a 2015 baby, before she arrived, but the previous owner missed her heat cycle, so she is open. Considering her condition, that is probably not a bad thing. I'll get the old girl fixed up and she will be better prepared to be bred next spring.

Some days I have to pinch myself to realize I am not dreaming....The level of mare power I have now and the stallions I am breeding too?...It's a dream come true.


Crystal said...

flash sure looks good! Glad you had a good vacation I would love to go to Hawaii one day but I think I would choose wintertime :) Cant wait to see the new mare.....all this mares and babies makes me want to breed mine, but not yet not ready

fernvalley01 said...

wonderful about the mare! cant wait to see pics.Flash looks wonderful and poor Frenchie! She is not making friends with her personality but that is one fine colt!

Laura said...

Great to hear that you guys got away for a bit. My hubby is desperate to take me to Hawaii - he was there once before...

I totally hear you about enjoying your life at home too - that is how I feel these days.

Flash looks great and hope the new mare re-adjusts soon and improves for you.

Cindy D. said...

If there is anyone in the entire world that can get the pretty gray healthy again it is you. I have no doubt about that. Flash looks fabulous. So does Frenchie for that matter.

Now, get to work!!!! LOL

Cut-N-Jump said...

Vacation??? What's that?