Thursday, March 10, 2011

Training Camp

The big bay is off to training camp...


Really mom? I was plumb happy with my life the way it was...

I booked 30 days for him, but since I am a lazy person and didn't ever get around to doing any groundwork or saddling on him...I upped that to 60 days. I want him pretty solid before he comes home.

I opted not to send the sorrel horse, Bugs back to the trainer. I'm not worried about getting on him anymore. He was all huff and puff about the getting on part. Never did anything I can't handle myself at home. Megan is starting Spring Break, so I'll have her around for the next two weeks to dial 911 for me.

Thought it would be a quick trip over and back to drop the bay horse off. Hauled bales over this morning, dropped them off, came home, cleaned Jet up, popped him in the work rig, loaded up the dogs and was ready to head out.

Turn the key...



Figured Megan must have left the key on when I asked her to roll the windows up the other day.

Pulled the dually over. Hook up the jumper cables. Let the battery charge for a few minutes...


No problem here!

Unhook the cables, put them away, park the dually, jump back in the work truck, slap her in gear and...




Surely not.

I just drove the pickup last week and not a problem.

Huh...Maybe it'll move in 4-wheel drive?



Think, think, think...

Hmmmm...If I could just get the pickup to move, I could pull the trailer over to a better spot, unhook and hook the dually up.


(Much cussing and stomping ensued)


Jump out, hook the dually to the big trailer, pull it out, unload bay horse, lead to LQ trailer, load?


Dear God, Please load????

Really? You need a friend?


Tie bay horse to trailer (he's pretty sure the trailer fender is going to eat him)...Untie bay horse from trailer, put him in his pen, catch dirty, nasty buckskin, load him, go get bay horse, load

(Thank you god!)

Tell the now thoroughly confused Red Dog he cannot go (I don't let the dogs ride in the dually very often), he begs, I pet, he pouts...meanwhile bay horse is going berzerk in the LQ.

Crap, jump in p/u and head over to trainers.

Finally make it back home, unhook work truck from trailer, put it in 4-wheel and get it out from under trailer, it will move forward...barely. No reverse.

Unhook LQ trailer, get dually backed under stock trailer, which sucked because of the angle I parked last time, get hooked up and park stock trailer out of the way...which means if it rains again, It'll be as big of a pain to get it out as it was the last time.

Now...I'm ready for a stiff drink, but am settling for a sandwich instead. Still have horses to ride and I have to have chores done and be at another meeting about that stupid Birthday Bash by 6pm.

And my day started out so good too! Argghhhh!


IanH said...

Emergency brake?......On?

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

LOL...No. Not this time. ;-)

Leah Fry said...

I say, go for the drink instead of the sandwich.

Shirley said...

I hates days like that! Cute face on the bay.

Mikey said...

Dang. Not cool. What do you think happened to it? What the heck?!

fernvalley01 said...

My sister says on days like this"why am I having this day?" Sounds like it was a frustrating one.Hope tomorrow is better

Kristen said...

wow that sounds frustrating!

Allenspark Lodge said...

And you don't call this a normal horse moving day? It sort of goes along with the 'redecorating', doesn't it? I assumed you had noticed how most of our panels had been customized!

Have a better day tomorrow - and good luck with the birthday party bash meeting.

ACountryCowgirl said...

oh what a bummer:( I hate it when everything goes at once.

GunDiva said...

Darn. That sucks.

You can have a stiff drink after the Birthday Bash meeting - you'll probably need it.

Rising Rainbow said...

When a day starts that downward slide, there just is nothing much that will stop it. Sorry you had such a day. Hope it got better.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

I'm just so out of practice at the 'broken' vehicle thing-LOL.

I have always wondered how a vehicle that was fine the last time you drove it magically breaks while parked?

Surprisingly the Birthday Bash meeting went well. I think things will work out in the end on this deal. Sounds like the guy who wants to put it on is really trying to work with the community and make things as painless as possible for the property owners. A whole different story than what the attorney was telling us last week. We'll see.

Paint Girl said...

I absolutely hate vehicle problems! But thankfully most of mine happen when I drive the work trucks! Nothing worse then something not working when you really need it to work, like now!
Hope it isn't anything too serious!

cdncowgirl said...

Ooooh, mystery broken vehicles SUCK! Going through it here too, Pie's truck is still a lawn ornament. Told him today he needs to get his act together and get it fixed because soon I will NEED my truck back. (and my little Chevy does NOT go to work very often... not a great area to leave a vehicle sitting in for extended periods of time and it has no alarm)

Laura said...

argh - how annoying when all you wanted to do was a quick trip over to the trainers... Hope the broken truck isn't too big of a deal to get fixed.

Mrs Mom said...

Some days, it just isn't worth chewing through the restraints ;)

Chin up. It'll get better!!

GoLightly said...

Hey, isn't that my bay??

I hate when vehicles do that. You might need to name the damn thing, sometimes their little iron feelings get hurt.
Mine's name is Fred.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Yep GL, that's your bay horse. ;-)

He's going to come home a well-started saddle horse.

I'm sooooo excited! Woo-hooo. :-)