Saturday, April 12, 2008

Even I Have To Clean My House

Oh yes, the last couple of days have been strange. I was in the mood to clean my house. I know...will wonders never cease-LOL. I have to take advantage of this mood because it almost never happens and it is usually very short lived.
I am not talking about the day to day dishes, sweeping and such. No, I am talking about the move the furniture and actually going through the piles of paperwork that accumulate while I wait for this mood to strike me.
At this moment, I despise housepets and have kicked the boys, all 4 of them, to the curb. I have found enough hair under the couches and in the blankets to build another couple of cats or at the very least another dog. God forbid!! The dust on the hard to reach places is at least 1/2" thick.
My mother cringed when I told her I was in "spring" cleaning mode. She says my cleaning methods leave the house looking like a demolition project. Say what??...I cannot help the fact that when I decide to clean that everything must come out of closets and dressers and cupboards to be evaluated, cleaned and neatly put away. I blame it on my OCD. I am not quite to the point of having all of the canned goods in rows and labels facing the same way...ummm...okay so I am to that point, but I like it like this. What can I say??!!
Even Megan was bored and tied into her bedroom. OCD is rubbing off!!! I have lots to put away yet, but not as much as I took out. This is my time to decide if that cake pan, that I have never used...but had to have 10 years ago is going to make it another year or not.

It probably will. I mean much room does a cake pan take up-LMAO.


Mrs Mom said...

LOL my boys ALL run and HIDE when That Mood strikes me... hehehe... The Cub and the Wrecking Crew take their favorite toys with them too. Guess they are worried they might just get tossed into the garbage otherwise...

Hang onto the cake pan ;) they come in handy for all SORTS of things!

Flying Lily said...

Uses for cake pan:
-paint tray
-bit soaking device
-tie dye project container
-oh yes you can bake a cake in it too...

Spring cleaning! I love it.

BarnGoddess said...

haha! send some of that MY way chica

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

There's something about spring that makes you want to clean. I actually had plans to ride horses and quilt all weekend until we received a phone call that we'd be getting unexpected guests in less than 24 hours. I ended up having to clean too. In my case, it was against my will. I only clean enough to avoid embarrassment.