Friday, March 11, 2011

My Daily Entertainment

I turned the spare bedroom into the squirrel's playground. He loves it.

I look at it this way...At least I have a reason for one messy room in the house-LOL...If your a squirrel, you need a stuff to dig around in. ;-)

He loves to jump into the window sill and then promptly freezes...
He will stay frozen for minutes at a time. Nothing moving but his nose.

Happy Friday everyone!


ACountryCowgirl said...

OH I just love that little guy!!! He is way to stinkin cute:) SO need video of him trying to yank the peanuts through the bars:)

GunDiva said...

Scrat always makes me miss Bomber so much :)

Funder said...

Hahaha, you have a squirrel room! We have a cat room - one of the spare bedrooms has the food and litter boxes.

What color is the ceiling in that room? My cat room is a similar aqua color, walls, ceiling, and trim. It's overwhelming. I really like the not-white ceiling and now I'm thinking about painting mine.

Mrs. Mom said...

GO SCRAT! Geeze he is too adorable!

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

He's getting a lot friendlier. Just like a kid though...When he goes to the 'playground' someone has to stay in there with him or he bangs on the door and wants up on your shoulder. Social little creatures-LOL

Funder-That color is called Slender Reed. I picked the color chip up at Home Depot, but had Lowe's color match and mix it.

Living Large And In Color said...

So let me get this straight...the litle nut munching freeloader now has a room that is not entirely his room but...
Hmmm...I somewhat recall telling you the cute little bastard was ging to have a rather large impact on you. Really?
Love ya Girl and I hope everything continues to get better and better.

Angie said...

Such a lucky little munchkin... "A Room with a View" and a lovely lady to admire him :) ok, I have to know.. is he potty trained?

shirley said...

He is so cute
He is a very lucky little guy
His own special room
They are so much fun
Our little dog a Papillon and bunny rabbit are best of friends they play with each other out in the yard so much fun to watch, the rabbit has lived under our deck for a long time
Love your little guy

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Hahahaha-He made you come out of hiding didn't he Dena? LOL! Things is good here. Hope all is well with you too.

Angie-I guess so. I put a box with some shavings in it under the bed for him. He's pretty meticulous about only using one spot in his cage and he is like a cat....goes and then covers it up. Figured he would use the box/shavings in the bedroom because that was familiar. Plus he only stays in the bedroom for playtime (about an hour). If I tried to leave him in there full-time, he would chew everything up.

The Equestrian Vagabond said...

You should read veterinarian Susan Garlinghouse's hilarious story of her pet squirrel:
Then go mix up some beet pulp.
: )
- The Equestrian Vagabond

Living Large And In Color said...

Girl things have been crAzy...I am getting that little bay colt I am so fond of ready for the Texas Classic.
Getting that big mare ready for somthing and I swear to God if it involves me wearing them funny pants something is going to hit the fan LOL.
My boy's colt boogered his leg and needed a long lay off so it looks like my colty will be doing sme youth stuff this summer.
Shoot me an email at and I wil catch you up on the rest.

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Merri-I did read that and laughed so hard I thought I was going to split a gut.

Will do Dena. ;-)