Saturday, July 16, 2011

This Aughta Get Good Now... bear with me...

I didn't win a dime this weekend. Had 2 nice enough runs, almost identical times, both of which fell in the crack of 'win nothing'.

Here's the links to the videos if you want to watch them...



If you happen to watch the videos...At Hotchkiss I opted to carry a bat. Normally I don't...Moon hasn't really needed any encouragement to run, but I wanted to see if I couldn't get him to power out of first a little bit. He really doesn't stretch out and start running until a couple of strides out of 1st, which kind of makes that straightaway a bit difficult to ride. I figured if I could get him to power up a little sooner, he would be lined out and taking 2nd would be easier. He really does turn better when he is running harder vs. when he is just coasting along. My bat has a big popper on it. It makes a lot of noise, but that's about it.

BTW...The tie-down is working very well for us. I have the adjustment just right now. Moon is using it to balance on and really starting to drive into his barrels better. I think the polo wraps are helping to. He just seems so much more comfortable driving into his pockets and is staying a lot more gathered up.

Anyway...I was quite disappointed that our time was not faster at Hotchkiss. It felt like a really nice, smooth run. I knew that Moon got a little hung at 3rd, but a lot of horses did. The ground was a bit sticky for everyone.

I did something I usually don't do...won't do it again...but it was worth it. I think!

At NBHA runs...some days they have Double Headers. Two runs on the same day. When you enter, you have the option of entering one or both barrel races. If you enter both barrel races, you have the option of carrying your time from the first run over to the second barrel race. You still pay 2 entry fees, but only have to put one run on your horse. If you have a great's to your benefit. If you knock a barrel, you are out in both of the runs. So that is No Bueno!

Normally I carry over, because I am not fond of running my horses back to back, unless they are very green and basically long loping the pattern....or very solid and can make the same run time after time without it messing with their head. Moon is neither. He's still figuring a lot of this running business out...Me too.

I mentally debated the pros and cons of running two times in one day, but I ignored my trepidation of running twice in one day...I wanted to know if Moon would run faster on a 2nd run than he has been on his first. Sometimes it does work to bring the 'fire' level up and helps them to figure out they need to run a bit harder.

My friends have been telling me that I am NOT running to 1st very fast. To me, it feels like Moon is really starting to stretch out and run a little harder than before. So really the goal was to just ride through the gate and let him go.

And GO he did. When we went through that gate and I gave Moon his head, it felt like someone punched the rocket launcher button.


What I thought was 'running' before...

Not even close!

I wished I could say the run was a stunning success and we took major time off...


Not this time. As is always, when Moon turns it up a notch...or five in this case...I always seem to get left behind.

Moon ran into 1st so hard and whipped around that barrel so damn fast...

I literally was hanging onto the horn with both hands and clutching with all my might. I blew both stirrups too. I mean, he whipped me like I was a rag doll. NOW I am going to need rubber bands!

I HAD NO IDEA that was coming.

It was sooooo stinking close to being the start of a fabulous run, but I had no stirrups, was trying to get my reins gathered up again and damned if Moon didn't almost make it around 2nd all on his own. I think if I could have just got my balance and gone with him, he would have finished that run all by himself, without tipping a barrel. It was just me flopping around that messed him up.

I didn't even care...

Cause....Holy Moly...I'll be ready for him next time and if he runs like that...

We ARE going to be in the money.

BTW-The baby bird is still hanging in there. Tough little sucker. We named him Bob.

Because he has such a bobble head. LOL


kestrel said...

It's starting to come together, I'm sure liking what I'm seeing. He's got his head on straight at the end of the run, and is starting to take pride in his job. So where's the video for the third run!? That minuteman rocket ride is addictive!

Just remember to run when you're running, and rate when you're rating, and you and Moon will cash out! Awesome!

Mikey said...

Awww, look at Bob! He's adorable. And you missy, are doing so good. I'm so excited for you. I can't wait for the next one :)
Now I better go watch the videos

Allenspark Lodge said...

Sooo, you need to set up some cones in the parking lot for a pre-run run?

Bird looks strong! BOB-LOL :0)


in2paints said...

Go Moon!! Sounds like he wants a warm-up run to get himself prepared. :)

Bob looks hungry... LOL

Crystal said...

Wow now you know how fast he can run! You are improving sooo much this year, soon will be money time!

fernvalley01 said...

Glad little Bird Bob is still hanging in there. And Moon has a couple more gears? Yeehaw you are gonna blow the doors off one of these days!

Paint Girl said...

Bob is CUTE!! I love him!
Sounds like you are gonna have one helluva of a horse and I can't wait to hear more!!

Cut-N-Jump said...

Haven't I been saying for a while to just let him go, open him up and see where he needs your help? Let him run and it all becomes clear what, when and how the runs need the tweakin-> once that is sorted out, you two will be tough to beat.

Funder said...

Hahah, I love these periodic "Moon speeds up" posts. Go little Bob!

Shirley said...

Have you ever taken Moon to a track and just let him really run? If you got comfortable with how fast he really is, it might help- but then, what do I know? I love reading your descriptions of the runs. Pretty scary going full tilt with no stirrups.