Monday, May 18, 2009

Who They Are And Where They Came From(Pt 1)...

Andrea asked me how many horses we actually own. Weeelllll.... It depends on if you add them all together or break them down into actual ownership...

My personal herd consists of 3 geldings;Moon, Frosty and Shooter and 4 mares;Woofer(Moon and Shooter's mom), Queenie(Frosty and Beauty's mom), Chunk and Beauty.

(I just added pictures of the two I haven't recently posted pictures of.)

Woofer is 25 and in full retirement now. She was born on the river ranch but I bought her as a coming 3y/o from my dad and step-mom. She has been everywhere and done everything I ever set my crazy mind to. Poor girl! She survived it all mentally and physically-which is saying something! Not too many horses can you start in the morning with Halter and work your way through the show; Showmanship, WP, Trail, Western Riding, Jumping, Barrels, Poles...and any other gaming event you could think of. And if that wasn't enough to earn her a good retirement, she then went on and done the same thing for Megan, and went as slow or as fast as Meg asked her too. And produced 4 outstanding foals on her "down time". She's the Queen-that is for sure!

Queenie is 16 and I am going to bring her out of pasture ornament status this year and ride her. I do not want any more babies from her and will likely try to find a home for her with someone who wants a nice saddle mare or I'll just ride her. There is absolutely no sense in this beautiful mare sitting in the pasture and aging out. She may be 16, but you would never know it. She is just as youthful as her 9y/o daughter. I used this mare for Showmanship and HUS in the show ring and ran barrels, poles and playday events on her too. She has been roped off of and was used at the sale barn to move horses and cattle. I'm not interested in breeding her because I think her daughter, Beauty is a better mare. Queenie outproduced herself in all three of her foals, but I do not think she is a good nick with the new stallion and don't want to mess with finding an outside stallion to breed her too again. When my dad passed away he had 3 mares left and a few of their foals. Queenie's mom, Tardy was my "inheritance"-LOL. I took that particular mare because Tardy's mother(Senorita Tardy) was the 1978 World Champion Halter Mare.

Chunk is 10 and I bought her from my brother. He was not particularly enamored of the fillies by the Lady Bug's Moon stallion we had, although he really liked the geldings by that stud. I on the other hand, love the Lady Bug's Moon fillies and own the only two we have left-Chunk and Beauty(the other two were snapped up by barrel racers). My brother had ridden some of this stallion's geldings prior to buying him. The people who owned the stud were getting out of the "hoss raisin' bizness" and were going to can him so my brother bought him for $400. That was 13 years ago. Who says horses got cheap just cause they closed the US slaughter plants just a few years ago? Anyway, because the stallion was producing primarily fillies and my brother wanted geldings, he leased him to a friend of the family, who also raises rodeo type horses on a share deal(my brother would have gotten two geldings a year out of what this guy produced). No sooner had they got Bug's to their place and put him in with his band of mares and he was lightening struck. No more Bug's babies!

Moon is 11 and my barrel horse. His sire is also the Lady Bug's Moon stallion.

Beauty is 8 and out of Queenie(whose sire was our old King-bred stud). She is the only one we have that carries the blood of both the old King stud and the old Lady Bug's Moon stud. Personally, I think it was a great nick. And I think it will cross beautifully with the new stallion. I was far and away from home for several years and Beauty got passed over as a saddle horse. When I got home a few years ago, I did spend some time working with her and saddling her. I think she would have broke out fine, but I really just want her as a broodmare and have no intention of selling her. I can catch her, lead her, tie her, worm her and trim her feet, so it's not exactly like she is "wild". I rode her mom, I rode her breathern(both from the sire and dam), so am comfortable with what I will get as far as disposition. Since Chunk is her 1/2 sister(even though they look nothing alike)-I should get a pretty good feel for what the Lady Bug's Moon/Oklahoma Star cross will be like before I actually breed her.

Frosty is 7 and finally coming into his own. He is the result of breeding Queenie to an outside stallion(Sun Frost/Docs Decathalon) and while he has always been beautiful, I was always a tad disappointed in his mental development. Honestly, I had him pegged one step above retarded. I in no way blame the stallion, he is a really nice horse and has produced some nice arena horses. I think I might have been wrong about my big, pretty dumbo though. He acts like a totally different horse this year. It's like he finally woke up and is aware of everything around him. He is handling himself better and seems to know exactly where his feet are, so I am really excited to get to work with him. I might have a barrel horse there yet!

Shooter is a yearling and the first foal we have by the new stallion. As with everything, I hope he grows up to be a barrel horse prospect. I see plenty of speed in him. I also think he could be an awesome WP horse. He is just stays so level across the topline, is flat kneed and very tight in his hock. He's pretty elegant. As easy leaded as he is and as effortlessly as he changes leads...Western Riding? He's a tad high in the hock and doesn't stop as deep as a good reining horse prospect should, but as with all of Woofer's foals, he has a lot of break in his loin and with the right training could be a good, if not a great reining horse.

Want to be confused? K ...

