Thursday, October 7, 2010

Checking In

Sorry for the sudden disappearance. My laptop took a nosedive (thanks to 2 maniacal cats). I keep meaning to go to town and pick up another one, but that means actually having to drive to town, shop around, pick on out and wait to have it set up.

Uggghhhhh! Shopping for electronic 'stuff' is not one of my strong suits.

Maybe I'll get it done today, since I am already in town. Working in the office again. A little here, a little there.

This month is racing by and I only have a couple more weeks to get the new house finished. Wouldn't be a problem, but in spite of several phone calls in to local handymen seeing if they are interesting doing some work, I have yet to have one call me back. I would like to blame my phone, but I finally had to replace my 4 year old Razor with a shiny, new Envie. It doesn't have to stay plugged in the whole time I am talking to someone...LOL...You know what I mean MM. Heeheehee. It always irritates me to hear people say how desperate they are for work and yet cannot be bothered to return a phone call.

Speaking of that, I have put a phone call off myself and need to get that particular reservation made. No way am I missing out on that very special upcoming trip.

The ponies are doing good and getting fuzzy. They certainly have not minded the fact that I do not have time to ride. I'm not sure Spooks really appreciates his new role as Beretta's babysitter, but I do know that she is waaaayyyyy happy to have company during her turnout time. I have to say, Beretta is my little shining light. As much as I love my Shooter, he is not what I would consider a real barrel horse prospect. Beretta IS. Barring accident or injury...her future is as clear as a can be.

Okay-You guys take care and I'll get back to bloggerland as soon as I can. Miss Ya All!!!


fernvalley01 said...

just curious ,is that upcoming trip in early December, involving a rodeo? if it is, that would be kinda cool ,I am headed out on a little trip then myself...

Crystal said...

glad you are back, wondered what was happening over there. im with you on hating shopping for electronics, but whats even worse is setting it up.

Mrs Mom said...

Ummm-- girl you had BETTER make that reservation!!! I'll have to Cyberly Kick Your Arse if you DON'T!!!

Wow -- you mean you'll be able to wander around now like I do? LOLOLOLOL

Kiss Beretta from me!! Holla atcha lataz to make SURE you got that reservation done!!!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

I have MISSED you!! So glad you checked in!! I have been wondering where you were! I hope you get that new laptop! Shoot I would be dashing out if I could get a new one LOL!!

Are you gonna show us more pics after the house is done?!?! :)