Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pilot Error

My run on Saturday at Moab, UT.

I messed up big time!

(Caution, the end of the video goes a little crazy-My Honey forgot to turn it off before putting it down)

Poor Moon. He came in completely flat and then me(being an idiot) decided I should circle him. It completely wrecked his focus. You can bet I won't be making that dumb mistake again.

As stupid as 1st looked. It paid to pull him up and not let him knock the barrel over. We won the 4D and recouped 1/2 of the cost to be there both days.

Don't got better on Sunday's run.;-)


cdncowgirl said...

I love that Moon came in so quietly. He looked like he wanted to go but still walked in.

Congrats on placing and getting some $$ back. How are your D's split? 7/10ths? 1 sec?

Vaquerogirl said...

I don't think it was that you circled him, but perhaps you needed to unstick his hindquarters- he looked a little stiff, he wasn't under himself. As soon as you began the run he loosened up a little, he moved over when you asked him-even though you had to pull up a little.
Keep posting video- it's great to watch you work.

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Cdn-The most common splits here are 1 second between 1 and 2 D. Then 1/2 second splits between 2 and 3 and 3 and 4 D's.

A 15.2 won the $1000 Novice Horse class I was entered in.

In the Open Horse class the top 2 horses ran 14.5 and 14.7. The majority of the other good horses ran 15.0-15.2.

VG-You nailed it about Moon's hips. He was pushing out against my leg as hard as he could. The circle was a bad idea. Trying to lope it when Moon was not in the proper frame to start with was an even worse.

City girl turned Country Girl said...

Well I guess you never learn anything if you don't make the mistakes to teach you?!?!... I think you made a good call for barrel one, because it was going to go down.. So when do we get to see Sunday's ride?!