Moon and Shooter are 1/2 brothers...same dam.
Frosty and Beauty are 1/2 brother/sister...same dam.
Moon, Beauty and Chunk are 1/2 brother/sisters...same sire.

No one is inbred or linebred!

So that is my bunch. Other than hopefully finding someone who might be able to use Queenie, I don't have anything for sale. Chunk will have this foal and not be bred back. I'm not into breeding every year...particularly maiden mares or new crosses. You have to have time to see what you have before you put a bunch of them on the ground. Beauty may or may not get bred this year. It depends on what Chunk shows me. If I like the foal, I will probably breed Beauty, but that will be my last breeding for at least a couple of years, because three young horses to take care of will keep me busy.

I guess that doesn't answer Andrea's question though...there are 27 horses total. I'll break down the more of the herd if you guys are interested. I'm off to do a roofing job the next couple of days though. Oh yay! Right when the temps decided to hit 90 degrees.


Paint Girl said...

Oh wow, that is alot of horses! They all sound amazing though! It is so cool to see that you have had some for so long!

City girl turned Country Girl said...

So when you say Bug's was lightening struck do you mean literally?!?! I really enjoyed reading about your horses and I would be interested in hearing more!!! I just love to know all about different horses!!

Leah Fry said...

I have to draw the line at two. It's all my land will support and I already feel like I don't spend enough time with them.

That is crazy that Bug got struck by lightning, but I guess it's more common than you think.

WV = zwinglo
Zwinglo, sweet chariot, comin for to carry me home ...

Mrs. Mom said...

Girl, y'all got some wicked nice mighty fine looking horses there!

Andrea said...

Would you believe that we had a horse named Thunder, he was born during a bad storm. Then when he was three he was struck by lightning. So, Thunder was killed by lightning.

I loved this post!! It's neat to see all your horses and what they do an how old they are!! You guys are kind of like us. My husband and I own 7 horses, but there are 18 horses all together here on our place.

Fun!! I would love to meet the other horses too!! And I love seeing pictures of your horses. They are all so BIG. Very quarter horsey. I love 'em. Thanks!!

texasnascarcowgirl said...

You have some really nice bred horses. I run barrels too but mine have always been my grandfathers cutting horses. My good horse was a g-son of Doc's Hickory, he was fantastic! I later bought a Freckles Playboy horse that did really well in barrels too. Then I went to the OTTB's and back to the cutting horse types. haha My mare now is Smart Little Jerry/Playboys Ruby bred. One day I'm going to put speed in there and breed her to a TB or running QH. I really like your stud! haha

C-ingspots said...

Love the new picture on your header...and the saying!
Can you show a picture of the Chunk mare again? I'm thinking that she's the one that I liked the looks of - with the short tail? Plus, I really like your Shooter colt. The little bay mare is pretty too - I like em all!
Beautiful ponies one and all!!

Trailboss said...

Very nice horses you got there girl. Too bad about the lightning strike. The same thing happened to a friend's 3 yr old gelding. He was an excellent prospect for the teenager and he was just about to start working him when he was killed. It does happen more than we realize.

Carroll Farm said...

I did have to draw a picture with lines and arrows to follow all that... hee, hee.

Give us more! I love reading stories about horses. Someday, here in AZ we will have some great stories too.

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

Country Girl-Yes he was actually struck by lightening. As some others have commented, it does happen more often than we really realize, particularly to stallions-since they prefer the higher ground. We have never had a horse struck on either of our ranches(knock on wood), but have lost cattle to lightening strikes.

Leah-Hahahah, your word verification is funny.

Andrea-Gahhh, poor Thunder.

tex(I'm gonna shorten your name a little, hope you don't mind;)...I LOVE Doc's Hickory horses. You'll have to look up how some of the NFR barrel horses are bred-lots of cow and run nicks to study there.

C-ing-My mom insists on leaving everything on grass and then complains how fat they are...ummmm duhhhh! I like to tease her about how they may be fat and dumb, but at least they are happy.;)
Yes, Chunk is the short-tailed mare. I'll get some new pictures of her when I go to the ranch tomorrow evening to check them.

BrownEyed Cowgirl said...

I thought I had put the links in to everyone's pedigree, but I guess I forgot. So I added links to allbreed. Just click on the horse's name in red...and I also realized I was trying to make my girls older than they were...whoops! I corrected Chunk and Beauty's ages from 11 and 9 to the correct age of 10 and 8. Sheez-the years are running together anymore.

Unknown said...

That's pretty funny - "one step above retarded" that's about where I have my black lab pegged! Ha!

Well go enjoy the weather girl.

Callie said...

Well, that was sort of confusing, LOL!

cdncowgirl said...

Dang it that Beauty mare lives up to her name!

What kind of "job" are you hoping Queenie gets in her new home? Just trail ride or back to the arena?

Pony Girl said...

Holy cow! Thats great information. I do better with diagrams though...just kiddin! ;) You have some really nice horses!!

ezra_pandora said...

I love reading about and seeing all of your horses. Absolutely love them. They are all so gorgeous. And the three girls next to each other. They are so big and shiney. lol!