Monday, September 20, 2010

And You Thought The Other Horse Was Stiff

This isn't the best video clip, because I did not zoom in far enough, but this is Megan riding Turk...Yea, she is back in the saddle...And she took my Paint horse. :(

Hahaha..If she thought she was trading up from Spooks to Turk...she is finding out, she has a long way to go with this horse too.

Although Turk prefers loping to long-trotting, the horse can't lope to save his life. Besides being injured and having to deal with the associated traveling issues for several years, I don't think the horse was ever loped much back before his injury. He was ridden by an older cowboy, who preferred to cover ground at a nice little jog. Turk can jog all day, but ask him to extend the trot or canter and he gets a little frantic.

For the life of me, I could not figure out why this horse could not hold his left lead for more than a few strides until I watched this video. Watch the video at about 37 seconds, as Turk is coming around the circle, you can see his outside hind leg wanting to pass his inside hind leg and then he breaks to a trot, picks up the lead again. It's a continual repititious pattern. It's quite likely the weirdest thing I have ever seen a horse do.

Yesterday, I finally got him to hold that lead for a full circle, but it was work...let me tell you. As for Turk's right lead....Yeesh! Megan could not get him into his right lead and to be honest, I struggle to get him to pick it up. Once he does though, he ducks and dives every which direction. Oh that's fun (eyeroll).

I honestly think this horse is going to need an adjustment and that electromagnetic thing-a-majobber the farrier told me he has moreso than Spooks. It doesn't surprise me though considering how long this horse has had to travel in a compromised way due to that injury. There is bound to be a lot of muscle imbalance and stiffness.

**Oh, and just for the record...I absolutely don't mind people saying what they think they see in the comments. Someone else may see something that I have not noticed and whether I agree or not...We're just a bunch of horse people sharing opinions. So to the person who keeps emailing me 'privately', with the unreturnable email address...Please feel free to leave your comments in the comment section. From now on your emails will be deleted without being read.

And black horse is NOT crippled or navicular and Really? I need riding lessons? Thanks, I'll keep that in mind.

Oh and while we are at it...I presume you are also the person who sent the emails regarding Mighty Mouse. Yes, I did put an old, foundered pony to sleep without WASTING a ton of money on radiographs. I don't need a vet to tell me when one of my old horses has had enough. I don't need anyone's permission to do what I think is the best thing for one of them either. After all, it's MY pocket book. If I would rather spend that money feeding and taking care of the younger, healthier horses I have, then that is MY right.

I hate to tell people, but I blog for myself as much as I do for the commarderie. It's been a great way for me to keep a record over the last couple of years, both verbal and photographic. I don't plan on stopping and I sure as hell am not going to stop because someone has decided they have a hard-on for me because I am a backyard breeder and a wanna-be horse trainer.


Mrs Mom said...

Dude--- someone giving you shit?? Spooks has Navicular? You don't know how to ride?

Excuse me while I go LMAO for a moment......

And for someone to give you crap over putting the Mighty Mouse down, ... man THAT is unacceptable. Period.

I'll go watch the vid now. Promise I won't tell you the paint has heel pain issues ;)

Anonymous said...

amen to you, I am not a horse owner or rider but I do enjoy your blog. Just keep on doing what you do and do it for you although a lot of others enjoy reading it too. Thanks

fernvalley01 said...

It will be interesting to see what happens after adjustment. Funny ,both horse have issues , but niether seems to be in great discomfort, they appear willing and have try , just need to get all body parts working in sync. As to the "private" nasty emails, really? step up own it whoever you are, if you truly hve the courage of your convivtions you will say what you beleive and admit to it . the rest is just cowardice

Breathe said...

Trolls, by definition, have no courage.

Sounds like you've got a good plan for this horse - hope an adjustment works wonders!

GoLightly said...

SNORK, oh, yer kiddin' me. Bwahahahahahah...
Jealousy can take many forms, 4sure.

Okay, back to agreeing that his/their way of going has lots to do with where they been.
(grammar police, stfu)
I meant to say, about that discombobulated (to you) horse in the last post..
Some horses just get used to moving a certain way. He's more of a flat mover, ya know what I mean?

And the way they are moving may feel strange to you, but not so much to them.
Heresy to say that, I know.
But what the heck.
I just think we get set in our ways of how horses are supposed to feel, and ignore or can't handle how they do feel.
Not that that is going on here, mind.

Paint Horse disunited hard behind, but he was tired, and knew he was switching soon, anyway.
(puts on foil hat)
I'd love to see you ride hunters, actually, you heckquitate pretty derned good.
Your daughter is following along nicely, good breeding there!
Ditzy one out;)

Paint Girl said...

I am sure with everything you are doing, Turk will come along nicely!! Reminds me when I took Fritzy to our annual pony cousins trip, and Fritzy was bucking and being a butt. Well she hadn't been loped with a rider on her back in a couple years. She was basically back to square one from when I bought her. She didn't even know how to lope. Now I can get her to lope, but she can't keep it slow. She is so out of shape and doesn't have the muscle built up to do it. It will all come in due time!!

And for the idiot emailing you... seriously?! If they think they are such an expert on horses, why can't they comment like everyone else and show what blog they are from? Obviously they don't have anything better to do then spend time on the computer and sending nasty emails. I mean come on people, there are way more serious things going on in this world then to send a nasty email to someone who is ACTUALLY a good knowledgeable horse person, a good rider and takes care of her horses!

Leah Fry said...

