Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Spinning My Wheels

All that forward momentum came to a crashing halt...

We got a day of rainy weather, so I started working on more 1/2 finished projects. I really don't know where all of these 1/2 finished projects come from. Seriously.

I had cleaned out my LQ, so I emptied all of my travel bags, then decided to go through my closet, that led to cleaning out the coat closet, that led to cleaning out my bathroom (not sure what the connection was there), which led to putting all of my jewelry away...but I really couldn't because everything needed a good clean and polish. So out came the jewelry cart. That led to cleaning, polishing and finally deciding to repair all of the stuff that I have been accumulating and meaning to clean and repair.

Which led to gathering up all of my tack and beginning to clean all of that...and cleaning and polishing silver on that.

But hey, with all of the leather tack out of the tackroom, that made me decide I needed to clean the tack room, but first I finally got around to removing screws/nails from a bunch of 2x4's I have been saving, so that when I got the tack room cleaned out, I could store all of that wood out of the weather...

But then I got off track and decided to finish up those 1/2 built cavalletti's....

And now those, along with extra ground poles need to be primed and painted. Just in time to store them all away for the winter. LOL.

But since I had drug everything out of the tackroom, I decided that I might as well focus on cleaning up, repairing and/or rebuilding that stack of horse blankets.

I mean...It is just NEVER ENDING!!!!

To top it all off, the reason I cleaned out the LQ in the first place was because it needed to go in for some repairs. I got high centered in the driveway of the vet clinic and smushed the protective cover to the gray and black tanks, which broke off both valves. I had to wait 2 weeks for the RV place to get me in and then when I took it down there, it sat there for 3 days before they called to tell me that they hadn't actually started working on it yet. But the manager was snotty and started quoting me all of these ridiculous prices for work that 'he' thought should be done...And couldn't actually give me an estimate for the work I DID want done....because they hadn't done anything to it yet. So I told him nevermind, I would come get my trailer and take it somewhere else to be repaired. I was so disappointed. I got such good service from these guys the last time I took my trailer there, but this guy was a douche!!!

So I go to get my trailer, I'm hooking up and stumble over a tiny kitten. HOLY CRAP!! I came so close to running over that little guy (actually a girl!). This was obviously a tame kitten, so I took it into the office and asked if they had any idea of who it belonged to and thankfully it had an owner...Or you know I would have brought the little fuzzy butt home. It was sure to get run over in that parking lot. After getting rid of the kitten, I walked out, looked under the rig (just to make sure you know), got in and drove home.

The next day, I'm turning horse out and I look over at the trailer and see I have a tire going flat. WTF!!! I thought, 'Oh great, I ran over a nail or something in the RV yard.' But I get to looking and it's no nail.

SOMEONE in the RV yard backed a rig into my trailer tires and gashed the rim and sidewall on one tire and left a deep gash in the 2nd tire. BOTH tires are ruined. BOTH of them!!!! I thought I was going to throw up on the spot. That is the tire I JUST replaced when I ran the spike in the sidewall in my own yard. Now I have to replace both tires on that side.

Of course I called the RV place to report the damage, but I got stuck talking to the same snotty douche that caused me to go get my trailer in the first place. AND of course, because I got distracted by the kitten deal, I failed to do my normal walk-around and left the yard without noticing the damage. I pretty much knew that they weren't going to do anything for me, but the guy's response really pissed me off to another level. He told me, 'It wouldn't have mattered if you had noticed the damage before leaving or not, I have a sign that says Not Responsible For Damage, so not my problem.'. He almost sounded a little too gleeful...and since he informed me he is the one who parks all of the rigs in the lot...I have a feeling he already knew about the damage.

Having to tell my husband, not only is the prior damage not repaired...but now I have to replace TWO tires....It just made me physically ill. My stomach was just in knots all evening and the next morning, I spent 2 hours in writhing agony. It's very seldom that I let things get to me like that, but this one...The blinding, impotent rage was just too much. I'm pretty sure it was the smugness in that jerk's voice.

Soo...If you ever need RV work done...DO NOT take it to Bob Scott's RV in Grand Junction. The manager is a total douche.


Cricket said...

Bastard. May his cojones fall off at the most opportune moment. I wonder if he would have dealt with your husband differently.

And sign, or not, he is responsible.

Unknown said...

Working in a facility that sells parts and does repair, I have to agree with Karen. If they do damage to your vehicle while in their possession they are absolutely responsible. But what can you do other than go above his head, which I would have done in a heart beat. Don't know if it would have done any good or not, but usually it does.

Oddly enough, TC's driver was just nailed at the port for some brake issues and had to find a shop in Grand Junction, last weekend. He pretty much just had the same experience as you, and ended up leaving with the bad parts back on the truck.

I had to laugh at your description of your projects. Mine are all to similar! One thing leads to another and another, and you can't finish plan A until B, C, and D, get done and out of the way.

Cut-N-Jump said...

I would send hubby down there to 'talk' to the douche and let him strongly encourage the douche to change his perspective on the whole situation. I would also send him the bill for having everything repaired that they damaged or broke along with a note saying that if payment is not received within 30 days he will be hearing from your attorney.

It was on their property, they are responsible under care, custody and control. He is full of shit and lucky you didn't haul off and pop and drop his smug little ass. Someone else might have... You just don't mess with a cowgirls rig.

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Alas...I left the lot without noticing the damage or you can bet my rig would not have left there without a police report. Since it was the next morning before I saw the tire going flat and found the damage...He is correct. I have no chance of proving the damage was done on his lot and will have to eat it this time.

Paint Girl said...

Wow. That place sounds like a nightmare. Sorry you had to deal with such an ass! Nothing quite like bad customer service.

Sherry Sikstrom said...

I would send hubby there as well, and a few of his friends , and hell maybe a few of yours, CnJ and I would be a good star, I do love a good game of whack an a$$hole!at least in my mind ( think whackamole with a bigger bat! )

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Hi, sorry to know you meet such a nasty customer service, hope they learn a lesson. Thanks for sharing your story.