Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's Just That Time Of Year

You know how we think that once riding time comes around, we will have soooo much to talk about?

Yea...Once you start doing and get settled into a routine....there isn't much exciting to talk about and it sure isn't glamorous. LOL

The weather has sucked here the last few days. The heat blew in and blew right back out. It's been cool and rainy every since. I laid off the ponies a bit. Just making sure that Moon is rode. I sure don't want him to lose his condition.

The horses have gone absolutely bonkers about getting turned out in the evenings. Green grass!

Since it's been cool the last few days, I have been able to do that. Once the heat rolls back in...their pasture time is going to have to be cut way back. Just those 2 hot days we had and bam...big bellies. Moon and Frosty even got a bit colicy one evening. I had left them on the pasture during the day and the sugar must have really been high in the grass. It was easily remedied with a couple of spoons of White Lightening...but still.

Other than that...and the water drama that happened over the weekend...there has been nothing going on to talk about.

Water drama?

Oh...what a mess. This weekend, I unwrapped the swamp cooler and turned the water line to it on. About 30 minutes later, Megan bursts through the door and says there is water running out of the ceiling.

Oh was a gusher.

See, the swamp coolers around here are mounted on your roof and the water line from the main to them usually run through your ceiling attic. Last fall, I turned the water off and undid the line and let the water drain out. I guess I did not get it all. The line burst and when I turned the line on it sprayed water in the attic.

I have a bunch of ceiling to fix again. F*$%ing swamp coolers! Why can't people in this area just use air conditioning like the rest of the free world?

Needless to say, MH was NOT thrilled to hear that news when I called and told him what happened. I got a lot of 'tude.

Karma is painful though. Tonight MH got home while it was still light out and since I was still outside weeding (the rain does make that go a lot faster and easier), he started to mow the lawn. Ran into the water spigot and busted that. Water spraying everywhere and lo and behold...there is not a single shut-off valve to the water main on this house. Had to fight with the shut-off at the road but come to find was just the outer spigot that broke. For no apparent reason, MH reached down and turned the nozzle and the water shut off. Lucky!!!

So add a water main shutoff on the house to the to-do list, besides the need to get the swamp cooler repaired and a new spigot. Ugghhh! I'm not even going to think about the damn ceiling right now.

At this point, I hate to even touch anything. You know how it is when the bad ju-ju starts!!


Mikey said...

Oh man. I call it the kiss of death when I do stuff like that. I don't touch anything else. In your case, anything to do with water, lol. Hope it gets better!

Danielle Michelle said...

lol - bucket that water and send it over here! Any moisture we get it sucked right back up with these gale force winds that won't quit.

We don't even have pasture yet - WTF?

By the way - I still want your squirell.

Anonymous said...

This place has a well but had no shut offs either. We have been adding them as we go. What were they thinking?

Fantastyk Voyager said...

There's always something!

Allenspark Lodge said...

Plumbing. Ugg. I really think I'd be okay with a bucket and a trip to the stream. Of course, the stream would dry up or flood...


fernvalley01 said...

frustrating! I got sidelined on Tues, small sickly calf that I decided after trying for 10 min to push to its mom , finally scooped it up and carried it about 50 feet . Calf is doing OK, and I am getting better,but boy did I hurt for a day or so it sucks to get old!enough with the shitty luck! lets get some good times going!

Stephanie said...

Yeah, best to lay low girl and wait for that stuff to pass. When I don't I break more stuff or myself. Next week will be better.

Funder said...

LOL - I kinda hate my side mount swamp cooler, but now that you mention it, it sure isn't going to ruin my ceilings... small mercies!

Allenspark Lodge said...

You know, some of this plumbing stuff sounds way too familiar! Hope your karma improves quickly...and pray for warmer weather. Our NEW eleven inches of snow is almost all melted off already, but that leaves the trails too muddy to use yet.

Stephanie said...

Awww my comment is gone :(

Was just going to agree with you and suggest laying low till the bad energy passes...

Cut-N-Jump said...

They say things happen in threes. Let's hope who ever 'they' are- they are full of crap this time!

Hope things turn around for you soon. I feel your pain. And Blooger dropped your comment off my blog. So maybe that's #3?

Leah Fry said...

Plumbing probs SUCK. Dealt with a swamp cooler when we lived in Vegas. Not sure why they use them rather than regular ole AC.

Rising Rainbow said...

I've heard of swamp coolers but never actually seen one. Had no idea they are overhead. We've got some overhead leaking here this year so I have ceilings to repair as well. I'm not looking forward to that.