Sunday, May 11, 2014

That's A Wrap

My last weekend in AZ was about as much fun as I have had all winter. LOL. I got to see my AZ rodeo buddies one last time and Cindy D. and TC came up to hang out as well.

Thankfully, it wasn't as hot in Globe this last weekend as it was on the same weekend last year, but the never-ending wind sure didn't make it much more pleasant.

I headed up Friday and got settled in. I took all three of the horses I have at the house, Frosty, Moon and baby Belle. Poor baby Belle...She is in a heavy, heavy heat and has been plumb miserable for days now. I was kind of hoping the trip would help knock her out of this heat cycle, but it didn't work. She spent the whole weekend leaning and rubbing on the panel between her and Frosty and her hind end was a mess. Poor baby girl. She got a bath when we got home. Other than that, she handled the weekend very well. Loaded and unloaded easily, ate, drank and handled the activity around her without any worries. Pretty awesome for her first trip to a public venue. :-)

Moon was a bit confused. I took Frosty out and worked him on Friday and when I was putting him away, Moon thought he was next, but Nope. I put Frosty away, watered and fed everyone and Moon was like, 'Heyyyy...What the heck?'. He was waiting for me to get him ready on Saturday too and looked rather annoyed when I didn't. Sunday, he was plumb perturbed about it. He whinnied and whinnied when I took Frosty away and when I put Frosty away, Moon was pushing on the gate. LOL. Silly old horse. I guess that answers the question about whether Moon liked his job or not. He may have dreaded the not being able to breath part of would anyone...but he dang sure doesn't like being left out.

Friday night a bunch of us went and ate at the Casino buffet and lord have mercy...I finally met someone who can put away more food than I can. LOL. It was awesome. I had to quit after 4 plates and she ate 5. We waddled out and back to our trailers to sit around and visit for a little bit while our supper digested and then it was off to bed.

I was trying to fire up my generator in the dark, so I could watch a movie and could. not. get. it. to. run. Finally I gave up and thought, 'Oh well, TC will be here with Cindy D. in the morning and he's a pretty handy guy, I bet he can tell me what's wrong'. However, the next morning, after feeding horses, I took another shot at it and had to laugh at myself. I forgot to turn the gas on. I always forget about that lever because it has an on/off switch as well. Genny fired and all was well. :-)

About that time, CD and TC rolled in and after a few minutes of visiting, TC took off to do a few things and CD and I headed over to watch the barrel racing slack for the Grand Canyon rodeo. Then it was back to the Casino to get Frosty ready to make his run...and we had ourselves a little extra fun. Cindy D. has these traveling pajamas and while they have been on a horse before...they have never been barrel raced in. I guess I'm not sure that I could say that they have actually been barrel raced in yet, because Frosty gave his best imitation of a western pleasure horse going around 3 barrels, so it barely resembled a 'run'. LOL...

These are sporty, eh?...

OMG...I did a couple of time only's before putting on the pj's, just to make sure that Frosty got a chance to get used to the indoor (good call on my part...he was not particularly thrilled the 1st couple of times through the pattern) and then Cindy D. handed me the pj's and I started putting them on and Frosty wanted to booger at the pj's. He lifted his head up, widened his eyes and said, 'Awww, hell no, those things are scary!'. But he didn't buck me off, so it was all good.

His Saturday run wasn't any better or faster than his time only runs. I didn't have spurs or a bat and Frosty is pretty content to stay in western pleasure mode if he can. So it a very, very slow time. And he was ticking me off because he really doesn't even care enough to even try to switch his leads, which is making him fairly wobbly behind the barrels and coming out of his turns. Lazy bugger!

On Sunday, I decided to wake his butt up a little well before our run and I put on my spurs and got out the bat. Frosty got the hint. He woke right the heck up and oh...wouldn't you know...he can change leads in the appropriate places. (grins)

He came in and shaved a full second off of his time from the day before and he changed leads. It was still 3 seconds off of the fast time, but that is where he was running before I pulled him 6 weeks ago, while I was waiting to get his hocks done and then waiting for the injections to set in. So if nothing else, we are back to where we were before we stopped, but now, it doesn't feel like Frosty wants to blow up coming off of the barrels, so he should be able to start picking up a little speed every few runs now.

For his efforts on Sunday, he picked up a 5D check for that race AND a 5D AVERAGE check for the weekend. Whooo-hooo!! LOL...It might seem silly to be overly excited...but in all the years that I ran Moon, I only ever won ONE average check on him (and that one I had to buy back in because he hit a barrel the 1st run). It's kinda hard to get in the average when you keep hitting barrels. ;-). So to pick one up right off the bat on Frosty?....Yea...kinda stoked!!

Now, I just have a bit more packing and cleaning to do, pick up Beretta from the breeder's and on Tuesday we roll for home. I have just enough time to get settled in before 3 days of barrel racing at home. :-). Life is good again!!


fernvalley01 said...

Awesome! those jammies are killer cute! Hugs to poor old Moon! Hang in there buddy you will have another carreer

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Yay! I have no idea what 5D or 5D Average is, but anything with the word "check" in it sounds good. I laughed over your description of Frosty's reaction to the P.J.s.

kestrel said...

Sounds like great fun! Congrats on the check!

Shirley said...

You're a trooper to run in those pj's!
Poor ole Moon- tough not being at the top of the heap. Hope he starts enjoying his "retirement".
Go Frosty!

Cut-N-Jump said...

Glad you guys had a good weekend. Picking up a check is never a bad thing. Love the PJ's.

Cindy D. said...

I meant to tell you that Frosty is looking fabulous these days!

Have a safe trip home. Thanks for participating in the Never Ending Pajama Party.

If anyone wants to see the video of her run- go to my blog.

cdncowgirl said...

Oh those pjs... Frosty probably wasn't scared of them but embarrassed lol

Hey, mares and heat... do you think being kept with or near geldings may trigger a stronger heat cycle? I'll PM you the deets on why I'm asking.