Sunday, August 1, 2010

I'm Outta Here...

It's fairly unbelievable, but the whole fam is going on vay-cay!

My Honey picked up his 2 kiddos and early on Monday morning we are all headed to California to visit his sister and her family.

If it was not specifically a family gathering for My Honey, I would have mentioned it earlier and tried to see if there were any blogger buddies in the area to meet up with IRL. That would have been cool. Alas, it's a mini-family reunion. Which is cool too. My Honey's mom is beside herself with joy. For the first time in a very, very long time she will have both of her kids together with all of her grandkids.

I have yet to meet MH's sister or her family. That is always a little nerve-wracking. I'm sure they are very nice people, but I always wonder what I will talk to people about when they are not horse-people.

Getting people lined up to do chores was easier than I thought. Luckily, the neighbor that Meg and I went and roped with earlier this summer is a stay-at-home dad and very willingly agreed to take care of 'my' place. Oddly enough, taking care of the horses will be the easy part-LOL. I turned most of the geldings back out to pasture and have everything set up for the 4 head left in pens.

I am really more worried about the yard, the garden and all of those darn plants I bought and planted all over, getting enough water. I spend a fair amount of my day moving sprinklers around and watering plants. Since I am there every day, all day, I don't think too much about it. But knowing that someone is not going to want to spend hours watering everything, I have spent the last week trying to simplify my watering system.

I think I killed off a couple of plants trying to figure everything out. Hopefully, the roots/bulbs took and they will come back.

We asked a different person to come over to the home place to take care of these animals. Two dogs, 2 chickens, 4 cats, the squirrel and my plants on the deck (which are just starting to bloom like crazy and I don't want to lose them). Nothing lasts very long around here in this heat without water. Particularly this time of year.

Since we will be heading to SD directly after returning from CA, it may be a couple of weeks before I post again. If I get the chance, I certainly will...but if I don't...

Ya'll take care out there and we'll catch ya on the flip-side!


GoLightly said...

Oh, have a great time!!

You totally deserve a vay-cay!

You'll have a ball, family reunions are always...
Okay, mine were a blast!

Anonymous said...

be safe and have a great time.

Carroll Farm said...

I am jealous! I hope that you have a safe and wonderful time. Don't worry - something will always come up to discuss. Just try and steer clear of politics - that usually doesn't work out too well, unless you know their views ahead of time. LOL

Mrs. Mom said...

Carroll Farm is right- no politics or religion ;) (HA~.... Didn't you and I have this conversation just the other day ago? LOLOLOL)

Safe travels y'all and have a fricken BLAST!!!!!!!


Danielle Michelle said...

Have a great trip! Hopefully we have a road trip in the works for later this fall! It's always so much fun!

Paint Girl said...

Have a great vacation! I am sure you will have a great time.
That is great that you have found people to take care of the animals and plants!
Can't wait to hear all about it!

Sherry Sikstrom said...

HAve a wonderful time! I am sure they will love you