Sunday, March 13, 2016

This Is Not How Any Of This Is Supposed To Work

I swear...I am having a hellava time getting things rolling.

The puffiness is down in Shooter's leg, but I can tell it is still bothering him a little bit. Every so often he takes an off step.

I started to work on Jet, but he suddenly seems to have developed amnesia and is acting like a total boogerhead. He's gotten very stiff over his topline again. I'm using the BOT sheet on him at night, but it will take awhile for that and probably a month of exercise before he starts limbering up again. He's so tight that even getting his feet trimmed has been a struggle. Unless he does an abrupt 180* and takes 10 big jumps forward, he's never going to be ready to show in April.

Frosty is still fat and huffing and puffing.

Moon is wheezing. Everyone has been doing their spring burning this last week and the smoke is definitely bothering him.

And the Spring weather has brought out the 'studly' in Ruger. It's time to call the vet and schedule 'brain surgery' on him. I am not set up for, nor am I particularly inclined to keep a young stud around at this time. I had thought about leaving Ruger intact for a while just to see how he developed this summer, but every time a colt gets to the age when they start acting 'study', I'm like...Nope! Off with their nuts. LOL. I also don't really foresee having him ready to go to the April show either. I'm not entirely sure I would be able to handle him there. I have my hands full just keeping him under control around home. This colt is a fireball. Beretta was pretty hot and reactive as a youngster as well, so it's no big surprise that Ruger is this way too. I will say though, where Beretta used to lose her mind when she over-reacted, Ruger is much more of a thinker. He gets VERY firey and reactive, but he doesn't just blank out. I'm just not sure that would be all that safe to take him to a show just yet.

The only two, besides the mares, who aren't giving me grief right at the moment are LJ and Flashy. LOL.

Eventually everyone will start coming around. Shooter just needs more time off and I have a battery of supplements on their way for Moon. Other things are starting to come together...I have been practicing dummy roping for weeks now. I stopped at an arena down the road and talked to them about live cattle roping and they have a couple of old tracking steer and a roping sled to practice on, so here in the next couple of weeks I'm going to start roping once or twice a week. It's a sure thing this year. No more procrastinating about it!! I also have a friend who wants to go to some Ranch Horse Versatility shows this summer and her and I will be going to another arena to get lessons and practice that. I am more than a little disappointed about Shooter's leg. I was hoping to be getting some lessons on him right about now, in preparation for the actual show. It's been so danged long since I have shown a horse (at least with any seriousness) that I knew I needed to get some refreshers. Those lessons will have to wait until I have a horse that is somewhat ready. I am deadly serious about getting the lessons I keep saying I'm going to get every spring. I am networking with buddies who want to do the same things, because it's a lot more fun when you have people to ride/work with and I have put together a lesson/practice budget for each week. I just need to get the kinks out of everyone before I start blowing money. :-D


Crystal said...

Well poop!
But I agree its nice to have friends to go with makes it so much more fun. Hope somebody steps up so you have a horse to show, but at least getting roping in in the meantime.

fernvalley01 said...

hmm, they do love to mess with our plans don't they

Vaquerogirl said...

I know how you feel. My little gelding will be a real orangutan this spring when I finally take him out! Cinch down and carry on!