Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Another Year Completed

Well, for 4-H anyway.

Tonight was our "big" leader meeting and the judging of the 4-H Books. It really is neat to go through the books and see what all the kids have accomplished over the year. Most of these kids work really hard in 4-H...going to meetings, community service, fundraisers and exhibiting.

There are always some frustrating moments for us leaders...scheduling activities is a nightmare. Since this is such a small community, most of the kids that are involved in 4-H are also involved in several school activities and often church too. That makes it tough. That is part of the reason all of the horse practices that I thought would be so wonderful this spring, never materialized. Trying to schedule them so that most of the kids could participate just meant that they never materialized.

But, it is a learning process. I learned that some things just have to be scheduled and those that can show up, do and those that can't, often try to fit it in anyway. I really do want to build on the horse program for these kids, so if the weather holds out, I am going to start scheduling a practice a week. This winter, I will borrow other people's videos and try to have a "training/showing" program once a month. This way the kids can watch some better quality riders, we can discuss training methods and hopefully keep them enthused about learning more.

The other leaders are often swamped with jobs and their own kids' activities. I figure it is the least I can do, because I really do believe that 4-H is a valuable program for kids and their parents alike. Hopefully, we can add some other livestock judging to the program and get these kids involved in more projects. It has really been proven that if you offer it, the kids will show up.

All this amid the uncertainty of our county even being able to keep our Extension Office. Honestly, in my mind-I would rather join with another county that has a full time office and a good extension agent rather than keep the dink we have. We can keep our club in this county, but will finally have access to an agent that will work with us and has an office that is open 5 days a week. The other leaders see losing the office as losing control over our 4-H program. I see it as an opportunity to expand our 4-H program and finally be able to offer our kids the full benefit of what a good 4-H Extension Agent has to offer. We shall see what the future brings.

Sorry Sunny-no pictures of the "big bucks" for T tonight. I got the call from school this morning and got to go substitute teach. I think I will be sticking to the High School and the Elementary this year. I didn't like subbing for the middle school last year, but did because of Megan. The little kids can get crazy, but they are just little. The high schoolers know not to get too out of line with me-I'll catch up to them later and give them hell. The middle schoolers are little buttheads and I really don't like having to deal with their crap all day long. So I just won' HA!


cdncowgirl said...

Hi BECG, just a head's up... I sent you another email :)

kdwhorses said...

I agree 4-H is a great program for the kiddos. Good luck and it sounds like you all are on the right track.

Subsitute~have fun! They keep trying to pull me in and sub, I keep telling them no! I'm on the PTO this year as a officer, I'm there enough already! I just have a hard time with all the mouthie, disrespect, etc. that children have these days! Have fun!

Kathy C said...

I couldn't agree with you more about 4-H. We have almost exactly the same issues with busy kids, lack of a strong extensin agent, threats of closing the office etc etc. But the program is fantastic and well worth the headaches to teach the kids things that 4-H stands for.

fssunnysd said...

4-H is fantastic - I loved it as a kid, too. Your video idea for the winter months sounds like a winner.

And I bow down to you (and anyone else) who subs. Looking back, we were horrible to substitutes. Of course, poor Megan probably can't get away with a thing at school, either, 'cause all the teachers know you, I bet. (I know - my mom was a teacher. I couldn't EVER be anonymous in class!)

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

That's so funny. I did the exact same thing when substitute teaching. No middle school assignments period. Although elementary school could be a pain too, because the teachers ALWAYS called in sick on holidays or the last day of school before a holiday when the kids were all riled up and the parents sent tons of sugar to school for parties. They also called in sick on snowy days when they knew they'd have to keep the kids in the classroom for recess and lunch.

Vaquerogirl said...

Love 4-H! I was a leader for over 12 years! Horse project and Photography ,mostly, but my kids raised lambs, did the fashion show, presentation days, and of course CAMP! (love CAMP!) I did a whole lot of fun stuff with the horse project kids- if you need any idee's let me know- I'll share!
I bless you and every other teacher and sub teacher in the Universe. I don't know how y'all do it! I lvoe kids, but not all kids are loveable, and a lot are so messed up by their parents it's hard to be with them. Thanks for being there for them- making a difference.

Train Wreck said...

You are a teacher! You need a medal! Day care and teaching, no way not for me. I would run screaming out of there!! 4H My husband wanted to get our kids in it, I said NO!. I can only take care of the animals we have! I don't want any more!! (Our kids aren't as responsible as some!)
Maybe they need you as a teacher!!