Monday, May 17, 2010

Thinking Like A Chicken

I'm sure that title got a giggle or two...LOL

The mystery continues...

I have not found bird nor feather in the last two days.

Until this evening, when I went to close the coop door for the two remaining birds. I don't know why I bother opening it. Those two are definitely not interested in going outside. Poor little girls. They are terrorized and you can just tell they are very confused that they are the sole survivors.

I was mistaken thinking the black one was one of my Austrolops, it is in fact the black Blue Andalusian, Andy.

I found the fresh body of a black chicken in the yard. I do believe my Ute dog has found the chicken's hiding place. Megan and I searched high and lo again. Nothing.

It is so frustrating. Obviously they are around here...Why can't I find them?

At least my hopes are renewed that there are survivors...that is if the dog does not hunt them down one by one...Grrr! He knew he did wrong too. But, I did not scold him. I was actually kind of happy to see that fresh bird laying there. Tells me they are around....


I have been trying to think like a chicken, although this bunch has me a bit confused. Like any animal, chickens react in a fairly predicable manner. When panicked, the flock may initially move as a unit, but chickens normally have a propensity to scatter. Each chicken running willy-nilly, flapping and squawking. It's generally a really good response because it often leaves the predator confused at which way to go.

But chickens aren't really known for being 'travelers'. They usually have a pretty set perimeter about how far they will go outside of their comfort zone. Even being chased or harassed having a whole flock disappear is extremely unusual.

Since I have been unable to find any feathers or 'poof piles', I have been unable to determine which direction this flock headed. It's amazingly hard to track a chicken-LOL.

Thankfully, the partial body of the chicken I found tonight still had the craw attached and I now have a clue. In the craw were partial field corn kernals and green grass. I do believe they have taken up residence in the shrubbery next to Mr. Farmer's field. I do not know which chicken I found though, pretty sure it was one of my Bantams.(sniffle)

Finding any of the rest of them may still be a difficult job. But at least I have hope that there may be a few remaining survivors.

The fact that this head/chest cold is kicking my butt is not helping matters. I thought I had it whooped this morning, after an absolutely miserable night. But no such luck, by the afternoon, I was back to suffering. I should have known trying to trim feet was not a good idea.

How is it possible to be completely stuffed up and still be blowing snot bubbles? I can barely breath and yet it's like someone turns the faucet on in my nostrils. I'm coughing, wheezing, hacking and sneezing. I think the cold medication is making me loopy. But it sure isn't doing much to stifle the symptoms.

Wish me luck though, I am bound and determined to find at least some of my remaining flock...a.l.i.v.e!!!!


Chelsi said...

AWWWWW!!!! I am SO sorry to hear about your chickens! *jingles* that you find a few... and that you get over your head cold... and that Meg get's her grades together before the end of the year... and that your honey returns home soon... I think that 'bout covers it all right? :) &hugs* to you!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

JEEPERS!! Dang I wish you could have seen where that booger of a dog found it!! Maybe lurk and watch the dog?! OHH I hope you find them! And I really hope you get to feeling better!!! Snot bubbles aren't fun anytime but while stuffed plum up is the worst!!!

Laura said...

Wow - that is quite the chicken mystery! I hope you feel better soon AND find a few chickens alive...!

Maia said...

Can your chickens fly? A friend of mine kept chickens and whenever they were upset they left their coop and flew up to the rafters of the barn. Have you looked there, or are there trees they could be hinding in.

fernvalley01 said...

I do hope you find them ,and get feeling better too!

Danielle Michelle said...

Found them yet? That really is a mystery. As a 'chicken herder' myself my flock always has headed back to their coop if left out and terrorized. They'll even run headlong into the fence if they can't get to the gate fast enough. I'm not sure I've even had, or heard of, chickens 'hiding'! That's too wierd! I hope they just made an escape and are nearby!

I think it's wierd too your cats went after them. I have some LARGE cats (think 20 lbs) and they don't even bother the 2 month old pullets when I place them with the rest of the chickens. And they're in and out of the chicken pen for water all the time. Could something else have terrorized them? You don't have weasels do you? They can make a mess of a coop.

Sorry you feel like crap. It's that time of year and the wind blowing up all the dust doesn't help at all.

Feel better! Hope all is going well with Jet! My Charlie horse looks just like him and I HATE that look too - but they usually make some good fast horses!

Michelle said...

Awww...sorry to hear about the chicken debaucle. Hope you find the remainder - alive and well!

cdncowgirl said...

For your nose... get a neti pot. Does WONDERS!! (allberit a bit of a strange sensation the first time or two that you use it lol)

Wyoming Girl said...

Ahhh Channeling the Cluck ;-) Have they given up and come back to the roost yet?