Sunday, August 9, 2009

Where To Start?-Rally '09

Seasoned "rally"-goers are every bit into being prepared as possible. Part of surviving the rally must-haves these days are full on "party pads".

My Honey has very seasoned rally friends who spare no expense to make their little campsite away from home as comfortable as possible. Boy, it sure makes a difference after a day or two if you have a comfortable place to lounge, some shade and can bring your own food/drinks.

This was the lounging/kitchen area...

This is the party pad...
Complete with stripper pole and swimming pool. Really, you have to click on the pictures to enlarge them to get the full effect-LOL.

The swimming pool got used before I got there, but that was the only really warm day so I didn't get to partake...

We weren't the only ones with full-on, camping in style campsites...
I never did figure out how they got that rat bike up on that pole???

How awesome to just have to show up and everything is already set up(and I didn't have to help take it down!) and just go to partying. After the horse-show fiasco...boy was I ever ready for a drink...or two...or three-LOL.

My Honey and I walked around the "shows" area of the campground...we stayed at the Buffalo Chip, and just took in the sites.

There were these rather creepy-looking fire twirlers there...

Very neat!

We were standing there talking and all of the sudden there was a motorcycle flying through the air behind My Honey's head. Both of us ducked-LMAO. Lord-it was a bunch of those motocross trick riders doing jumps with fancy tricks and backflips right there in the middle of the crowd. I tried to get pictures of them, but the floodlights blurred every one I took. By they time we got moved around to the other side, they had finished their show. But it was AMAZING!! I just cannot get over some of the stuff those guys do while flying through the air on a motorcycle...and then they have to land!

We got to see Toby Keith...
Well, sort of! No front and center for us this time.;-) It's one thing to wade through a bunch of people dragging my big biker boyfriend at a non-biker event. People have a tendency to get out of the way-hehehe. But when he is just another bad-ass looking biker...weeeellll, it just doesn't work so well. I've been front and center at the Chip before and the stage is so high that it's really difficult to see anything up there anyway. But Toby was good.

There are smaller stages at the Chip too and as we were heading out the gate at the end of the TK concert, we stopped to listen to another country band. Man OH Man were they ever good!! Mikey may very well know these guys...Tumbleweed Junction from Phx. The lead singer was HOT, HOT, HOT! I even told My Honey so. And what a voice.

We ran into some our campsite buddies and closed the place down. My Honey doesn't country dance, so I danced with a cowboy buddy of his. Fred! Fred was a riot. He is like the energizer bunny. But boy is it hard to dance in a mini-skirt and rubber-soled slide whatsoever!

We siced Fred on a "poodle". By the time he got done yanking her around the dancefloor, she couldn't wait to get back to her "pooch".

Now, you might ask what is a poodle? Well, that title is reserved for that particular type of girl, who is obviously playing at being a "biker chick" for the day. They are usually obviously high-maintenance and they think they are all that and a bag of chips. Most often, they have no rhythm and spend most of their time wiggling around trying to look sexy. They are almost exclusively white girls, who's hair and makeup are always perfect-obviously they have not actually been on the back of a motorcyle for more than a few a very slow speed-LMAO.

Pooches are what they drag around with them. Equally white boys, who have usually just recently purchased their very first motorcycle and are doing their very best to imitate the bikers they watched on Gangland or some such show.

Poodles are also known to associate with RUBs-Rich Urban Bikers. RUBs aren't a lot different than Pooches, just usually a decade or two older. They blend a little better than pooches and usually come with a custom bike rather than a Sporty off the showroom floor.

I could not resist taking a picture of this little guy. OMG-I had just read Paige's post about her new farrier and his midget rodeo idea and I was rolling on the floor when the midget showed up. This one was here for the Midget Throwing contest. Yes! You heard me right...a midget throwing contest! Who knew??

By the way Paige, we all thought the midget rodeo was an excellent idea. Tell your farrier he needs to get that all lined up and it would be a sure hit at the rally!

And that was the end of Monday. I was tired and buzzed and ready to crash.

Gratuitous nudity? Oh yea, it was there. I decided we really didn't need pictures of that though. Poor gal, was dancing around Tumblweed Jct's stage with her top down. The guy she was sort-of dancing with kept trying to politely pull her top back up. He would no sooner get it pulled up and she would stagger around and pull it down again. I don't know how that poor lead singer kept going with that in his view. I bet he was just wondering why the poodle wouldn't do that instead-LMAO!


Mrs Mom said...

LOL... You are such "scooter trash"... ;)

Yeah, after the horse show crap, I'd have been ready for a drink too. Glad you were able to get away with Honey Man for a bit there, and have such a great time.

Smack them hams on Shooter for me please!

Mikey said...

OMG, lol!! That sounds like so much fun! I LOVE that campsite, lmao, y'all brought the couch and recliners??! I just about snorted coffee at the stripper pole and pool. Y'all go all out!!
Too much fun! I'm up for midget rodeo too!

Danielle Michelle said...

LOL!! I have always wanted to go to that! How fun! Love the pics!

Leah Fry said...

Now, that's what I'm talking about! Rough it? Why??

Sounds like you had a blast.

Sydney said...

LOL the blowup dolls!

Thats funny.

Paint Girl said...

Your campsite was the best! Couches, pool and drinks, what else do ya need?!?
Sounds like you had a great time, and I just learned more about bikers! Never new about the poodles and pooches! LOL!!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

OMGosh!! You totally had me laughing!! Love the camp, they definitely are seasoned!!! I too learned something from this post :~)