Give 'em hell, girl, and pay them not one second of mind.

Vaquerogirl said...

Bec- this might also be a hock issue. I don't know how old this horse is, but I know from personal experience that horses that can't or won't hold an inside lead can have issues with their hocks that Adequan can help. Even relatively young horses can have issues. Just a thought.

Carroll Farm said...

I agree, blog away - who cares what others say. I mostly do it for myself, and others out of state who want to watch my girls grow from afar.

Crystal said...

Wow I cant believe someone would have the nerve to email you and not even say who they are! Sheesh, I thought blogging was your opinion and seems to me you are doing just fine and I enjoy reading about your interesting horses and others comments.

Chelsi said...

Who does that! I am sorry but what a loser! If they dont like what they find on your blog then quit reading it or at least have the gumption to own up to their criticism. Just tell me who to bitch slap and I'm there! lol

PrairieFarmer said...

Jeez...what a chicken shit. I think that is the WORST thing about the interwebz. It has brought out this "anonymous" crap that really shows the worst in people. If you have an opinion, you should be willing to say it and stand behind your opinion. That's what opinions are about. All this anonymous emails - JUVENILE! Anonymous should be used only rarely and for truly important reasons. Think "Deepthroat."

City girl turned Country Girl said...

BAHAHA LOL!! Seriously?! Someone definitely needs to GET A LIFE!!!! WOW...Well I love reading your blog and I love LEARNING from the things you share!! So continue on!!

That person is an idiot LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Chiros can do some wonderful things, it's amazing the before and after. My old Appy immediately rolled from one side to the other after his adjustment, which he hadn't done in years.
I haven't had a lead issue but the chiro we work with has talked about that so I would give it a shot. Good luck to you! Oh, and tell your new "fan" to post some video of her riding so that we can all critique and you'll consider taking lessons from her;)

kestrel said...

That old hippie tune 'you can't even run you own life, be damned if you'll run mine' is playing in my head and won't go away...title and artist anyone? Oh yeah, showing my age...

It's kind of like armchair quarterbacking. The most critical guy is usually the guy who never played the game in his life! Real players know what it takes to get to the dance.

kestrel said...

Hmmm, watched vid, and an adjustment is a great idea. Another thought. He seems to not really care where he puts his feet down at, maybe a little complacent about having level footing. Maybe put out some ground poles and low cavalettis and lunge him over them for a week or two, building up to canter? I have a horse that started out like that (off the track, couldn't canter though, go figure...) and an obstacle course helped tremendously. We even did tires!

cdncowgirl said...

So Fugs has been e-mailing you

Sorry couldn't resist ;)

Hey can I zap you an e-mail, promise you can return mine :p
Was wanting your opinion on some young'uns. Thought I'd e-mail their bloodlines.

Reluctant Cowboy said...

After loosing 3.5 horses this spring and another one to put down before winter, $K to try and save them when your gut says it's time then support is needed not opinions.

At least your real in what you do and write

Melanie said...

I have never heard of someone using an email address that cannot be replied to. Strange indeed! And just so you know, I was laughing pretty good about the emails. It appears, BEC, that you know absolutley nothing about!!!!

That must be why we all keep coming back...teeheehee!!!

Cut-N-Jump said...

And to think I was a bit aprehensive about posting photos and video on my blog from the schooling show.

Then I figured Fuck it. Anyone wants to talk smack, thinks they can do better- take the reins and do it. Otherwise STFU. Put up or Shut up pretty much covers it I think.

Keep on keeping on girlfriend. You has the Yee-Haw sisterhood at your back. That's more than I can say for some creatures...

Anonymous said...

You know what you're doing, and I hope you keep on doing it!

Megan rides just like you - and I mean that in a good way, LOL.

kestrel, I think the name of the song is Sunshine, but I've no clue the artist. And thanks for getting it stuck in my head now.

Anonymous said...

Sunshine (go away today) by jonathan edwards

My memory works when it wants to, LOL.


Lindy said...

When I watched the video, it reminded me of one of my geldings who has an old injury to his sacrum. When I first bought him, he hated to canter and had a trot that was like riding a jack-hammer. He was off-the-track and part of his problem was that he just didn't know how to canter properly (how to canter off the track and use his body effectively and efficiently). He also wouldn't pick up his right lead and he does the duck and dodge thing too! It has gotten better with time...with re-training, riding and muscle strengthening and development. I think an adjustment would be a great idea for your guy. For mine, it has been a matter of management and conditioning. As well as helping him learn how to use his body in a better way. Love your blog! To heck with the anonymous emailer...that is so cowardly.

gtyyup said...

Thank goodness there's a delete button!

I really think developing the lope at an early age is essential. After gentling and starting quite a few mustangs, we've found out that the majority of them have a hard time loping. They can trot out like crazy, but can hold a lope for the life of them (especially in a circle which is something that they don't do in the wild). The injury probably has a lot to do with his travel too. It'll be interesting to see how he progresses.

Rising Rainbow said...

oh gawd, emails, wtf! Why can't some people get a life and leave those of us who have one alone. I swear.

Wish I could see something in the video but my eyes balked at anything but overall movement. Nothing more specific was discernable for me BUT I did love the giggle at the beginning. I just love cowgirls who love what they're doing.

Callie said...

Good grief! Sounds like another "know it all" with the emails and not the balls enough to let you respond,(eyeroll). Trolls! drive ya nuts! Best ignored. As for video, my inexperience has a hard time seeing it, but I believe you, LOL!