Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's A Mish-Mosh

You would think with all of the projects I have going on, I could find something to post about...


Not so much.

It's all pretty boring stuff.

You have to admit, watching paint dry is not interesting...LOL.

That is kind of where I am at. The electrician came and fixed the last couple of things I needed them to do in the house. The plumber came and fixed all of that. I will say it is very nice to have the swamp cooler and fan going in the house. So much nicer to work in there now.

Now it is back to the tedious and boring work of patching, priming and painting. I have finished ONE room...Yay me!

That would be the master bath. All it needs now is the little finishing touches-a mirror, towel racks, etc. I am not in the mood to think about that stuff just yet.

Pretty much everything else is in various stages of disarray.

I went totally and completely nuts in the garden department at Lowes and spent the last couple of weeks planting each haul of hugely discounted perennials in the garden...and expanding a few already 'started' flower beds.

I seriously want to go back and pick up a bunch of shrubs and bushes. But I am sick of planting crap. I have been fighting with myself mentally and refusing to give in to the temptation to go and load up on some of the bigger plants. You have no idea how hard it has been to not rush into town and buy several of those beautiful Azalea bushes they had on sale for $10.

The horses are surviving. I think the boys in the pasture feel a bit neglected. Turk is none too happy to be locked in a pen. I have rode him a couple of times and although he still has a long way to go, it sure feels nice to ride him and not feel him limping.

Rip's knee is coming down (it was a soft tissue injury), but it will take months for it to completely heal and he is feeling frustrated at being confined.

We had two days of thunderstorm-ish weather and humidity. It wreaked havoc on poor Mouse. He was stiff, could barely hobble around and spent a lot of time laying down. I think his time is nearly up. He is pretty spry in the dry heat, but the arthritis in his hips and hind fetlocks just kicks his poor little butt when the weather changes. He is no spring chicken. Around 25y/o or so. Not ancient as pony's go, but as they say...It's not the years...It's the miles. I suspect that pony has a million miles on him. He spend many a year being hauled just as much as some of the big horses.

The only one who seems to be loving his life is Gunner. He has a big pen, his shelter and he absolutely loves his misters. He will stand under them, slowly rotating so he gets completely soaked, all day. Wonder what he is going to think about having to go back to the ranch?

I'll be taking Rip and Gunner back home in a couple of weeks. Megan will be starting school and will not have time for the horses, not that she has put any effort into that in the last month. The kid flaked out on me...yet again and has not made any attempt to take care of her horses. Teenage girls!!! It's a wonder any of us women survived to adulthood. So my mom said to bring the big blue horse home to heal. I have done what needs to be done with Gunner, so there is no reason for him to stand around here. He will get acquiented with his sister-Beretta and get to spend some time in the pasture. That will muscle him up and get rid of that pot-belly on him. He aught to look like a new horse in a couple of months.

I am still debating as to whether to take Mouse home and have him put to sleep. I know that is coming, but's getting harder and harder. Four horses in four years...

It's like the changing of the guard...from one generation to the next...And when you have spent 10...15...20+ years with these animals, it's hard on the heart when their time is up.

Oh well, enough of that...It's the cold hard facts of owning and raising animals your entire life...they just don't live as long as we do. When it's time, it's time and being selfish isn't doing them any favors.

It was my intention to bring Sandy out with me when I come back...
I really want to get this horse started on the barrels. But the year will probably draw to a close before I would have him ready to go, so I don't know if I will bring him right now or not.

I will be bringing this little mare out to Colorado with me...
This little girl is way to nice to let set another year or so. She is our 8y/o grand-daughter of Boon Bar. I'm not sure exactly what direction I will go with her. She is pretty much unlimited in the performance department. She could Cut, do Working Cowhorse, be a barrel or a pole horse or would make an outstanding little break-a-way and/or heel horse. She's broke, but like so many of my other's just needs riding.

Sandy is far more broke and finished, so it makes sense to hold off bringing him at the moment. He isn't going to get left behind though.

I can only ride so many though. I currently have 4 riders, Boon will make 5. I WILL have both the sorrel horse, Bugs and the leggy bay horse, Jet going this year as well. That makes 7 head.

Oh yea, and then there is this guy...
Yep, sometime in the near future, Shooter needs to move into the ranks of riding horse as well. Time does fly doesn't it?


fernvalley01 said...

You sound like where I was a couple years ago. Letting the "old guard" go I truy thought I couldn't face it,when I had to put Catana down, my treasure ,I had ridden for 22 years and owne for 25 was the last of the "original4"It is hard to see the go. But waw girl do you have some nice Up and comers!

Chelsi said...

