Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Posting From Work

LOL-This is great!

Except I can't download any pictures right now. The dumb wireless "thingie" manages to block all of the connector "thingies" and I don't really want to save my pictures to the office computer. The whole disconnect, save pics to hard drive, reconnect, load pics on blogger, then delete pics just seems like more trouble than it's worth.

I'll have to get a different style of wireless connector or load pics onto blogger at home.

The office is sllllooooowwwww right now. Which is actually good. That means all of the crews are out working on jobs. Whoot-whoot!!

We aren't sure if this means the oil field business is picking up or it is is just going to be busy for the next few months as the big companies try to finish out certain projects before the end of the year.

Really, we could do without another boom. But steady would be good.

My selfish inner self is hoping it picks up and stays steady.

The crash at the beginning of this year cost me my LQ 4-horse trailer.

Believe me, I know how petty that sounds when I say it out loud.

We have survived(so far and barely), where so many have not. For the most part, through no fault of their own. I've been in survival mode several times in my adult life....this is nothing new. My Honey has been through several booms and busts in his 25 year career in the oilfield. He knows how it works.

Perhaps this will explain a little as to why I suddenly had to make the choice to move out here. It seems that moving somewhere where I am needed has become a habit. I moved from SD to AZ because my 1/2 sister was having marriage trouble and needed some family. I moved from AZ to SD because my brother was in trouble and mom needed help. And now I have moved from SD to CO because My Honey needs help.

Up until this last move, Megan has enjoyed the moves. She definitely inherited my love of sights, scenery and friends. Our little town in SD has always been home. It's always been there and will continue to be there. It never changes much and the ranches change even less. So exploring this beautiful country we live in has been just adventure. She just reached an age where moving didn't appeal to her at the moment. High School is serious business.;) While we all snicker a bit at the theatrics that revolve around HS, I'm sure we all still remember quite clearly all the good things and all the bad things. It's just one of those points in our lives that always sticks with us. I feel very fortunate that my mom was available...and willing to step in so that Megan did have the opportunity to stay someplace she feels comfortable and can enjoy her HS years.

I still feel a bit guilty about this separation though. It's different spending time with the horses or shopping without my sidekick and partner in crime of so many years. I walk past her bedroom at the house and it's empty. It's strange not having to think about school schedules or plan around them or extra-curricular activities. But I guess that is something I would have had to face in the next 3 years anyway.

The good thing is I have noticed a difference in My Honey. I think his blood pressure has dropped dramatically in the last week. He seems more relaxed and is sleeping much better. Once we get the garage cleaned up, we're going to get a treadmill and/or bicycle out there so we can work on getting his weight down again. It wouldn't hurt me to work on my cardio either. Add in some free-weights and hopefully we'll come out of the winter in better shape than we went into it.

All I got for riding time last night was jumping on Moon bareback with his halter and walking him around a bit. It's been hot here-in the 90's and the valley is filled with smoke from all the surrounding fires(southern CO, UT and CA). There is a couple of different barrel races in the area on the 12th of this month. I think(hope) Moon will be ready for action again by then. He feels strong, is sound and his wound is very nearly healed. I got the proud flesh licked and it has stopped trying to come back. I've had to keep his foot wrapped again because of the flies. I think it would finish healing much faster if I could leave it open. But I tried that and the flies bothered it so badly-even with medicine on it, that he kept cracking the scab open. So, I'll just keep it wrapped until we get a couple of cooler days and the flies are less likely to be bothersome. I know one thing...I'm ready to get back to running barrels! I think even Moon is bored with this inactivity.


Mrs Mom said...

Oooooo you bad girl, posting at WOOOORKKK!! Boy could THAT get you into trouble with the BossMan.

Oh. Never mind... ;)

C'mon on BECG, isnt that sweet perfect pony ready to be folded up and shipped out UPS? hehe

Hoping for a steady stretch for you guys too- that would be such a massive relief for you both.

I totally can not wait to hear about the local horse community up there!! Makes me wish we were there.... all except for knowing snow is coming ;)

And I bet Megan misses her Mom too...

cdncowgirl said...

Posting at work, shame on you! Good thing you're sleeping with the boss ;)

It must be hard to leave your girl at home but also so kind of you not to force her to a new school. I changed schools a lot when I was young and it IS tough. HS is tough enough without that.
Now you know that if Megan decides to come to CO it is because she has weighed the options and decided its what is right for her.

I feel ya on the lack of riding. Its been HOT here lately (well not AZ hot but hot for here) so I haven't been getting out as much as I want to. Might bite me in the ass come this weekend! lol

Laura said...

lol Mrs. Mom and Cdn - I was thinking the same things

Hope business stays steady - the ups and downs get tiring after awhile.

It must be hard to be without Megan - luckily you both had some options... I never had to move during HS, but just thinking back I would not have liked it at all. Unless I was moving to a huge ranch or something (which never would've happened!)...

Sounds like you and the bossman are settling in well - I hear you on the bike/treadmill - need to start doing something like that myself!

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Bwahaha-C and I joke about the very same thing. I told him he can't fire me...wives have to be divorced! Okay, so we're not married yet, but he knows he's stuck with me.;)
The biggest joke we have going is the sexual harassment. He slapped me on the butt on his way out of the office the other morning and I threatened him with a "sexual harassment" suit. He just laughed(of course) and said I could have it ALL-debt included. Ummmm, on second thought...NO thanks!

Mrs Mom said...

HA~ Sexual Harassment.. LMAO... Yep, me and Dear Hubby have the same kind of joke going on. ALl those wimmens who like to swat the good looking farrier on the butt have to get through ME, 'cause *I* am there swatting this one! ;)

Leah Fry said...

I hear you about survival mode. Like you, we're grateful because lots of people have it way worse than we do. Glad your Mom is there for Megan.

Stephanie said...

We all have tough decisions to make and have made them - I think you made the best decision possible given the circumstances putting what's best for Megan ahead of your own needs and wants - you are a great mom, don't let anyone ever tell you different.

Adventures of a Horse Crazed Mind said...

Glad to hear you are doing well. I once saw a girl at the barn that had the same problem with a wound. She went to the hardware store and picked up a small amount of screen fabric (for windows or fly mask) and cut it so that she could wrap it around the leg and secure it with duct tape. Just think of a fly mask but for the leg. She taped the bottom part around the hoof and the top with a vetwrap. The air could get in but the bugs couldnt. Just an idea:)

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Thanks for the idea Horse Crazed. I sounds like it might work.