Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The Rain is Finally Here

Finally it started raining today. We are currently under a Winter Storm Warning and could get 7-10" of snow. Okay then!!

Yesterday was the opposite of last week. I just can't seem to get enough sleep. This type of weather is condusive to good sleep. Am thinking my iron levels are low, so have been trying to eat iron rich food and taking my vitamins religiously. I can't take iron supplements-I found that out when I was pregnant with Megan. They bind me up and I am more miserable than before. So it has to come from food. Good thing I like liver and spinach. Megan hasn't been very happy with my cooking that last couple of days though-LOL. She has pretty limited tastebuds, as most kids do, but because she does have some attention deficit problems has to be limited on the amount of refined sugar she can eat. We pretty much have it down to a science now. Cereal is limited to once a day. Milk is limited. All foods are cooked with cold-pressed olive oil. We try to incorporate as much fish and protein as possible. Fresh veggies and fruit are a must. Thank goodness for Sara Lee wheat bread that looks like white bread. Funny-candy doesn't bother her. Of course we don't keep a lot of that around anyway. And the most amazing thing of all - a cup of coffee every morning. The caffine works differently in the brain of someone with ADD/ADHD. Sometimes we get off track, but as soon as I notice her "hearing impairment" taking hold, it is right back on the diet, that isn't a diet. Hearing Impairment you ask? Well, when her ADD kicks in it is like you are talking to a deaf person. She sees your lips moving but she isn't hearing a thing. All I can say is that thank goodness she is going to school here in this tiny little school where I know all of the teachers and am fortunate enough to be able to communicate with them on a regular basis. If they start noticing her not following up on assignments or having problems following directions they let me know and we work on it at home. It doesn't get out control the way it did at other schools. It has made such a difference in Megan's life. Because by the time she is all grown up, she should have a firm grip on this or may have outgrown it all together.

Speaking of ADHD/ADD - I think my barrel horse suffers from the same syndrom. I have started having to stall him because he just walks and walks. He is so insistent on being on the move that he won't eat his hay. I am shoveling enough beet pulp, rolled oats and complete feed pellets into him to feed 3 horses and he just keeps looking gaunt. We added ground soybean, ground flax and alfalfa pellets to his feet for fat. That has helped a little. He is also on a basic mineral supplement, A-Z vitamins and another supplement that is supposed to help nervous horses. Locking him in the barn the last couple of nights has forced him to clean up his hay and as long as one of the other horses is next to him he stays pretty relaxed. I have taken mental inventory of our herd thinking that if I could put one of the big, gentle, easy going geldings with him he would learn to relax a little. Unfortunately, any of them that are capable of putting him in his place would surely cause a constant battle between the two. The others would just be kept on the constant move by the bully. So it is looking like stall city for this dork. I have to say that if this horse did not have the capability to run the barrels the way he does, he would have been down the road. His back-on-track training is taking hold though. He is starting to approach 1st in a straight line again and is maintaining his right lead. A nice square stop and he is staying upright around 1st. No problems picking up his left lead to 2nd but his stop at 2nd still isn't square. Still wanting to kick that hip out a little. A little flat going around the barrel and he is wanting to tear out of there too early. Third is about the same. But we have seen improvement. That is all that matters.

Thanks to Callie and Lacy for the Equine Award. I have saved it onto my computer and will get it posted. I am having problems with my computer again. The screen isn't showing pictures the way it should. It is like the colors are all wrong. I have done everything I know to fix it. Don't know what is causing it, but only have to wait until I can get to the ranch to get the rest of my old computer. A friend of mine went through my old home computer and updated the motherboard, added new RAM and lots of other stuff that I have no idea about, but it sounded good. Now I just need the monitor, keyboard and speaker assembly and I can get it set up. So I have to deal with this for a couple more days and then we will see what the other one runs like. I hate to have this little old laptop die on me though. I really like this one, so will have to see about getting the screen fixed.


Nuzzling Muzzles said...

I hope the iron diet helps. My oldest mare will pace herself into exhaustion if I put her in the back pen, furthest away from her old home. If I put her in any other pen, she just stands around.

Rising Rainbow said...

I didn't know that diet could affect attention deficit problems. That's intersting, one of my grandsons has problems. I wonder if controling sugar would be helpful to him.

That just plain wierd that your barrel horse wants to walk outside compulsively. Normally if a horse does that it's because of being in a stall. That would be tough to keep weight on a horse that's continually moving.

Carroll Farm said...

We have 2 foster kids that are ADHD and diet makes all the difference. It is funny how other people don't believe you when you tell them to not give her/them certain things. One of my oldest kids had a teacher that didn't believe me and was giving her candy as a reward and then couldn't figure out why the rest of the day she was so off wack.. duh! Good luck with the iron- I have the same problem. I have never seen a horse that is constantly on the move- good luck. :)

Callie said...

Congrats! they are such beautifully made awards! We have the rain, although, we really don't need it! I hope we do not get your snow! Diet definately plays a big part in ADHD, I'm sure. Sounds like you're real grounded that way. By the way, I can't take straight iron also. I didn't poop for 9 months of pregnancy with Zoe, I swear!...LOL

BrownEyed Cowgirls said...

Well, we are getting the storm that they predicted. It is snowing on and off. If it freezes the roads will be solid sheets of ice. They let school out at 10am to get the kids home before that happens. We will take any unnecessary moisture that anyone has-send it our way. Our stock dams could sure use some filling up.

When I started looking into the attention deficit disorders what I was looking for was some homeopathic "magic cure" that would help Megan focus long enough to get through her school day. Finding out that ADD/ADHD kids actually don't have enough fat in their brains was a real eye opener. They are linking the same problem to senility and even Alzheimer's. Something I have to be aware of because my grandfather suffered from Alzheimer's and it was devastating to lose him this way.
Omega 3 supplements are beneficial as is cooking everything with Cold-Pressed Olive Oil. To be beneficial it has to be Cold-Pressed-the heating process hinders the oils ability to be absorbed by the body. Synthetic Vitamin D is another culprit.

Anyway, I could go on and on, but if you are truely interested all it takes is a little research on the net. I know it has benefited Megan and myself and any option other than the drugs doctors prescibe is worth looking into-for me.

Finally, keeping Moon locked up is making a difference. He is cleaning up his hay and doesn't appear as gaunt. I was worried that restricting his movements would cause him to pick up some of the bad habits stalled horses have, but I am still letting him out for about 4 hours a day. Gives him a chance to stretch his legs and roll in the dirt. Once I see he has lost interest in grazing and is back to pacing-it is back in the stall for him.

Kris said...

Great job to you for staying on top of your daughter's ADD. Go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back! My step son has ADD as well and when he was younger I watched everything he ate and red dye was a biggie and sodas, refined sugar. But if you keep there diet under control they do very well. He has grown out of it somewhat as he has gotton older.
Pacing barrel horse, never heard of one doing that. Good luck with the diet and keeping him stalled.