Saturday, February 23, 2008

Ahhh...What a beautiful day

Well, I was supposed to go to mom's today to help her start some spring cleaning, which around here means... clean barns, clean the shop, clean the feed room or anything else that she thinks needs to be cleaned up. But... my brother showed up to finish processing Megan's deer, so I stuck around to visit with him...and watch.
The rule here is if you kill it, you clean it. Uncle Billy is showing Megan how to cut jerky strips.
NO Megan... you must cook it first... Billy is sooo good at pretending the camera doesn't exist.
So they finished that all up, got the kitchen cleaned up, Billy headed home and Megan and I headed to the barn.
This is what Megan got to do (Look out Stacy Westfall-hehehe).
Not a step is taken that the boys aren't on tow. Ranch dogs to the core, well at least Red Dog is... Ute is a momma's boy.
This is what I got to do. Ummmmm...something is wrong with this picture.
This is what I need... ohhh honey.


Mikey said...

Hey me too, me too! I borrowed a dump trailer recently and marveled at how nice and easy it was to use... Santa, are you listening?
Megan is SO BEAUTIFUL, heavens! Skinning a bloody deer and she's still pretty. Ugh.. youth. It's not fair.
Had to die laughing at your hot shot comment :) If he brings out a hot shot, he's never sleeping with me again. Ever!

Carroll Farm said...

Josh is dying for a tractor - I do believe that Santa will bring him one, just to quiet him down. :)