Saturday, June 15, 2013

Too Funny Not To Share

So I got Moon's back problem under control, so we headed out for the weekend rodeos.

Holy crap....I forgot what it was like going to Colorado rodeos. It was almost 35 degrees colder in Cripple Creek than it was at home...spitting rain...and the wind was blowing. Brrrrr!!! Oh yea...and the parking generally sucks at these rodeos. They might carve a flat spot out of the side of a mountain for an arena...but they kind of forget to carve even semi-level parking areas out. :-/. Moon was a happy camper though...There was lots of green grass around, so he got to graze before and after our run. That is really his top priority you know. :-)

I have to admit, I would have been rather disappointed to have had to vet out of this rodeo...I was first out. This is the first time I have been anywhere in the draw, except the very bottom (the last or next to last to run). The last time I got on the top of the ground was back in March, at the Cave Creek barrel race. I haven't really minded. The only time we encountered bad ground was Yuma.

So Moon and I line up to make our run and away he goes...

He was cruizin' too. This is a huge a full pattern with a 60' score. Can't safety up going to that 1st barrel with a 60' score. No way, no how...You'll get outrun. I didn't think too much about Moon's speed. We've been running this hard to 1st for quite some time and Moon is always pretty darned awesome on his first barrel. I don't worry about it...

Yeaaaaa....That's exactly what I was thinking....As we went flying by the 1st barrel.


Yep...With no tracks or ruts to follow...Moon just went sailing on by that first barrel. Shee-iittteee...His hip was by it before I even realized he was going to overshoot it. I got sat down and pulled him around and I knew I had to just let him run to 2nd...we had lost probably 1/2 a second taking the scenic route around the 1st.

Wouldn't you know...We turned a beautiful 2nd barrel. WTH??? Really? NOW we can turn 2nd barrel? Nice Moon...Just wonderful (said heavily laced with sarcasm and irony)!!!

We got out of there pretty good. Got hung a little bit leaving and I had to get Moon redirected toward 3rd. I thought, well crap...better just drive him on around the 3rd barrel...

And we went blowing by that one too.

Holy begezus!!!

A clean run...but good lord...An 18.823? There will be no money for that.

So much for lovin the top of the ground. Moon and I have forgotten how to run without ruts to follow. LMAO!!

My husband rather failed to see the humor in this story. I know what he is thinking..."So first you can't get the damn horse a.r.o.u.n.d. the barrels and now your running BY them??"

I'm sorry...I just think it's funnier than hell. I mean, after all...What else can you do other than laugh about it?

Oh well...Saturday we will be back to running on the bottom of the ground again. Number 10 of 10 in Evergreen. We'll have our ruts to follow. ;-)


GunDiva said...


That is funny. But maybe the other horses will follow his scenic route? Maybe they like to have tracks too?

cdncowgirl said...

I totally see the humour in that lol

Here's a good one for you...
There was a local girl that ALWAYS placed herself top of the ground at jackpots she hosted. She claimed it was so she had time to figure out placings and payout quicker, but she never left the arena until the jackpot ended so yeeeeah BS. I think it was because she worked her horses a LOT and at home they knew exactly where to go. At other jackpots she wanted top of ground but never first out, she wanted those tracks to follow ;) (of course she'd NEVER admit that lol)

fernvalley01 said...

that is funny! I can almost see your face in that sudden WTF?? moment!!