Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Job From H.......


I thought I was just going to have to do some painting on this roofing job I was asked to help with....

Well, we are almost ready for me to start painting the new trim and such...tomorrow maybe!

Wait until you see this job!

I'm not scared of heights, but this is the steepest roof I have ever been on. Oh yea, and it's three stories up. L.O.V.E.L.Y!!!

So glad I didn't actually have to help shingle this thing. But hey, it's a paying job...I can't complain!

One bonus, there is work to be done on the inside. More along my lines of expertise...sheetrock, texture and paint. I met with the person in charge and she hired me to paint and clean it up when all the work is done. Sweeeetttttt!

This house is owned by a church group that is redoing it as a sort of hospice for their volunteers that come to the reservation to work on different projects. It's actually a really neat old house. I see a lot of potential in restoring certain things in it. After talking to this lady today, so does she! So it will be fun to work on different things in it thoughout the summer.

Of course, the downside is, that for the next couple of weeks, my horse time is going to be severely limited. Since I thought this was only going to last a couple of days, I figured the ponies could just take a couple of days off. Now I am going to have to re-arrange my schedule so I can get back to riding. Guess that means I will have to figure out what time the sun comes up, so I can ride Moon and Frosty...and Rip in the mornings. And then head out to mom's to ride Turk, Leo and Sandy in the evenings.

But, next week is My Honey's birthday and I really want to fly out for a couple of days so I can spend it with him. I can tell he is feeling like it is my turn to come visit. I can't say that I blame him. It's been quite awhile since we have seen each other. I could use a little "honey" time!

Still no baby! I swear, you all probably think I have absolutely no idea of when my mares are due. Last year, Woofer went exactly one month overdue and this year, this mare is "overdue". But I have been talking to other people in the area and almost everyone is saying their mare(s) have gone over this year. I chalk Woofer's extra month up to her age. I'm going to chalk Chunk's lack of timing on the extra cold winter we least that's what the old cowboys are saying. Who knows?! I've only ever had one mare that foaled on her due date in all these years. I had to know her due date too, cause she never, EVER gave any sign she was ready...she just laid down and had a foal. Ta-Daaa!

Shooter is out in the pasture in the day now...
He's gaining some weight and learning how to be a big, tough ranch horse. It's not taking very well though. I was out helping mom do chores last night and it started raining. Guess who beat it to the gate and demanded to be let in under the barn? Great! I'm raising a sissy horse!
Mom tells everyone how spoiled he is. But I must clarify...just because my colt runs to meet me when he sees my pickup coming down the road, prefers NOT to have to suffer the elements, expects his supper on time and loves his body massages...DOES NOT MAKE HIM SPOILED! I prefer the PC term...Well loved!

Can you believe I thought this colt was going to have an ugly neck? Well, you all know how coarse and homely those foundation bred horses are...what else could I have expected? Poor plain, homely little guy anyway, he's lucky I love him, cause I doubt anyone else would want that ugly thing standing in their corral...hehehehehe.


City girl turned Country Girl said...

Definitely the truth with this years foal crop...My first one that foaled this season was WAY overdue, then all of the sudden she just popped her out!! But then my other mare was right on time if not a tad bit early...Come on horsey have that foal, I'm ready for some pictures!!!!

I hope you find some time to sleep with the schedule your running on!! Good luck!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your mare and foal. Mine foaled exactly 30 days early and the filly lived only a few minutes.

Andrea said...

Oh my, my hands just started to sweat just thinking about being up two stories let alone a three store house. I am so terrified of heights. Be safe up there!!

And it's hard trying to fit everything into schedules. Work, riding, kids, more riding, eating, feeding kids, feeding horses. I do hope you get a chance to go out and visit your hubby!!

And dang girl, that is the ugliest foundation gelding ever! I just don't know what you were thinking when you bred his momma!! Cough Cough, that was totally sarcastic if you couldn't tell. :) He is one handsome devil. And my horses all come running when it rains!! They all want let inside. I love the term "well loved". :)

Unknown said...

Yes girl - your colt is very very pretty. ;)

Can't wait for you to post some movement footage...

Mikey said...

Yeah, you know, if you get tired of him standing in your corral, you can send him down here. I'm sure I can find a spot for him :)
You go girl, working your butt off. Be dang careful up there on the roof, ok? Posting from a hospital bed isn't going to be nearly as exciting :)

Pony Girl said...

A sissy horse...hee hee! :) Regardless, I'm likin' the looks of that boy!!
Lately (in the past few years) I have really developed a bad fear of heights. Once I had to go down some bizarre scaffolding/ladder thing on a construction site and I could not do it. It was so weird, I just took one look down and said, no way!

cdncowgirl said...

If you need to rehome that amazingly UGLY little horse you can send him up here ;)

Paint Girl said...

There is no way I could do your job! I am so terrified of heights that I can't go more than about 4 steps on a ladder! Ha!
Shooter is looking great! I think he is a gorgeous horse! Lovin' him!
Come on babies! Hurry up and come out! We want to see some pic's!

kdwhorses said...

UGH 3 stories!!>?!! You be careful!

No baby, I just knew she would have foaled by now! Especially since I missed a week on the computer! Allergies suck! Glad to back to the land of the living!

Loved getting to know your horses!

And Shooter is a handsome boy! I tell ya! I like your PC term too! That's what ours are!

Chelsi said...

Funny you should say that...the gal who is breeding my mare Abby said that all of their mares had really funny heat cycles this year! Abby wouldnt come out of heat and a few of her mares were really late or early... weird!

I've been helping my Mom out a lot more lately with her decorating and kitchen design business... it is SO much fun (especially when you are not responsible:) Be careful on that roofing job!! Yikes! I'd kill myself the first day. I actually had a friend in highschool who fell three stories but was lucky enough to land in some shrubs and walked away with a broken arm.

Sounds like you are going to have a busy busy week.