Oooooh!!! I likey likey Sandy??? But I have to ask (at the risk of sounding rude), what is with the name? First you said "he" so not a mare.... and he's bay...I'm not seeing the Sandy thing:)

Oh I so wish I were out your way! I'd help you get em horses rode!!

Time to start Shooter! My oh my! Time does fly.

Chelsi said...

Any more pics of Sandy:) (ps- read ??? after his name above as !!!)

Kristen said...

sounds like you're keeping busy! What an exciting life though!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

C-Sandy is out of a Sandy Jack Jordan/Bert bred mare, hence the name Sandy. LOL-I ran barrels on his half sister(same dam) and her name was Jackie. My aunt and uncle own a full sister to this gelding and her name is also Sandy. The bloodline didn't really lend itself to 'cool' names and to be honest, they are not really horses with personality, so nothing interesting ever popped into anyone's head.

I do have more pics of him. Guess that gives me a reason to post more about the horse. He's a good one. Don't be disappointed when you see his profile shot though-LOL...He has an ugly long back and one of the shortest croups I've ever seen on a horse.

GoLightly said...

I want me some more Sandy too.
He's BUILT like a barrel!

Gosh, he's cute..

Good luck with the teenager.

Winds of change are blowing through their heads 24/7.

Rising Rainbow said...

I'm fighting with letting Solidare go. I know she can't make another winter but she is so happy with her foal. Still my heart breaks at the thought of losing her.

I guess we'll both figure out when the time is right. In the meantime I'm enjoying each moment I can with her. I love that mare.

Sounds like you've got horses all stacked up to do things with too. That can get pretty over whelming sometimes.

Laura said...

Sounds like you are doing a good job of keeping busy!! It sure sounds tempting to buy more plants when the are that discounted. Stuff here never goes on sale like it does in the US...

Shooter is one handsome devil! You could always post more pics of him if you are looking for topics! :-)

Laura said...

Oh - I forgot to add something about little Mouse - too bad he is having a hard time in this weather. Must be hard to watch him hobble around...

Danielle Michelle said...

So many horses so little time...mine are about as sassy as can be from having almost an entire year off already from last fall (excpet of course my sturdy little mare I still am riding). Can't wait to get on them in a few months - hopefully we have a nice fall weather wise. I also hope I will be bringing home a nice new barrel prospect by then...

It's always hard to loose horses. 3 years or 20, once you've built that relationship it's just...hard. Best of luck with whatever you decide.

Want to come weed my garden? I only have small flower beds! I can't reach the weeds anymore and my husband gets confused by what is a plant and what is a weed!

Danielle Michelle said...

I have an extra rooster (1 year old) that is totally picked on by my other roo you can have! He was suposed to be a hen, but grew a comb and spurs. He's really docile from being picked on all the time and spends most of his time with the goats hiding from his nemisis. You also are welcome to ducks if she hatches any! I don't know anybody with chickens right now - and the only two I have that I'd like to get rid of are broody hens that would hatch a rock if it was possible. I don't think they lay anything. If you're ever in this direction (San Luis Valley) - or nearby let me know!

Cut-N-Jump said...

For anyone facing the 'changing of the guard', it is never an easy thing to do, even when it is the right thing. Having put down 3 last year and Tess being the hardest hit of the bunch for me to take, the only thing that seems to lessen the blow is the idea that someone in Heaven needs a horse such as them. You will be fulfilling their need and sending them the best of what you have.

There's plenty of great horsemen there to care for them until we meet again. They are in good hands, will run in green pastures, drink from cool streams and suffer no more.

And yet none of that seems to help when the time comes and you must go through it. But it is something we face with each and every one of them. Each time it will suck just as much as the last.

And on that somber note...

The next group comes in and there's plenty of work to be done. They'll get there in due time.

Melanie said... Chelsi, I wish I lived closer to you. I think that you would get sick of listening to the two of us bicker over who gets to ride who!!!

And yes, Sandy is a looker! : )

cdncowgirl said...

OMG it almost time to start Shooter? Time DOES fly!!

I am with you on the letting go of old horses thing... not sure when the time will come with Cessa but I know its coming close :(
Old bat gave me a scare last night. She, George and Voodoo were in the pen that opens out to the pasture. When I went to feed Rootbeer and Applejack the boys had come in but she was nowhere in sight.
I tossed R & A their hay, went into the pen with Voodoo & George and headed to the pasture gate. No Cessa. I almost cried. I didn't want to think of her out in the pasture where the coyotes would get her. With a bit of hesitation I called her name and whistled. She whinnied and came trotting in. I almost cried again.

Sorry this is getting to be a book! Just one more thing:
What is a swamp cooler?

ah heck make it 2... the more I see of your horses the more I'd like to buy one when I'm in a place to get more serious about barrel racing.

gtyyup said...

Look how much Shooter has grown! He's going to be one nice colt!