Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fizzled Out

This week seems to have been a complete fizzle as far as getting anything done. The only things I actually accomplished was hauling out a load of yard debris, bales moved to town and 3 horses trimmed. Sounds productive on paper, but really it is just a drop in the bucket. A very tiny drop!!!

Chris got VERY ambitious at his house though! Holy Moly, he sent a few pictures to Megan's phone and the place is looking great. I need some of that ambition to head this way. On a happy note-he is going to start posting on the blog too-Yaaayyyy!! Wonder if I will have to change the name of the blog to...Two BrownEyed Cowgirls and One Biker Boy? LOL. Note in the About Us section(to the right) the addition of the "Loma Ranch".

I think part of my lack of ambition has to do with the fact that my back is killing me(I need a chiropractor worse than my horses) and quite simply there is just to much to do. I get rather locked up mentally when things get overwhelming and sort of have to go through a "do-nothing" faze before I get pissed off at myself enough to get my butt back in gear. Of course, a back that feels like it is on fire...NON-STOP has a way of slowing a person down too.

I keep making lists of things that need to be done before winter sets in...ugh, so not ready. I have to stop because the lists depress me. Some help is on the way though. The guy I work for occasionally(the roofing job) has some time and mom has hired him to work on some fencing projects and other repairs. Hopefully next week finds me more ambitious. Well, even if I don't feel ambitious...I will be required to be there to help so that might break this funk and get me back on track.


Mikey said...

Girl I'm right there with ya. All I can say is do what I did. Got a case of Frappucino's at Costco and drank 6 of them suckers the first day. Dang, I can clean some house. Wash down an Ibuprofen with em and you can't be stopped, lol.
Seriously, I've had like 2 full cases of Frappies this week. After I'm done you guys may see me going to Frappie rehab....

I hear ya though. It's damn hard and here comes winter!

cdncowgirl said...

I feel for ya girl! My back (actually my whole right side as well) is a mess. Mostly due to car accidents, and of course a few falls from horses. lol
I go to the chiro every other week. This is actually really good news because for over a year I was going at least once a week.
I can definitely feel the difference once my shoulder, back and hips have been adjusted!

My back is the least of my problems right now. Seems I'm constantly battling one illness or another. Have been too drained to ride. Yesterday the farrier was out, and I think 'the kids' actually missed me! Cessa was especially a suck. She sure wanted some time and lovin! :) So of course the old girl got a bunch of pets and cookies.

20 meter circle of life said...

OMG this seems to be going around...too much to do and damn little time to get it done. I make my list and then marvel at how little I actually accomplished. But once I hit that pissed off that this SH** has to get done phase, its Nelly bar the door. I really donr know how folks with kids manage. 2 Weenie Dogs, 2 Horses, A husband, a House and a job is just about all I can manage. Thank goodenss most of the ones that breathe I can just shove food at and that keeps em happy!!
As for you a hot tub...or a lazy Boy recliner that has the heat and massage feature. both have been life savers for me!! Take care and know it will all get done in good time!!

Melanie said...

Sorry to hear about your back. There really isn't anything much worse than when your back is hurting, because it becomes a chronic pain (vs. acute, which goes away)and it can really mess up your day to day activities.

Did you find a camera? I ended up buying a $120 Kodak EasyShare, because the lady said that it could handle being around kids and!!
How strange that the cameras are all going 'kaput' at once!

fssunnysd said...

Oooh! I hear you. I like lists, but then I start making them, and they stack up and everything starts to seem overwhelming. And I don't even want to think about the start of the summer goals I set - yikes!

But look at it this way - you've started a list of things already done. And it can only get LONGER :)

Hope you're able to get the back pain under control soon. Nothing like feeling you have a constant toothache taking place in your lumbar region to make everything absolutely sunny and bright - NOT! Maybe Biker Boy will visit soon and indulge you in a massage session.

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I can relate. I stained half of two stalls. I'll have to stain the other half some other weekend, and the third stall some weekend beyond that. My arm can only move up and down with a paintbrush for so many hours. I've also got to paint the fences. I got a power sprayer for that, but it keeps getting clogged and requires paint refills every five minutes. What a pain. Soon we will have to paint to beat the storms.

Laura said...

Back pain has to be one of the worst things - I hope you can get to a chiro to get it sorted out a bit.

This time of year seems to be tough for getting stuff done. I'm not sure what it is - but motivation seems to be scarce...!

I am a great list maker - not so great at *actually* doing stuff on said list!

Andrea said...

You are not alone!! I won't even begin to tell you about the piles of junk that are all around my house. I too am in the "Don't wanna can't make me" mood.

I do hope your back gets better. You don't realize how much you use it until it hurts. Get some rest and then maybe it won't be soo bad.

Adventures Of A Horse Crazed Mind said...

Sorry that your back feels so bad! Do you try yoga? That is what I use and I love it but you might have to get yourself sorted before trying.

Girl, you need a DO OR DIE list. These are the items that MUST be done, or someone is going to die. Literally. Feed horses. Fix the roof before it caves in, etc. Do what is on the "die" list and everything else...are just details, not worth stressing your little heart over. I am a drama queen and I get REALLY stressed over little things and then overwhelmed. It helps for me to just CHILL out and say, "What is the worst that is going to happen if I dont get it done?" Really, is someone going to die, or be hurt because I dont...I dont know...clean the freakin tub!!? Hope that helps. Hope that your do or die list is not too big to handle. Take care of YOURSELF or else you wont be able to take care of anyone else!!!