Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fun, Fun Things

MH is on his way to Arizona!!


I've got 2 Pro rodeos this weekend and MH and I will be staying in Fort Mohave an extra day for some R&R together. And maybe we will have some company to share the good time with. :-)

On Monday, my barrel saddle goes in to get the front of the seat built up so it fits and holds me in better. It should be done by Wednesday.

And Moon will be going to barrel horse school. 'A' has an opening and I'm sending him to her to evaluate and then she can tell me what is going on. Is it me? Is it him?...

That hardest part for me will be to not be there when she works him. I'll desperately want to see how things go, but I don't want her to do anything different that she would with one of her own horses and I don't want to talk about any of the things *I* think are going on. Just let her get out there and feel everything for herself...and fix it if it needs fixing. Maybe she can video it, so I can at least see how it went.

Once she has her eval complete. We'll talk. Hopefully, she will be able to run Moon in a competitive setting as well, cause I think that is where the real test will be. If she does, I will definitely be there for that. :-).

This is a really big deal to me because for the longest time I have wanted to see someone else give Moon a whirl and there are so few I would trust and even fewer that actually want to get on him. LOL. Not every barrel racer likes riding a free-runner...and even fewer of them like a free-runner that wants to be a little front-endy. So it never really made any sense to let someone who excelled at push-style horses attempt to make a run on him. Finding the right rider, willing to try him has been kinda hard. 'A's style of riding should fit Moon pretty closely and she can just figure out what it takes to get some finesse to the runs.

This could be good! This could be VERY good!!!


Cindy D. said...

It is as good.
A fresh set of eyes (or hands and seat in this matter) is always beneficial.

I can't wait to hear what her assessment is!

Funder said...

That's awesome, I'm really excited to hear what she thinks!

What's the free runner / push style thing? Do you mean Moon just gives it his all without being pushed?

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Yea, that's pretty much it in a nutshell Funder. Free-runners are usually longer-strided and really willing to run and they rate less visibly than push-style horses. Pushers can and often do run freely between the barrels, but really want to rate the turns and that's most often when you have to ride hard to get them into and around the turns.

Moon is also a horse that would like to turn more on his front-end, rather than rate from the rear...which is not ideal and because I won't let him...our 'rate' is all messed up.

fernvalley01 said...

that is wonderful! I sure hope she gets some answers and some video for you

Funder said...

Fascinating, thanks! Can't wait for his assessment!

Shirley said...

Very cool! I'll be looking for the results post.

Crystal said...

Oh how exciting! I cant wait till you hear what she says!

Cut-N-Jump said...

It is always good to have an objective opinion that you can trust. It will be interesting to hear about her assessment and if you can watch her make a competition run on him- even better. I hope it works out and makes a difference for you both.