Sunday, February 24, 2008

First Ride of the Year

Aahhhhh... I finally got to saddle up and ride today. It was so warm that it didn't even freeze last night. Megan and I decided we were going to ride down the road.
Now, I have spent the last 3 months thinking about riding. I thought about how much improvement I had seen in a couple of the horses I was riding regularly. I thought about who needed worked on what and who I needed to spend more time with this next year.
Really, what was in my mind was this....

But what I got more closely resembled this....

Okay.... It wasn't that bad, but holy cow. And.... No, I was not able to spur him in the shoulder, I was too busy sucking on the horn. LOL - Man it sucks to get old(er). Mom and I gotta have a talk about this vitamin program she has me feeding.

Megan apologizes for not getting any pictures.... she was too busy laughing at me. She better be careful... I will put her horse on "the vitamin" program too.

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